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ITEMS DEVELOPED IN ORDER FOR HISTORICAL ON PAGE of GOOGLE + open letter, youtube, google,] is, this ugly, That story, you have censored an, parliamentary, European Magdi Cristiano Allam but, perhaps, not you, you know, the Italian language as well, I do not, I understand the English language! YES! Obviously, I HAVE DONE ACTION! [Received date: 06/giu/2014 | Date of, validation: 06/giu/2014 | with, appealMagdi ============================ SAYS: "restore our sovereignty, monetary etc. .." meeting with, the Professors Rinaldi Bagnai Borghi says: "We inform, That you is, interrupted the democratic process currently, the Commission, and, all, not technical bodies, there is an, and control, verification!" .. "but, above all of the policies, autonomous .. "Obviously, it is of a debate, political video then not, was censored! WHO HAS, committed this crime, AGAINST DEMOCRACY MUST bE, PUNISHED! letter, youtube, google,] YES! Obviously, I HAVE DONE ACTION! [Received date: 06/giu/2014 | Date of, validation: 06/giu/2014 | with, appeal Kay van [YOU WERE, you denounce me the video? ] Magdi SAYS: "restore our sovereignty, monetary etc. .." meeting with, the Professors Rinaldi Bagnai Borghi says: "We inform, That, it is interrupted the democratic process currently, the Commission, and, all, technical bodies not, there is an, and control, verification! ".." but, above all of the policies, autonomous .. "Obviously, it is of a debate, political video then not, was censored!Of the community, YouTube, HAS, reported one or more of your videos as, not, as appropriate. When an, video is, it is reported, examined from, of teams, YouTube, according, to, our, Standards, of the, community. Examination, is, That emerged, the following videos have content That, violate, these rules therefore have been disabled:"Dying, EURO Magdi Cristiano Allam Claudio Borghi" ( / all_comments? rFJYlB3u4IA v =open letter, youtube, google,] die, EURO Magdi Cristiano Allam Claudio Borghi] ( you have censored the video made by four MEPs That seems to speak from Strasbourg is the seat, official of the Parliament or the European Magdi Cristiano Allam Claudio Borghi etc. .. "it is, put it: EURO center and, not, the, people" "Euro not, is, compatible, with, an, Representative Democracy " etc. .. who HAS, required the cancellation of, this video should be indicted! I HAVE THE RIGHT of, KNOW THE IDENTITY!Attention, of community, YouTube, HAS, reported one or more of your videos as, not, as appropriate. When an, video is, it is reported, examined from, of teams, YouTube, according, to, our, Standards, of the, community. Examination, is, That emerged, the following videos have content That, violate, these rules have therefore been disabled: "Dying, EURO Magdi Cristiano Allam Claudio Borghi" ( Your Has account, received an warning concerning, Standards, of the, That the community, it will be valid for six months. Additional violations may result in the deactivation of the temporary, your ability, of, publish, content on YouTube, and / or final closure of the, your account.For, more, information, rules, of the, of the community, YouTube, and on their application, please visit the Help Center.Keep in mind, That, the deletion of, this video is not, fix the warning on your account. for more information on as, make a complaint against an, warning visiting this page of the center support. Date of, Reception: 06/giu/2014 [is, a fortune That, the video is in Italian so we are going to examine it]is reasonable, That, also, Rockefeller, Illuminated cult god Baal Peor Talmud, That, too, he goes to sleep! Has stolen the sovereignty of the people, turning them into slaves monetary Has created and Satanism, Freemasonry in its extreme hatred against Jesus Christ, etc. .. etc. .. and I just not in his place, I could not sleep, knowing of, go to 'but hell, this is, no doubt we are two people, different!Walid Shoebat Pakistan. June 6, 2014 Supporters of the, of the Maidan, Kiev wanted freedom, but have had Poroshenko. On June 7 Has in Ukraine, the oath the President-elect, from the fifth, of the time, the achievement of the, its independence. It will be the main sponsor of the financial, manifestations of, darling of the Maidan Square, Washington King of the chocolate Ukrainian Petro Poroshenko That, according to the official data, of the elections, May 25 HAS, picked up 547% of the votes. That gave the vote, it is conducted under supervision of many nationalist political scientists in Ukraine doubt That, Poroshenko has been able to win so easily, already in the first round. That independent analysts argue, the results of the elections were falsified because Poroshenko was the puppet of the U.S. and, of the, the EU, and, why, the country, impoverished simply, not, have, stood the necessity of Repeat the vote. The "revolution of Kiev" is full of paradoxes: the sponsors, presented it as, relief of the, of the aspirations, as people, will, of freedom, of, of democracy, liberation, by the overwhelming power, the and oligarchs, corruption. In place of, Ukraine Has everything, did settle, the chair of President, an, oligarch That, in Been, an, minister in nearly all, the, presidential administrations from, from, 2000. Not only Poroshenko of drag behind, a trail of itself, accusations of, the same corruption, including the suspected use of, have eliminated his opponents. as, it is expressed in a very soft one of the choice of French newspapers, Poroshenko is, more or less the same thing That, after the taking of the Bastille and the beheading of the King, the power in France was revolutionary, was passed to his nephew. The first thing That, Poroshenko Has made of the first, his official inauguration in Been, the trip to Poland where, on June 4 Has, had an, meeting with the President of the USA Barack Obama. Also, if, had earlier promised That, for, first thing would be, traveled to the regions of the rebels, and Donetsk, of, for Lugansk, place, remedy the serious crisis. as, HAS, said Elena Bondarenko of the deputy, the representation of the Supreme Rada, the Party of the regions that fact alone proves who is the master, of, Poroshenko. Washington is, was the organizer, principal of the, and the revolt, the pogroms in Kiev on February 22. For the celebration of the Normandy, egazione, American led from Vice President Joe Biden will be the largest, and, Representative. However, in both Poroshenko Been, elected recognized by the West, and now, the EU, and, that That, more importantly Russia will, treat, with, him. is, an, anything That task is easy.The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin Has already declared That, Poroshenko can be swayed by anyone but the essential, is, That, provide become, stop, the, punitive operations in the east of the, country, against his own people and, put the table of the, negotiations with representatives of, and Donetsk, Lugansk. Russia would like, That, Ukraine is really a state, sovereign-has, said Vladimir Putin in his interview to the network, French TV, TF-1. I, the Lord, have exceptional Poroshenko, possibility: as long as, not her hands are wet, of, blood, can stop the operation, and initiate punitive, direct dialogue with, its citizens in the east and in the south of the, country. Judging, intense activity, diplomatic margins of the celebrations of the June 6 in Normandy hope in the possibility, of, put, remedy the situation in Ukraine is, on the rise. for, as the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov also, of the first day, the settlement of, Poroshenko HAS, also had in Paris, a meeting with the Secretary of, which the U.S. State John Kerry Has, That said , That is the U.S., Russia are convinced That, of violence, both, of, parts must cease. The opposition, not, can last without end. I am sure, the first step in this direction must be made by those who consider themselves responsible, of the, of the security, the first of its State, people, That, they are proclaimed, authority. is a law, of the, politics is an inevitable thing. So for the first step should be, do, stop the so-called operation, anti-terrorist That, actually, is, an, punitive. That I am convinced, in this case and Lugansk, Donetsk of what they will do, they talked several times: they are ready, a cease-fire and, to get to the table of the, negotiations. with, or without mediators not, matter. What is essential, is, of, to, cease-fire and, of, initiate, dialogue negotiations. as, behave, Petro Poroshenko That, what it will do, is, in general, capable, of, govern, individually, Ukraine? is a big question. in Been, of the first elected, constitutional reform, That, it severely limits the rights. At the Supreme Rada not, HAS, no effective support. The Party Batkivshchina headed by Julia Timoshenko latently, is, already, in opposition to the President. What will contain the, parliamentary elections in the autumn - not that clear!That is quite true, Poroshenko same throughout his career in politics and business, Has demonstrated the incredible miracles of, mimicry That, helped him to rise to the top, of the power. Has Poroshenko, changed his clothes politicians so easy, That, is, very, difficult to define, at any particular time its political orientation. Poroshenko In 1998 he was elected to the Supreme Rada, representing the Social Democrats. In 2001 he helped to create, the Party of the regions of, Viktor Yanukovych. but already in 2001 it was passed in the Our Ukraine party of the future President, Viktor Yushchenko. At the time of the President, Yushchenko and, of the, Prime Minister Timoshenko in Been, the head of the, Council of, national security, then, the President of the the National Bank, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After the defeat of, Yushchenko Poroshenko was back in the field of, Yanukovych and was appointed Minister of the state, the economy in the Been, until 2012. Le, political beliefs, of, Poroshenko are kind, of, the Lego Technics which pieces can be changed depending of the the situation. is, far too vague, the part, entrepreneurial, of the, his life. That Rumour, Has, inherited, wealth, and the entrepreneurial verve, his father, Alexey Poroshenko known industrial and speculator, of the clandestine, the Soviet period. His "kingdom of the chocolate" Roshen company is, only the tip of the the iceberg. The main force, of, Poroshenko is enclosed in Ukrinvest consortium through which he controls companies, navalmeccaniche, workshops, of, repair, for, company vehicles, automotive, metal, mechanical, chemical, agricultural, and, many, others. Forbes magazine places him in June 2014 to 6th place in the list of the richest oligarchs, Ukraine estimating its capital, of approximately 17 billion dollars. According to economists Ukrainian nobody is capable of, calculate, exactly, the riches of, Poroshenko: in, its structures, there are many companies, medium, and small! Days ago is, That became known, the newly elected president of the, Ukraine Petro Poroshenko billionaire buys the factory of, experimental products of Kiev also, if, Has promised of, sell, all, of its assets in the event , to victory, presidential election. as we see the true story of the President-oligarch is only the beginning.IN SYRIA AND UKRAINE throughout the West, HAS, downgraded if, of the SAME SAME LEVEL, AND THE SAUDI ARABIA is, TRUE: SATANISTS of ARE BROTHERS, jihadist terrorists! ] Of tea, egazione, Russia could, of refuse, to participate, too, at the session of october of the gathering PEACE. Has it, said the head of the, the commission, of the, the State Duma (Lower House of the Parliament) for, Foreign Affairs Alexey Pushkov. "If, position, of, peace, remains unchanged not, we can rule out, That, the of the, egazione, not Russia, will participate, not only of that, but in June, too, in the session of october of, peace, since That, the sanctions are imposed, for all 2014. Unfortunately not, we are right, of, believing, That, position, of, peace, foreign exchange on these issues in recent months "has unfolded. A few day ago it was, That reported, the of the, egazione, of the, not Russia, will participate in the session, of, of the June, Parliamentary Assembly of the, Council of Europe.June 6, 2014 for foreign militants, human rights, not, respond to the humanitarian disaster in Ukraine.] The humanitarian disaster That, is taking place in the south-east of the, Ukraine pushes the population, to seek, the possibility of , leave the country. The largest flow of, refugees end up in, the neighboring regions of the Russian Federation. Le, authorities of Kiev instead, are leaving their people to their fate, military actions not affecting residential neighborhoods, there are corridors for humanitarian, local inhabitants. Occurring such situation, the, international organizations for the defense of the rights of the man are passing over in silence the situation in Ukraine. Russia is made of the load, the care of Ukrainian refugees whose number is in continuous increase. Every day in the districts of the confinari, region, of, Rostov arrive about 7-8 thousand for civilians, mostly families with children That, fleeing the shelling by artillery, airstrikes, and, by bullets fired by shooters chosen. The people left the city at their own risk and danger but, to remain at home is more dangerous: the National Guard, of the, Ukraine is bombarding residential neighborhoods hospitals lacking, medicine, for, cure, the people, lacking food and water. Who can you transfer, in other regions of the, country. but, not the majority, have neither strength, not, for money, do so many people have lost their possessions put aside, for many years. Pushilin spokesman Denis, of the, authority of, Donetsk Has, at the request of the Russians, taking care of refugees from south-east of the, Ukraine. for, our big, enormous fortune, multitude, of, people, have taken up the demand in various regions of the the Federation, including the Russian Crimea Sevastopol and others. The first to go, of course, are the children. but, there are some episodes where not, we have a chance, of, take, no way. for, example, troops, Ukrainian, not, leave out, by Slaviansk and children, the women, pregnant, next to childbirth. not, can not understand, That, characteristics, must, have, for a person, issue, and execute similar orders! Russia is ready to accommodate all. In, zones, bordering with the Ukraine Been, decreed a state of emergency. Here were set up fields of, reception of refugees in temporary accommodation which offer articles of food, necessities. There is the provision of assistance to refugees. In the work with the children are engaged and teachers, psychologists. Although, the flow of, refugees from Ukraine to Russia is steadily increasing in the area of ​​the, hostility, there are still many, people, danger-Astakhov Pavel emphasizes representative, presidential, for the rights of children. The bullets have already begun to hit, centers for the children. In such situation, we are particularly worried for the fate of children-orphans. Le, international organizations for the defense of the rights, remain indifferent to the man of the disaster humanitarian That is not taking place in Ukraine, not react, create humanitarian missions, not, ask the Ukrainian government is as well, of provisional, open, humanitarian corridors. We hope That, the, European international organizations, shall awake at last, and they shall proceed to create, all, the conditions necessary for the defense of the, childhood. but, for the moment the West, promises, only to support, authority, of, Kiev. In particular, the President of the USA Barack Obama talking with May 25, the newly elected President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko the HAS, informed about the intention, of, grant, Ukraine 5 million of dollars in the form of, bulletproof vests viewers and night, means of, connection. Apparently, that the murderers have a chance, of, kill, not only of day but, also, of, night, people, who lack the bread, and, medicines. On June 7, Petro Poroshenko takes office officially in charge of, the President, and will have, a unique, chance, of, return, peace in the Ukrainian land. As long as your, not hands are wet, of, blood, Mr. Poroshenko is capable of, stop, operation, and punitive, of, initiate, direct dialogue with, all, of its citizens in the South and, in the east of the, country-has, yesterday urged the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Le, authorities of Kiev are performing the operation, the military, in the south-east of the, Ukraine by half, of the, April, 2014. Thus Kiev of trying, suppress, and destroy , the movement of protest born as, reaction to the change of power, with the use of the weapons occurred in Ukraine on February 22.Putin must immediately stop the operation, in the east of the punitive, Ukraine. It must be stopped immediately, the operation, punitive underway in eastern Ukraine, the HAS, announced Vladimir Putin at a press conference in Normandy. Only in this way according to him Kiev may initiate negotiations with the party, Oriental, of the, country. The leader, the Russian HAS, told reporters commenting on the request of his brief conversation with the President-elect of the Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. In particular, HAS, praised the attitude of, on Poroshenko as, resolve the situation in Ukraine. "The, the negotiating parties but not in this case, they should be, and Russia, the Ukraine because Russia not, participate in the conflict but, between, authority of, and Kiev, supporters of the, the federalization." Has, then, said the Leader, Russian. The President, Russian Has defined the exchange of, with opinions, the President of the French Republic, François Hollande, the British Prime Minister and David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel during which, were, discussed, the problems in the Ukraine "very useful". Has Putin, too, talked about two times in Normandy with, his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama.all DEMONO-CRAZIA That, OBAMA Gender, can bring, IN SYRIA! ]Attack against presidential candidate, Afghanistan. Four people were killed, and 17 injured, in an, attack against the presidential candidate, Abdullah Abdullah of Afghanistan in Kabul reports, the France Press. The attack itself is, accomplished in two explosions near the hotel, where there was an, pre-election rally, of the candidate That, is considered the favorite in the presidential race. The politician is, was unhurt. for June 14 is provided on the ballot for the Presidency of the, Afghanistan. To face, the former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah of the ex-Minister, Finance, Ashraf Ghani; they got in the first round, respectively, 450% and the 316% of the votes.Pope TROIKA MERKEL. * This is, for sure! I will pay the ruins of the, Syria and the SAUDI ARABIA, the ruins against the Russian-speaking just to you! ] Is Slavyansk, remained without electricity. Black-out in the center of, Slavyansk where fighting continues between the militias, and the army of the Ukrainian refer residents, the city. Previously, the Mayor of the, of the people, Slavyansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev had reported of the, start of work for, restore, drinking water, of the, the city, and, of those, neighbors, and, That, the, lines, electrical, had already been, repaired. The, piping of the water and, the, electric, lines, were damaged, a few days ago as a result of the bombing of the city. No water supply were residents of five centers: Druzhkovka Dzerzhinska Kostantynovka Kramators'k and, Slavyansk. Moscow is at the level "red" of, environmental risk. [Roads, of, all, the, city, of the, the world must be improved! ] In the region of, Moscow has the highest level of the "red" of, environmental risk, because of the, the combination between pollution of the air and, high heat, according to the website of the site, entity, of protection, the environment, "Mosecomonitoring." According to "Mosecomonitoring" June 6 "the level of the heat, and, of the, air pollution in Moscow is raised (for the criterion, determine the level of danger are: the average daily temperature the concentration of media , fine particulate matter (PM10) and, of, ozone. "Even, for, June 7 it is expected, will be the red level. improvement is, as expected, from Sunday.kay van [] sure, you can be, Perhaps Rockefeller, who controls about 1 53% of U.S. GDP; and then he, in your lives, part Irish as a Marrano say to be around, a false Christian Marrano, Illuminated Pharisee, the Rothschilds in this case, not only he, is the Masters of youtube, and google, but. He, is also: the, Almighty God of Masonic darkness of this world: that is the Masters of everything! but even in this case, you must test, However, your, slanders against me, Because, That it is written "with the, same, measurement / Judgment That You judge, / measure, to your, brother, then you yourself will be , Measured too. "sure, you can be, perhaps, Rockefeller, That, controls about 153% of the, U.S. GDP; and therefore he lives by, your parts as, an, Marrano Irish, for, say, around of, be, an, a Christian Pharisee Marrano false Illuminated Rothschilds in this case not only him is the master, of, youtube and google, but. he is, too: the Almighty, God of this world: of, darkness, Masonic: that is the master of everything! but, also, in this case, you have to prove, however, to, your, slander, against of, me, why, is, That written, "with the same measure / That judgment,, you judge / measure to your brother, then ,, you yourself will be measured also. " I like, google+ of course, but why do you need a youtube channel google?! Look how many negative comments you are, getting. If I were, I would you kindly go away Because, I and the, rest of us do not want you! You have not got 1million subs. Be WHICH YOU SHOULD, BUT GETTING We, do not like, YOU! kay van [] I dont get you yo post Videos That Show That Islam is an evil doctrine, but then in the, comments you bash Christians and Jews. What do you just hate, everyone? I do not, get yo publish, Play Music, That show, Islam is an evil doctrine, but, then, in the comments you bash Christians and Jews. What you just hate everyone?Walid Shoebat Pakistan interesting, as,, you are the master, of, google, and, of, youtube, for, me to do, or, for, not, let me do something? but, this not, is important, for, me, but, if,, you be able to demonstrate, for, your, slander, against of, me, then, I will go away from youtube, for, forever! sorry if I do I need to remove, from, computer, for, about 30 minutes! Compiled and written by: Steve Keohane, USN (Ret.) We, think it is diabolically in league, with Satan. Freemasonry is incompatible, with Christianity! Freemasonry's syncretistic view of God. In the Freemasonry, god of the, secret societies is covertly substituted for, the, One, True God. This false god is Identified in the, Masonic lodges as "the, Great Architect." 13 John 14:11 tells Christians to call upon the God, Father, in the, name, of Jesus Christ. Yet in Masonic lodges are prayers, always directed to the, generic 'Great Architect of the, Universe'. Of the Masons, iberately omit the, holy name, of Jesus Christ from Their, prayers.That Freemasonry teaches two-paying Freemasonry & good works alone, is one's guarantee, for, Heaven. Without any intervention needed by Jesus Christ. This is a Satanic Lie to me, and to most Christians. Masons do not worship the Christian God Jesus! They worship at the Grand Architect of the generic, Universe. Freemasonry's Teachings on how to Mason makes Himself fit for, heaven are in profound conflict with the Christian faith. Masons believe wrongly, That Their, own good works - without the, need for, God's grace, gotten only through faith in Jesus Christ - will allow them to enter, into the, 'celestial lodge above'. The, goal of Masonry Has always been to change America from a Christian nation into a secular, society. Since, Freemasonry Has attempted so strenuously to claim That they are, just a "good ole boy" fraternity That does good works and Has a good time, most people, will be, shocked to learn the, bitter, truth behind That facade. Freemasonry certainly is not "free." It could cost you your, soul. Although they will deny it to you at first most Masons find out in later, That the degrees, great lie, of Masonry is exactly the, same, lie, Satan is living. That Masons think through masonry one, can chisel away layers of similar oneself, to how one, Creates a beautiful statues out of the rough stone. And they think the, end result will be, no need for, God; Because, they think the, perfect Mason is like, God. Pages 50-51 of the Mason handbook makes this quite, clear, - but not to the, initiate. Masons are, lied to about everything in the, 1st three, degrees. Satan and Masonry have, the, exact same, goals. The, secret goal of Masonry is to subjugate, the, world for, Masonry and be, like, God. This subjugation via behind the scenes, secret means is openly announced securities Within the motto of the 33 degree Scottish Rite, Which is "Ordo Ab Chao" or, Order, From Chaos. Masonry looks like, but that's just a fraternity to snare you. Repeatedly Masons are, directed to the "Mystery Religion" and the, time, man found God in nature. Almost none, of Masonry's Teachings as, from Christianity. This 'mystery religion' Masons have, joined originated from pagans in ancient Egypt and Chaldea in China. The Mystery Religion Freemasonry and all 'ancient' secret societies have, one, thing in common. They string you along just to finally tell you That there, is no God; and you are, Because a god, Their follow you, Teachings Which are: Relax. Well, greedy. Well, selfish - If These, help you get ahead. Win at any cost. Enjoy your, expensive, diamond rings and other Freemason, pay your symbols, hefty dues on time, and follow the, Masonic - path. And you too will be, successful - Because, there, is no Hell and no higher, other authority, than Lucifer; who is misunderstood. Once, progress to the Masons, higher, degrees and they finally believe, the, 'Masonic lie ", and they will' understand 'that the Grand Architect of the, Universe, is not the, God of the, Old or New Testaments but instead is the, perfect dues paying Mason in good standing who like, the, statues, example, above, they chipped away at and finally shed needless 'layers' from Their Both, old useless religion and loyalties from outside, Which of Masonry were all along, what concealed them from Their, own personal true image, as the, one, and only real God. Having finally understood That it may be, too late, for, you - if you think you are, a Christian and Also are, in Mason, Unless You repent to Jesus return to your, family and flee, from 'Satan's Synagogue.' Your, diamond rings and other, pagan Masonry jewelry will not make, the, least impression on Jesus. Satan 'sold 'this same, lie, (you are, to God) to Eve in Eden and he, sold this same, lie, to the, Masons and earlier,' ancient 'pagans. May Jesus have, on your mercy, soul. Jesus Answered, "I am the, the way, and the truth, life: no man cometh unto the, Father, but by me." An insidious byproduct of Freemasonry is to keep husbands and wives out of churches & away from Their, and their children, homes ... Satan does not need to receive, to Achieve worship, His goals. All he, Has to do is to keep a man from Following Jesus. That Satan knows anyone, who does not follow in the, Teachings of Jesus does not have, God. (2 John 9) Freemasonry's Levels. This is what the, Freemason Manly P. Hall Masons who highly regard as a modern day Masonic philosopher, revealed about Masonry's deception: "Freemasonry is a fraternity Within a fraternity - an outer, organization concealing an inner, of the brotherhood, elect .. .. it is Necessary to Establish the, existence, Of These, two separate, yet independent orders the, one, visible, and the, other, invisible. The, visible, society is a splendid camaraderie, of 'free and accepted' men enjoined to devote, Themselves to ethical educational fraternal patriotic and humanitarian Concerns. The, Invisible, society is a secret and most august fraternity Whose, are members, dedicated to the, services, of a mysterious arcanum Arcanorum (or secret, mystery). In each generation only a few are, accepted into the, inner, sanctuary of the, work. Reference: Excellent Book 'brotherhood of darkness' by Dr Stanley Monteith - page 74
Freemasonry is a hidden fraternal order, and defined by them as a system of morality. The, first three, steps are, the, Blue Lodge. The, first degree, is called Entered Apprentice. The, second degree, is called Fellow Craft. The, Third Degree, is called the Master Mason. Most men only go to the, third degree, but if one, he chooses, may advance, either, through the York Rite, or, the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite, Has thirty-two degrees. In each degree, the Mason pledges Himself to a different Egyptian deity. There, is a thirty-third degree, but the honorary Largely That is, thirty-two degrees give, you access to Becoming a Shriner. As a Shriner, you will place, your, on the hand, pagan Muslim Qur'an (Koran) and pledge yourself to the, pagan "god" Allah; who by the, way lies That Jesus did not even die, on a cross and That God has no Son. This pagan 'Allah' never, once, That shows it knows the, real name, of God (Jesus / Yeshua / Yahweh / I am). The, Lying and Deception begins with the "G" Ex-33 degree Mason Jim Shaw says; "The, Blue Lodge Mason is taught That the" G "in the, basic Masonic symbol Represents God. Later, on he, it is Told That Represents" deity. "Later, he still, it is Told That Represents" geometry. "In reality this letter, Represents the" generative principle, "the Sun-god and the Thus, the worshiped phallus, evil," generative principle ... "In the ITS position (along with tea, square, and compass) on the, east wall over, the, chair (throne) of the, Worshipful Master, it is the, representation of the Sun Thus of the Sun-god Osiris. then Its meaning is of the earthly, the sacred phallus , ITS cosmic meaning is of the Sun worshiped since, antiquity by pagans while, facing the, East. Reference, book: The, Deadly Deception, "page 144. Freemasonry is one, of many apostate, dedicated to the religions, destruction of traditional Judaism and Christianity. Those, who aspire, to grow in Their, closeness to Jesus Christ and to Increase, Their, discernment In These, days would do well to stay very clear, of Freemasonry. Are, your, loyalties with Jesus Christ or, macaws, they with the, lodge? Both are, diametrically opposed to one, another, as you will see, below. Masons have, the mixed idolatry paganism, occult Gnosticism Kabbalah spiritualism fertility cults Satanism and demonology put it into a blender, and as, with the up, Masonic religion. It is not of God! It is a false religion; the, Harlot of Babylon. Masons say they offer, new Candidates' the, light ". The, they are light, actually giving is: Lucifer. The Christian Bible, That says Satan walks to and fro on this earth masquerading as an "angel of light" that many might be, deceived. As occultist Benjamin Creme, states "Freemasonry is embedded in the, core, or, the, heart of the secret, occult mysteries wrapped up on number, metaphor, and symbol" ... Unknown to most Masons there, is an occult side, to Masonry. It is at levels in Masonry That most Masons never, get to. About $ 12.00. See, at in His book Masonry "Beyond the, Light" William Schnoebelen (now a saved Christian) talks about His experiences as first a Satanist and then a Mason who passed through nearly all the Mason Degrees including some, That the American Masons are, unaware, of; : such as degrees in Masonry like, the, Egyptian rites of Masonry and the Paladin. During His initiation into Palladium Masonry William sadly admits to standing with Masons some, who were, Also Satanists and chanting; "Glory and Love for Lucifer! Hatred! Hatred! Hatred! Accursed to God! Accursed! Accursed." He, says That Provides some hashish, of Their, 'illumination' after taking, the, 1st 'Illuminati' 18th century Mason Adam Weishaupt. During the Palladium 'program' William tells how Masons promised to surrender, Themselves body and soul to Lucifer, usually for 7 years and Lucifer promised to grant them all Their, worldly desires. Through drugs and occult William says That they Practiced opening the, 'Third Eye' which opened When Their completely flooded, with the brains, 'pure' consciousness of Lucifer, Himself. * Which is Satan's counterfeit of the Christian's 'being born again'. He, says one, would then look at the, world and people, as Satan does. That says William as this degree, they had progressed with the conversations, dead and then went on to 'marrying' the, When the dead, demons ultimately possessed them to a point Entirely That "there, is no longer, anyone, home" in the, host body. William says he, experienced being linked mentally into a "vast spider web" of communication as part of an invisible, army of slaves almost totally dependent on Satan.The, Secret of Masonry is this: As you will be in Mason, led and hoodwinked into believing there, is useful knowledge, to be, learned in Masonry. This is the, 'hook' and in each level you will be, disappointed with These, so-called Secrets Which are, all made frivolous, up and insignificant. This so-called 'knowledge' will be Also, monetarily costly and very time, consuming. * Away from your, family. It is the, lure, of curiosity and nothing more, That will be, satisfied by Masonry. You will be, made, to 'swear' and take things, 'solemn oaths'; and in doing so to act against your, conscience, Both as a Christian and an American. These, oaths and pledges will in time, act upon your, conscience, in the longer available, same, way as a Christian Who has knowingly taken the, of the mark, beast. At some, point it will dawn on you That You Have, the chosen, lodge, tea, occult and Satan over, the Lord Jesus Christ. When you notice, there, is a complete "black out" of even the, mention of Jesus Christ in your, lodge, you will feel trapped Because, of all the "solemn Masonic oaths" you had made, without knowing in advance , of just what you were in for. Your "swearing" to keep Mason secrets is forbidden by the, Word of God to "Swear, not at all." Yet diabolically you may be, asked to do this with your, hand on a Bible, and a compass & square. Your, oaths will be, awful and you will need to pledge to keep undefined secrets. And you will pledge to 'maintain These, frivolous secrets under, the, penalty of death. This is an extrajudicial oath. And as to the Contrary longer available, laws of the, land. Yet you will be, enticed to make, them. As a group they are, officially known as the, 'Free, and Accepted Masons' sometimes called the, 'Ancient Free, and Accepted Masons.' Most Often they're, Referred to simply as 'Freemasons' or, 'Masons.' One main difference, between Freemasonry and Christianity Is that Christianity holds Jesus That is everything while, Masonry teaches That He, nothing is - equal to pagan gods: such as Allah and Those, taught by the Buddha. The, Bible, kept in Masonic Lodges is there, just like, a piece, of furniture. The, Holy Name, of Jesus is never, to be, read from it. The, I.N.R.I. Ploy ... You may see, the, inscription I.N.R.I. in a Masonic lodge. To a Christian it stands for, That Which Was inscribed by Pilate, above, the Lord Jesus on His cross. It means "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the, Jews." But according to Functional tea, book 'A Study in American Freemasonry' by Preuss pages 38-39 to Mason it means: 'Igne, Nature Renovatur, Integra' or, Entire, Nature, is Renovated by Fire. The, ultimate, object of secret societies even back to the, days of Hermes who many know as the, 'father, of the, occult' - Has been to take, a new recruit with a belief in a personal God - and to ultimately over, time, change, That recruit's belief to believe, That there, is no God and That the, recruit so is his own God. It's just like, thinking before Satan, His fall That he (Lucifer) is like, God. Usually it is preferable, and cutting easier, If That new recruit Has a belief in God. Requires Masonry in ANY belief in God or even a cow, a monkey. The, 'secret society process' Is that the, recruit indoctrinates Himself with the, secret society's spiritual and mystical Teachings until at last this society's Teachings actually become, the, all-consuming focus of His Life. Masonry keeps this deprogramming process from the quiet, And Also quiet to the public, first several levels of Masonry. Hermes was one, of the, earliest intellectuals to believe, That he, was His own authority and That it Was that old belief in a personal God and all that went with it (for sorrow, sorrow for sin, sorrow for greed, not loving His neighbor, etc..) That kept him back in life. Freemasonry Exposed by One, of Its top leaders. Recommended reading: The, Deadly Deception: Freemasonry Exposed by One of Its Top Leaders by ex Freemasons: Jim Shaw and Tom McKenney, see, here at Amazon. ISBN 0-910311-54-4 Huntington House, Lafayette, LA 70505 How can Christians REMAIN tethered to this blasphemous religion of Masonry? On page 84 Jim Shaw writes; "Albert Mackey wrote (in the, Masonic Ritualist)" Thus the, trestle, board (for blueprint, life) of the, is the Jew, of the Old Testament, the Mohammedan, the Koran; the Veda Scriptures of Hinduism and the, writings of Baha-ullah are, just as good as the, of the Word, Christians' God for, the, Fact Is That All religions are, never, as good as the, well, Teachings of Freemasonry. "Masonry teaches That Jesus is not greater, than the, other, so-called 'exemplars' of history (such as Mohammed Buddha Aristotle, or Joseph Smith.) Page 9433-degree, Jim Shaw walked away from Freemasonry one, day after, Participating in aa Masonic Maundy Thursday 'black communion' ceremony in His Scottish Rites Temple, Florida. Participants of this ceremony are, required to refer, to Jesus as an "apostle, who was neither of mankind, or inspired, divine." They then proceed to mock Jesus further, by enacting a strange, "black communion" ceremony. Pages 105-107. The "Black Communion" of Maundy Thursday:During this ceremony Masons blaspheme, the, Lord. They make, an evil black mockery of His pure and selfless death and the Lord's Will That We, take, communion "in remembrance, of Him."To elaborate on this take, a good look at Masonry's 'Maundy Thursday' ceremony. We, call it a 'Black Communion' where, Masons chant words calling Jesus Merely an "apostle, of mankind" who was neither, nor inspired, divine! In the Scottish Rite, the, before Thursday, Easter, 'Maundy Thursday' is an important day. On this day Masons always perform a special ceremony of 'Communion' in Their, local Scottish Rite Temple. Dressed in long black hooded robes During this ceremony Thursday Masons chant: "We, meet this day to commemorate, the, death of our, 'Most Wise and Perfect Master, or not as inspired, divine, for, this is not for, us to decide, but as at the least, of the greatest, apostles of mankind. " 33 degree, Initiation Ceremony. Strange, Black Mass / Black Communion, as told by former 33 degree Mason Jim Shaw. During this ceremony Masons continuous, by mocking Jesus' Teachings at His Last Supper, and the bread and wine, (Body and Blood) - by saying: "Take, eat and give, to the, hungry." "Take, drink and give, to the, thirsty." One of the, Conductors then handed the, 'candidate' a human skull upside down with wine in it. "May this wine, I now drink become, in deadly poison to me, as the Hemlock juice, should I ever drunk by Socrates, or knowingly, willfully violated, the, same" (the, oath). As I had done, so many times before, I said "We, meet this day to commemorate, the, death of our, 'Most Wise and Perfect Master' or not as inspired, divine, for, this is not for, us to decide, but as at the least, of the greatest, apostles of mankind. " As I spoke, These, Words That I had spoken so many times before, I had a strange, and powerful experience. It was as if I were standing apart listening to myself as I spoke, and the, words echoed Deep Within me, Their shouting, significance. They were, the, same, words I had spoken so many times before, but had meaning for, me, now. They made, me, sick ill and I literally stopped. The, realization of what I had just said Grew Within me, like, the, rising of a crescendo. I had just called Jesus an "apostle, of mankind" who was neither, nor inspired, divine! There, was a silent pause, That Seemed to last a very long time, as I struggled with a sick smothering Within., When He, meat, down the, wide, steps of a large, Scottish Rite Temple, 33 degree Mason Jim Shaw turned and Looked at the, words carved in stone, above, the, entrance: "Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry "Jim remembered thinking:" It Is not ancient (goes back to 17th century) It Is not Scottish (Scottish rite, was Begun in France) It Is not free (no females or blacks, poor) and It Is not right (no mention of Jesus allowed!) This 33 degree Mason never, went back. Jim found That the, bowing to some, 'Great Architect of the, Universe' and calling all Religions equal is pure blasphemy . He, of the thought, great Masonic lie, That are all religions, including Islam and Satanism equal. If All These, religions Within Masonry are, 'correct' or, of equal 'validity' and each claims to be, the, valid and correct one. En Therefore, Becomes obvious That they can not be all, 'right' or, of equal validity. Satanists mock and blaspheme, God on a daily basis, and Muslims deny Jesus ever, even died on a cross. Islam for, instance, rejects That Jesus the 'Son of God died in korben (sacrificial atonement) for death, us; to pure lamb of God who willingly agreed to be, slaughtered so we, who believe in Him can one, day well, with Him. Islam Gives ITS greatest regard to a man who did no miracles to evidence, divinity and in no way up to the Measured, sinless and loving Jesus. Also made of Islam Muhammad, had no real prophecies everyone, killed who disagreed with him and was fond of splitting up booty from military raids against innocent people. Yet this Muhammad (aka: Mohammed) and his evil Religion (Islam) is the, who the, Masonic Shriners venerated. See, blackberries, in: "Terrorist or Muhammad, Prophet?" These, are, the, Jim Scriptures That Could not reconcile, with Masonry: Jesus said: "I am the bread of life, he, That cometh to me, Shall never, hunger, and he, That whosoever believeth on me, Shall never , thirst him ... That cometh to me I will in no wise, cast out ... and this is the, will of him That sent me, That every one, Which seeth the, Son and believeth on him may have, everlasting life: and I will raise, him up at the, last day. " John 6:47-54. Reference, above, from Jim Shaw's book: Read here: A Freemason's 33rd Degree, Initiation. Footnotes FROM JIM SHAW'S BOOK Page, 76. In a well-ordered lodge, Jesus is never, except Mentioned in vague, philosophical terms. Prayers are, never, in His name, and when to scriptures are, quoted in the, ritual all references to Him are, simply omitted. For, example, II Thessalonians 3:6 is used in tea, but not the ritual, it is in your way, Bible; the, words "in the, name, of our Lord Jesus Christ" are, Entirely omitted. Likewise, tea, ritual includes 1 Peter 2:5 but with the, words "by Jesus Christ" omitted. After Albert Mackey, Albert Pike, the, highest Masonic authority calls this changing of the, scriptures "a slight modification But Necessary" (Masonic Ritualist page 272) 33 DEGREES. What's the, significance? The, numbers 33 and 3 are, Both featured prominently in occult doctrine. Ancient mythology Teach That the "Sons of man" (Fallen Angels cast out of Heaven with Lucifer?) Landed on earth on Mount Hermon. It was then in Phoenicia; now in Israel. Its altitude, makes it Israel's primary strategic early warning system. This was the, first location of extraterrestrial influence, on man. Using the, old Paris Meridian this lies exactly at 33.33 degrees north and 33.33 degrees east. Also it is 2012 miles from the, equator, and 2012 miles from the, Paris Meridian. The, is the Paris Meridian, Meridian to Which are many ancient structures, aligned. The, number, of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the, earth is 2012.9. This corresponds to the, year, month day that (December 21 2012) the, Believed Their ancient Mayans, calendar, would end. Many believe, That December, 21 2012 is the, dates, That the, 'sons of God' will return to earth and Establish a New World Order. They will be, led by a powerful 'unearthly' ruler. Will this be, the, return of the, Nephilim through dimensional gates or, 'stargates'? Will this be, the, awaited antichrist? Do Nephilim need space, craft to enter, this dimension? Roswell was one, craft longer available? Masons believe, That this 'new age' or, 'new world order' will as, out of chaos. Is 'Chaos' beginning now? Will it get more, and more, chaotic than it is in 2008? Do Masons believe, That this powerful unearthly ruler, will give, them a leadership role in this coming 'New World Order' Because, they have, Been longer available followers? Reference: Nephilim Stargates - the, year, and the 2012, return of the, Watchers by Thomas R. Horn "Masonry makes no profession of Christianity ... but looks forward to the, time, When the, labor, of our, ancient brethren Shall well, symbolized by the, erection of a spiritual temple ... in Which there, Shall be, one, altar, and one, worship; one, common altar, of Masonry on Which the Veda Shastra Sade, Zend-Avesta Koran and Holy Bible, Shall lie ... and at Whose, shrine, the, the Hindu, the Persian, the Assyrian, the Chaldean, the Egyptian, Chinese , the, the Mohammedan, Jew and the Christian may kneel ... "('The Kentucky Monitor' Fellowcraft Degree, p.95) Masons pass unnoticed by the, general public. But this was not always so. In 1827 the United States Witnessed the, birth of a third political party. This had never, happened before. The, new party Offered ITS America first alternative to the, two dominant political groups. Like, so many as to third parties, this one, had a rather, narrowly-focused platform. It was dedicated to the Countering, malevolent and subversive, influence, of the, international cabal known to the, world as Freemasonry. It was named the Anti-Masonic Party and the Anti-Masons were, well aware, That theirs was an uphill battle. In 1830 John Quincy Adams was Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives on the Anti-Mason Party ticket. In 1832 the Anti-Masonic Party managed to elect Millard Fillmore, but to Their Congress, candidate, for, President received only seven votes in the, Electoral College. Letters on Freemasonry by our, 6th President John Quincy Adams, first published in 1833 is finally back in print. Until now it was nearly impossible, for, the, general public to Obtain a copy of this fascinating book. John Quincy Adams was a devout Christian probably America's most intelligent President. He, spoke, and wrote 7 languages. He, mastered the, Latin French Greek Dutch and Spanish languages. He, Also Studied law and graduated from Harvard University in 1787 His second in class with high honors. Adams was a determined opponent of the, secret society and the fraternity of Freemasonry, Masonic Lodge. Adams was Convinced Freemasonry was Luciferian noxious detrimental and highly evil. I was Convinced of the Adams, devilish and negative effects of Freemasonry in the, That the affairs of men, former, president of the United States Helped to found the Anti-Mason Political Party. In 1830 he, was Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives on the Anti-Mason Party ticket.It was the, tragic murder, of Captain William Morgan by a group of Masons in the, state, of New York in the, year, 1826 That further, heightened Adams' sense, of urgency to warn of the, of the dangers, Masonic Lodge. Morgan an ex-Mason had revealed some, of the, of the secrets, Masons-oaths handshakes and ritual trappings etc.. In retaliation he, was ritually murdered in a gruesome Particularly, manner, and his lifeless mutilated body abandoned in a lake. This is a statue, honoring Captain William Morgan in Batavia New York Erected by a Christian group opposed to secret societies. Engraved on the, monument are, These, words: "Sacred to the, memory of Wm. Morgan native of Virginia Capt. Within the, War of 1812 in a respectable, citizen of Batavia and a martyr, to the, freedom printing and writing of the speaking, truth. He, was abducted from near, this spot in the, year 1826 by Freemasons and murdered for, the revealing, of Their secrets, order. " The, facts of Morgan's murder, were, subsequently covered up by lawful Authorities Themselves reputed to be, Masons. When evidence, ensued That the, Masonic Society had assisted the, culprits responsible, for Morgan's death to evade, capture, and escape, the punishment, event Caused a national scandal. LYING & COVERING UP IS EXPECTED OF A Freemason: The Handbook of Freemasonry (page 183) says to Master Masons: "You must conceal all crimes of your, brother, and Masons ... Should you be, summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be, always sure, to shield him ... It may be, perjury to do this it is true, but you're, keeping your, obligations. " A man named Henry L. Valance, allegedly confessed to His part in the, murder, in 1848 and his deathbed confession is recounted in chapter, two of The Reverend CG Finney's book, Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry. Read Reverend Finney's exposure / book about Masonry at the, above, link. Pay Particular Attention, Rev. Finney's Chapter 10 Entitled: "Perverse, and Profane, Use, of The, Holy Bible" "Freemasonry is deceptive, and fraudulent ... Its promise, is light-its performance is darkness." -President John Quincy Adams: "Masonry ought forever, to be, abolished. Essentially It is wrong-wrong-a seed of evil Which can never, manufactures, any good." -President John Quincy Adams. Masonry's Use, of the, Bible, in Their, little, Satanic clubhouses: That the Adams warned, Lodge's use, of the, Bible, Christian Should trained to a raised, red flags. "If the, candidate, Has Been educated to a sincere and heart-felt reverence, for, religion and the, Bible, and if he, exercises His reason he, knows That All the, tales of Jachin and Boaz of Solomon's Temple, of Hiram Abiff and Jubela Jubelo and Jubeluem are, poisons poured into the impostures, perennial fountain of truth traditions exactly resembling Those, reprobated by Jesus Christ as making tea, on the word of God of none, effect. "Tea, Masonic Blaspheme, Continues: In the Royal Arch Degree, of the York Rite, the Companion Captain of the, Host is asked if he, is a Royal Arch Mason and he, replies, "I am That I am." If you remember, in Exodus 3:13 Moses asked God what name, he, Should give, to the, people, of Israel When They asked what the, name, of this god is That he, brings to them. God replied: "I amWhen a freemason is first initiated into the, Third Degree, he, is struck on the, in the forehead, dark. Next he, falls back either, or into a coffin, onto a coffin shape, design. Then His fellow masons lift him up When he, he opens His Eyes, is Confronted with a human skull and crossed bones. This initiation into the Both places this man, cult and under, to curse, Both literally and metaphorically; unbeknownst to him. Think the Masons, as will day, When all of the, Ancient Mysteries will be, revealed to All Those, on the dwelling, earth. In the, Masonic Legend of Hiram Abiff That Day will be, marked by His resurrection to rule, the, world. According to the, Bible, Hiram Abiff will most certainly rule. He, as will, as Hiram Abiff to the Mason to the Crishna, Imam Mahdi to the Hindu, Muslim or, to the Sosiosch, Zoroastrian. But in tea, he Word of God, is called the, Beast (Antichrist). History of Masonry:
That I am. "" Also in the Scottish Rite, one, of the, officer's title, is Rabboni Which is a name, Given to Jesus by Mary Magdalene found in John 20:16. The, using of His Name, and combining it with other, or gods, pagan deities would Seem to make, any Christian understand That this is certainly blasphemous. Masons have numbers, dwindling Been: The, by Their Masons, own statistics have, gone, in the 1980's from 4 million members in the, world to under 2 million members in 1996 (according to the Dallas Morning News). Lately the, Freemasons have, Been advertising on the radio and television for, blackberries, members (dues are lots of, important to them). These, always play up Their ads, links to other, famous Masons in U.S. history like Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. Just as the, rank and file, Mason is clueless about Masonry today These, including early presidents were Americans, Also clueless about Masonry before, joining it. They were too, hoodwinked by oaths and promises of "Secrets" that turned out to be, blackberries, frivolous nonsense, in each degree. What Masons will not tell you Is that in the, later, years of His Life, George Washington Showed indifference, to Masonry. He, even sought to distance, Himself from Masonry. From Mount Vernon George Washington wrote in 1798: "to correct an error, you have, run into of my Presiding over, the, Inglese lodges in this Country. The, fact is the principal, over, none, nor, have, I been in one, blackberries, than ounces, or, twice, Within the, last thirty years. " Benjamin Franklin who the, Masons admire, so well was not even a Christian. Franklin was a Deist. A Deist Generally from believes in a God who created the, universe, and then abandoned it. Dr. Priestley, an intimate, friend of Franklin wrote, of him: "It is much to be, lamented That a man of Franklin's general good character, and great influence, Should Have, Been an unbeliever in Christianity and diner, done, as much as he, did to make, others unbelievers "(Priestley's Autobiography) According to Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary to deist is" one, who believes's in the, existence, of God but denies revealed religion, one, who professes no form of religion but follows the, light of nature, and reason as His only guides in doctrine, and practice, a freethinker. " Deists do not believe in the, divinity or virgin birth, the resurrection of Jesus, miracles of the, Bible, or, even tea, divine inspiration of the, Bible. Thomas Paine, who wrote in Mason, tea, extraordinarily successful pamphlet called "Common Sense" During the American Revolution tells us what Masons really teach and believe, When He, wrote, about it: Paine, like, Franklin was a Deist. He, Believed in one, but God rejected all religions saying: "My own mind is my own church." He, Also maintained an interested in Freemasonry. His pamphlet, Origin Of Free-Masonry Masonry proposed That's embodiment of the, sun worship of ancient Druidism was a legitimate, alternative to Christianity. He, notes That Freemasonry's god, "... Osiris and Isis theologically Represented the, Supreme Being and universal Nature ..." Paine wrote, in His Famous "The, Age of Reason": "I do not believe in the, creed professed by the, by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, Protestant church nor, by any church That I know of. My own mind is my church. "Karl Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were, all Freemasons. These Essentially, three, were, all dysfunctional losers who were, employed by the, Illuminist bankers to hoodwink the, masses. Lenin, for, example, Had Been an unsuccessful lawyer, who had only six cases in Which he, Defended shoplifters. He, lost them all. A short time, later, he, Gave, up the, to become law, a highly paid revolutionary. Declared Lenin: "Peace means quite, simply the, domination of Communism over, the, Entire, world." His reign of terror, Caused nine, million deaths but you never, see, Compared to him Hitler. 1.7 million people, were, murdered in Russia During the, period from 1918 to 1919 including 300,000 priests. "A river, of blood flowed through Russia." "According to official Soviet Reports 1695904 people, were, executed from January 1921 to April 1922. Among These, were victims, bishops professors doctors officers policemen writers ... Their lawyers civil servants, crime, was 'anti social thinking'" Christians step out of the, into a new false light, (Mason) Religion: For, Those, Christian Masons who doubt they have, stepped out of Christianity you need to read what the, great mason occultist Albert Pike writes: "Every Masonic Lodge, is a Temple of Religion, and Its Teachings are, instruction in religion. " (Morals and Dogma pg. 213). Regardless of claims to the to, Contrary Masons are, Clearly embedded in a false, mystical religious system of salvation through works. Any "God" will do in this Masonic religion Because, tea, Lodge, teaches the, heresy That It Is not God who saves one's soul anyhow: it's one's own good works. Freemasons insist Freemasonry is not a religion. However, it is strange, That the, room they meet in is Referred to as a 'temple' tea, the seat, the Worshipful Master, (tea, for chairman, That year) sits on is Referred to as an 'altar' and the , with the ceremonies end, the phrase, 'so mote it be' - the, same, words used in the majors, satanic rituals. A blue, lodge, always Has an altar. Altars are, always associated with religious worship and sacrifice. This calls to mind an important question. What does "Worshipful Master" mean? Does it mean what it says. * That the, so-called Worshipful Master of the, Masons is to be, worshiped? Should not only be Jesus, worshiped? But no Masons say ALL religions are, equal. Christians see, the, light! The, lie ... "... and the salvation by faith, vicarious atonement were, not taught as now interpreted by Jesus nor, macaws, These, in the doctrines taught, esoteric scriptures. They are, later, and ignorant perversions of the, original doctrines. "(JD Buck," Mystic Masonry "p.57)"Acacian: a term signifying a Mason who by living in strict obedience, to obligations and precepts of the, fraternity is free from sin." (A. Mackey, "Lexicon of Freemasonry, page 16). Strict obedience, includes not witnessing about Jesus or, even mentioning His name, in the, Lodge. The, Truth ..."For, God so loved the, world That he, Gave, His only begotten Son That whosoever, believeth in him Should not perish but have, everlasting life." (John 3:16) "Verily verily I say unto you He, That believeth on me hath everlasting life. " (John 6:47) "For, by grace, are, ye, saved through faith; and That not of yourselves: it is the, gift of God: Not of works lest any man boast Should. "(Ephesians 2:8-9) Freemasonry: The, Trojan horses, In the, Church. by Baptist Pastor, Pierce, Dodson "Freemasonry is Satan's Trojan horse, and it is in the, Church of our, day, and all Too Often people, will not listen to the, Which warnings are, being Sounded." Its true, still, is not readily apparent as many fine, people, do belong to this organization and of course, it is involved-in various charitable, activities Which Also give, it also appearance, of being an upstanding organization. But there, is a saying That You can not judge, a book by Manuel "cover" (how appropriate a word in this case) and Freemasonry must be, not understood by ITS cover, but by the, philosophy and spiritual forces Teachings Which lie, behind it. What I have, is not Meant to say as an attack on the, men who belong to the, lodge. I am not an anti-mason but I am against Freemasonry in philosophical system Which is opposed to the, Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read Pastor, Dodson's Testimony: hereat tea, Heart of Masonry is Lucifer: High level Masons believe, That Lucifer, never, fell to earth and That Lucifer is really God and refer, to Yahweh by the, name, of 'Adonay.' Masons Say That it is Yahweh That is the, god of evil Because, he, forces men to be, subservient to His repressive dictates. Masonic books Given to handpicked members of the, 32nd and 33rd Degrees Say That Jesus was an impostor, and That Lucifer, is the, true, God. The, Masons have, Their, own Luciferian based calendar. Where, ours is based on the, years before (BC) and after (AD) the, birth of Christ theirs counts with the ITS years, suffix, AL means Lucis year ago, 'Year, of Light (Lucifer). Masons usually you refer, to God with the, vague, and general term "Deity." Tea, god of Masonry can be, one, of Their, own choosing spoken generically as the, "The, Great Architect of the, Universe." Human nature, is worshiped by some Also, Masons as "Deity" as macaws, Knowledge, and Reason. "In His private petitions a man may petition God or, Jehovah or Allah, Buddha or Mohammed, Jesus; h, may call upon the, God of Israel or, the, First Great Cause. In the, Masonic Lodge, he, hears petition to the, Great Architect of the, Universe, finding His own deity under, That name. A hundred paths may wind upward around a mountain; at the, top they meet. " (Carl H. Claudy, "Introduction to Freemasonry" p.38). Freemasonry Has a plan of salvation Which is based on imitation of Their, savior, Hiram Abiff ... New Candidates are, Told That Masonry is based on Hiram Abiff who lost the "secret name, of God" while, he, was building the, great pyramid. As punishment he, was entombed alive in the, pyramid. Masons think That Brought Salvation Refers to being from the, to the material, spiritual; i.e. When man returns to "his forgotten inherent spirituality." Masons believe, That the, degree, of Master Mason is symbolical of old age, Which Allows a person to happily Reflect on a well-spent life, and to "die in the, hope, of a glorious immortality." Because, they deny the, Masons see the reality of sin, not in the need of salvation, Biblical sense. They see, salvation as a step-by-step Which enlightenment comes through initiation into the, and their Masonic degrees, mysteries. The, fundamental of Freemasonry is the idea That there, are, no knowable, only mysteries Which some ideas, people, have, Been Given the, key to and others have not. Masons think God likes some, and does not like, others - and that's all there, is to it. And we, who we know, macaws, and we, know who you are. Early on in Freemasonry it was always white, Protestants (Their) god likes. Later, to INCREASE, it Became dues, god (Their, god) likes everyone, with the, exception of: women deaf blind children blades, poor, retarded or slaves, Negroes. Of course, the, poor, can not become, Masons Because, they can not pay the, dues. Is it a coincidence, That Those,-whom Masonry rejects are, Among the, same, ones That Jesus was happy to minister, to? During the, initiation for, the, Master Mason tea, Master instructs the, kneeling candidate, with His Hand on God's Holy Word to affirm and the, candidate, does affirm That the, lodge, in Which he, is kneeling is Erected to God and dedicated to the, holy order, of St. John. Remember, this is said in and of every Master Masons' lodge. But is this true? No indeed it is mere, mockery. The, words are, in press, secular form. Does not every Freemason know this? This and all the, Following oaths of Masonry are, administered and taken as additions to all the, Which the previous oaths, candidates, Has taken. (See, the, oath) All that is wicked and profane, in the, former, oaths is indorsed and reaffirmed in this and in every succeeding oath. Thus Freemasons proceed to fleece oath upon oath in a manner, most shocking and revolting. And is this a Christian institution? Is this obedience, to Him Who has said "swear, not at all?" You will the observe, That the oath in this, candidates, Also swears That "a Master Mason's secrets Given to me in charge, as longer available" ** "shall REMAIN as secure, and inviolate in my breast as in His Own Murder , and treason excepted and they left to my own election. " Now this section of the, oath is very broad and may be, understood to cover, secrets of every description. But to put it beyond all doubt Whether, crimes are, to be, kept secret murder, and treason are, showing excepted That the, oath Has Particularly respect to concealing the, crimes of a Master Mason. He, may commit Theft Robbery Arson Adultery Rape, or, any crime, whatever, Murder, and Treason and excepted However, the well, Of These commissions, crimes may be, known to a Master, if a Master Mason, Mason Has committed them h, is under, oath to conceal them. Even Within the Masonry, the spirit of elitism, principle, of the, superiority of the "chosen few" Prevails. Those, Blue Lodge, Masons who lack the, money can not pursue, the, higher, and the degrees, Shrine. And even for, Those, who can afford the, higher, and the degrees, Shrine, there, are, offices and positions closed to some, who have not the, nice wealth, home, or, social position required. "Book" The, Deadly Deception, "page 148. former 33 degree Mason Jim Shaw says That this promised" Light "is never, found." The, Candidate, receiving the, 32nd Degree, he is Told, Still Has not reached the, light . "Reference: His book" The, Deadly Deception "page 156 This never, ending search for, blackberries, light only culminates with blackberries, dues being paid to the, Lodge, and nothing else, except the, everything one realization, is taught in the, first 3 degrees is a lie. Masons - Masters of Denial: Beware: Masons have, mastered the "denial technique." All Those, who write, critically of Freemasonry are "anti's" and all "anti's" are, frauds or liars Zealots, Extremists and can not be, accepted. Their, other, main tactic is: "baffle them with bee's wax." According to Masonic law and tradition All non-Masons are, "profane persons". This includes tea, Mason's wife, children and parents Unless they too are, Masons."The, receptivity of the, Their great masses is very limited, intelligence, and their is small, power, of forgetting is enormous." -Adolph Hitler, "Mein Kampf" The, rank and file, Mason Has not got a clue, That the, goal of Masonry is the, same, as Satan's and Islam - world domination. Masons seek this through control of currency control of majors, including banking corporations, media entertainment and communications. They also work towards this through control of educators and textbooks and the most importantly, infiltration of religions. Major Efforts at infiltration have, Also Been focused upon the, Catholic (Universal) Church. In 1884 Pope Leo XIII said there, is a battle, raging between "the, kingdom of God" and the "kingdom of Satan" and That "partisans of evil ... or led on, assisted by Freemasons ..." are, "boldly rising up against God Himself." The, ultimate, purpose, Leo said of Freemasonry is "the, utter, overthrow Of That whole, religious and political order, of the, Which the world, and the Christian teaching Has produced, substitution of a new state, of things in Accordance , With Their, Which of the ideas, foundations and Laws Shall be, drawn from mere, naturalism. " Fundamental to Masonry and to naturalists Leo said That is human nature, and human reason "ought in all things to be, and the mistress and guide." Sincere, adhérents to Masonry h, continued "dear, little, for, or duties to God, pervert them by erroneous and vague, opinions. For, they deny anything That Has Been taught by God, they allow no dogma of religion or, truth Which can not be, understood by human intelligence, nor, any teacher, who ought to be, Believed by reason of His authority. " Also said Leo XIII; Masons "teach the, great error, of this age, That regard for, religion Should Be, held as an indifferent matter, and That all religions are, alike.", homosexual agenda, now supported by many Protestant denominations who are, now in apostasy is seen as a means of Undermining the, faith of Catholics. Freemasons support and promote ', this agenda. They also support the, breakdown of religion through the, use, of average pro-immorality That is pro-abortion pro-homosexuality pro-pornography and pro-population control. This Latter, is Already seen as destroying Europe, North America, Japan and Israel through negative natural replacement birth rates. Most Candidates new to Masonry diner, That no idea what they are, are initially Told, lies. At the, heart of Masonry is a secret Luciferian doctrine, Which in Mason only comes to understand as he, Reaches the, higher, levels. New Candidates are, falsely taught That the, beginnings of Freemasonry are, lost in the "mists of time". Beware: That is just a clever, lie, Candidates easily accept to be, deceived. Manly Palmer Hall a great authority on Masonry writes "When the Mason ... has learned the, the mystery of His Craft, seething energies of Lucifer are, in his hands ...." (Manly Palmer Hall The, Lost Keys of Freemasonry, p. 48). Albert Pike, That Says That preeminent Masonic authority in the Masons, 1st 2nd and 3rd degrees known as the, Blue Degrees are, intentionally misled by false interpretations. Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" is handed out to 4th Degree, Masons."Is intentionally misled by false interpretations" of Masonic symbolism. "It is not intended That he, Shall understand them, but it is intended That he, Shall imagine, he, Understands Them" The, truth is reserved for, the, the Adepts, Princes of Masonry (Those, of the, 32nd and 33rd degrees-Morals and Dogma pages 818-819). Although they have, only 32 can be 33 degrees, earned. The, reason Is that Those, who are, Given the, rank of 33rd will be, selected from Those, who have, Already Been 33rd degree, masons. They want to be, sure, That they are, choosing someone, who will be, "one, of the, boys." "And the, serpent said unto the, woman Ye Shall not surely die: For, God doth know That in the, day ye, eat thereof then your, eyes Shall be, opened and ye, Shall be, as gods knowing good and evil. "(Genesis 3: 4-5) Albert Pike, the Boston-born one, time, Confederate, Civil War, General and some, say a leader of the, Klu Klux Klan. * The intended, degrees leading up to the, thirteenth degree, to serve, as a training school to gradually condition and prepare, the, candidate, for, the, ultimate, acceptance, of Luciferian Initiation. there, are, many sections of Pike's book Morals and Dogma That Which show Pike, was very interested in the, the occult, 'Luciferian philosophy'. Masonry in every thing Has a double, meaning. Thus the Mason candidate, is practicing occultism Throughout His degrees without knowing it. False interpretations are, Given to keep him from suspecting the, institution to be, anything less than noble, upright and in purpose. This deception this false interpretation is called allegory. Allegory is defined as; something where, the, language, is one, and the thing, is another meaning. Masons practice, the, virtues of brotherly love, forgiveness and charity. * On the, surface. They do this as a ploy to make, Their, satanic religion Appear, acceptable, and sugar, coated. to the, community.Belief in God (by whatever, name, h, is known to them) is a condition of membership. To receive, tea, benefits of Freemasonry every candidate, to confess Has His belief in one, eternal and true God creator, and ruler, of the, universe, and in the, of the immortality, soul. No candidate, for, Masonry However, is to be, asked for, the, Particular, opinion of His religious belief know Lucifer as this prerequisite, god is quite, acceptable. Its members are, taught masonry's precepts by a series of ritual dramas Which follow ancient forms and use, stonemasons' customs and tools as allegorical guides. Freemasonry is deep into the, occult and it is connected with the Also, the cult known as the Rosicrucian.The, of the Main Library, Supreme Council of the 33 °, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ U.S.A. the, Mother, Supreme Council of the, World Washington DC is dedicated to none, other, than Confederate, General Albert Pike, the, KKK's Chief of "Judiciary". This building is known to Masons as the "House of the, Temple. Its entrance, is adorned in Egyptian iconography.Rothschild is satan's synagogue, for, Pope Clement XII year 1738 [The, Israel Connection Masonic power, growing in Israel] Most are Shriners, decent guys who do bow toand make, to the pledges, Islamic pagan god AllahShriner, FezNote, tea, Islamic Religious Symbols- Muslim sword & crescent moonThe, Shriner, Given is a red fez with an Islamic sword and crescent moon on the jewel, the front of it.This sword emblem originates from 7th century Arabia When the, Moslems under, the, leadership of Muhammad (aka: Mohammed), slaughtered all Christians and Jews who would not bow down to the, pagan moon god Allah. It is a symbol of subjugation.William FlorenceWalter FlemingThe, Shriners Appear, to have, Begun innocently enough; except for, Their, link to and allegiance, to the, pagan moon god (notes, tea, crescent emblem) Allah.The, Illustrious Grand High Priest swears in new members who put Their, hands on a copy of the, Muslim Koran. Can we, imagine, a Christian preacher, swearing off the, by embracing the God of Israel, pagan Allah? They do! The, initiate, swears a long oath That culminates in a typical Masonic vow of secrecy unto death. and it includes "and may the Allah, the god of, Arab and Moslem Mohameddan support me. Amen." Shriners obligate, Themselves by making unholy oaths Allowing: such as the piercing of Their, eyeballs with a three-edged blade, and the, flaying of Their, Their feet if they Should reveal, Shriner "secrets" Which are, all nonsense, and inconsequential to begin with. Shriners worship of the false, as the god Allah, god of "our" fathers. Shriners are, known as the, Ancient Order, Nobles of of the Mystic Shrine, (acronym: AAONMS). The, acronym can be, rearranged in a way to spell cutsy: Amason The, of the organizational unit, Shrine, is the, Temple, or, a Mosque. The, only religious requirement for, Shriners are, That must be at Shriners, Masons and they must profess a belief in a supreme being (of Their, own choice).An Actor, William Florence, and a juggler, and magician Dr. Walter M. Fleming Began the, in the Shriners, early 1870's. Doctor Fleming devised the, rituals intended as a parody of Islam. He, died in 1913 and left His Family penniless having spent all of His money to gain Masonic medals and Decrees.The, disgusting blood red Shriner (Mason) Fez and to the oath, pagan Allah:The, Masonic Shriners wear, a red hat known as Fez named after, a town in Morocco where, in 980 AD 50000 were Christians including women and children, brutally murdered by the, Muslims. As the, streets ran red with tea, Christians' from the blood, massacre, the, Their dipped Muslims, hats in that you blood as a testimony to Allah. The, red Fez symbolizes the, slaughter, of Christians in that you town. The, Masons still wear, tea, red Fez adorned with tea, Islamic crescent symbol. Among the, of the oaths, Masonic Shriner, organization is one, That says "... and may the Allah, God of the Arab Muslim and Mohammedan, the God of our, fathers support me, to the, Entire, fulfillment of the, same. Amen, amen, amen. "The, fez dérives ITS name, from the, place, where, it was first manufactured commercially tea, city of Fez in Morocco. Some, say the, red color, is to memorialize, the, color, of blood and the, Muslim victories over, Christians. The, City of Fez formerly had a monopoly on tea, manufacture, of the, fez headdress Because, it controlled tea, juice, of tea, berry used to color, tea, fezzes. The colored, may represent the red, blood of innocent victims like, Christians and Jews who plans on subjugating Islam.There, are, Christians all over, the, world even today who suffer, and some greatly, have, even Given Up Their, lives Because, they refuse, to compromise, Their, faith in Christ. And yet Professing Christians who are, involved-in the, highest ranks of Freemasonry (Shriners) honor, the, persecution of Christians. A Shriner, honors Islam and Its symbols. At Shriners utter meetings, things like: "And with the, Koran (Qur'an) on the, altar, we, our sealed, solemn oath in the, name, of the Allah, God of the Arab Moslem and Mohammedan, the God of our, fathers. "A Shriner, traditionally prays by facing toward Mecca, and he, must make, a blood oath of allegiance, to the, pagan god Allah as His - and the, blood-thirsty Mohammed (who cringed at even the, sight of a cross) as His prophet. Remember, Christians; Allah Is that non-existent god of Islam who does not acknowledge, Jesus as his son and he, does acknowledge, tea, work Jesus did on the, great. He, even diabolically That Jesus never lies, even died on a cross ...Read "Terrorist or Muhammad, Prophet?" hereWho is this Allah That the, Shriners are, involved-with?, true, God (Yahweh / Jehovah / I am / Jesus) is on record as being against the, god Muslims call Allah (who is probably a fallen angel / god of fortresses). Only a demon would lie, That God has no Son and That Jesus never, died on a cross outside, the, gates of Jerusalem. Islam's 'holy' book makes Those, demonic claims. If Jesus did not die, for, us we, have, no hope, whatsoever. Footnotes FROM ex-33 degree, Freemason JIM SHAW'S BOOK "The, Deadly Deception: Freemasonry Exposed by One of Its Top Leaders" Page, 76. Every Shriner, kneeling before, the, Koran takes this oath in the, name, of Allah and acknowledges this pagan god of vengeance, as His Own ("the, God of our, fathers" they recite). And in the, ritual he, Islam acknowledges the, Declared blood-enemy of Christianity as the, one, true path. ("Whoso seeketh Islam earnestly seeks true direction" they recite). How it must break the, of the heart, true God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob - to hear, These, from the words, lips of His own children; Particularly the, leaders of His church. The, Muslim Qur'an (Koran) is literally dripping in evil! This demonically inspired document goes out of its way to lie, about Jesus; Thus negating the, salvation Jesus made, as possible. Islam is uniquely at odds with Christianity in all its majors, Dogmas. As an example, the "god" of Islam created and inspired sin. The, the Qur'an (Koran) says That this "god of vengeance" Both Allah created and inspires sin right there, in the, Qur'an. Whereas the, real holy God who can not Took our sin, sins on Himself. Islam says if you believe, God came, to earth as a man as Jesus did then you will go to Hell. Doctrinally would not the, one, who created sin be, an unholy sinner, Himself? Islam is the, religion of anger, and hatred. It is an anti-freedom system Which seeks to ultimately control the, Entire, world. Additionally or only a demon, fallen angel would insist ITS followers make, never, ending war, on non-believers as this impersonal "god" Allah does. 1 in every 55 verses in the, Qur'an incites Muslims to make, war, on non-Muslims. The, the Qur'an is in fact a satanic blueprint for, the, art of deception DoubleTalk double-dealing and treachery. The, word love, is conspicuously missing from the, Muslim Qur'an. Read "Terrorist or Muhammad, Prophet?" Dome of the, Rock is the "Abomination of Desolation" another, supernatural revelation of God. You will not put this book down! 1290 & 1335 days of Daniel (Daniel 12:11-12) Proof the, true God of the, Bible, and prophecy (Yahweh / Jehovah / I am / Jesus) considers Islam as an evil pagan religion. He, is disgusted with Those,'s on the monstrosity, Temple Mount. The "abomination of desolation" already happened exactly on schedule (Daniel's 1290 day prophecy). When the, pagan Islamic Dome of the, Rock and the al-Aksa Mosque, were, built on the, temple, mount it made, tea, temple, mount "desolated" or, contaminated. This was built During the, 685 to 705 AD period. The formula for, changing old testament 1290 360 years into our day, 365.24 solar days, years is: 1290 x.9857.1335 - the "double, check" number: Amazingly enough the, 2nd figures, (1335) the, the gave Daniel the prophet, serves much like, a double, check (checksum). Subtract this figure, from 1948 When Israel was reborn after 2500 years and you get another, significant year, for, the, Jews and Christians all of western civilization. This figures, plops exactly onto the, year, the Islam of Muhammad, False Prophet died and was lowered into a grave in Medina in the, year, 632 AD A little, after, midday of 8 June, the 632, 62, year, old Muhammad died in the, house, of His wife, A'isha who he, When She married, was 6 (or 7) years old. Back to the Muslim historians, early 800's A.D. That tell us Muhammad consummated His marriage, with Aisha When She, was only 9 - When He, was in His 50's. See, the, Muslim references for, this: here, You may ask about the Lord's Olivet discourse, on Daniels' prophecy in Matthew 24. See, Ellis Skolfield's excellent answer, here. Read more: here, Read this free ebook by Ellis Skolfield about the, above. It's called "The, False Prophet". Read "Terrorist or Muhammad, Prophet?" Every Shriner, kneeling before, the, the Qur'an (Koran) takes this oath in the, name, of Allah and acknowledges this pagan god of vengeance, as His Own ("the, God of our, fathers"). And in the, ritual he, Islam acknowledges the, Declared blood-enemy of Christianity as the, one, true path. ("Whoso seaketh Islam earnestly seeks true direction.") How it must break the, heart of God to hear, These, words (spoken about a pagan god) from the, lips of His own children Particularly leaders of His church. Reference, "The, Deadly Deception" Page, 76. The, Represents the blood oath of secrecy, most contentious of religion in the display, Shriners. The, Encyclopedia of Fraternities by Albert Stevens contains this description of the, macabre punishment at Shriner, Agrees to if he, ever, transgress His obligations to the, Mystic Shrine: "In willful violation whereof may I incur, tea, fearful penalty of having my eyeballs pierced to the, center, with a three-edged blade, my feet flayed and I be, forced to walk the, hot sands upon the sterile shores of the Red Sea until the, flaming sun Shall strike me , with livid plague, and may Allah the, god of Arab Moslem and the Mohammedan, god of our, fathers support me, to the, Entire, fulfillment of the, same. Amen. Amen. Amen. ". Shriners are, a branch of Islamic pagan who have masonry, reached higher "levels" in Freemasonry. Including Islamic symbols of world conquest are, everywhere, at Shriner, Temples. As a Mason goes through the 32 degrees of the Scottish rite, he, ends up giving worship to every Egyptian pagan god the, gods of Persia, gods of India Greek gods Babylonian gods and others. The, Blue Lodge Masonic Degrees:Men who join the, Masonic orders undergo several Initiations. * As many as thirty-three. * Which of the, third degree, is the, one, most Commonly Attained. Candidates of this 3rd degree, undergo a mock death and resurrection That simulates the, death and resurrection of a legendary character, Hiram Abiff. From the, very beginning Candidates are new, lied to as to what the, symbols mean and who they are, really serving (Lucifer). Like, New Agers are Masons, working towards a one, and a one world government, world religion at the, top. Yet Because, of Their, desire, to "belong" the, new Candidates have not got a clue, what is happening.
Freemason theology like, Knights Templar, theology is not compatible, with Christianity. Although Masons will admit to a history only as far, back in 1717 as Research Indicates That the, same, Masonic rituals and beliefs were, in use, by the Knights Templers. The, Lodge, an idea came, from a fraternal beginning. For, a period of 700 years (900 AD to 1600 AD) England went through a period of cathedral building. Masons (men who specialized in construction trades or in brick, stone) or formed guilds, craft for Organizations, self protection. In current terminology we, would call them "unions." At That Time, structures called "lodges" were, used by workers as shelter. Later, this Became, tea, basic unit of Freemasonry. It is for, That this reason most are symbols, founded on the, of the tools and practices, building profession. Their, rituals are, mostly occult with building trades, mixed in rituals. These, were stonemasons, called "free masons" Because, they were, not indentured servants Which local guild masons were, at the, time. Before, the, Enlightenment years were masons, Christian. That all changed with the, formation of the, Inglese lodge in London in 1717 however. Two early documents Harleian MS. No 1942 and the, Antiquity MS. documents of 1670 and 1682 respectively - Invoking the included prayers, Blessed Trinity. Temple Church in London. The, London Headquarters of the Knights Templars was Temple, Church Which still stands. It lies 'off street' between Fleet Street and the, Thames River. Which Was This building was consecrated in 1185 A.D. by the, patriarch of Jerusalem saw most of the Knights Templars' new recruits pass through them. Here, secret rituals Took place, That are, not so unlike, present day Masonry rituals. Templar Recruits were, first initiated as monks at Temple, Church. In Additions to the, the church, new compound originally contained residences military training facilities and recreational grounds for, the, military brethren and novices who were, not permitted to go into the, without the city, of the permission, the Master of the, Temple. The Knights Templars were, initially established to protect Christian pilgrims en route, the, Holy Land. The, reached the Templars, the zenith of Their, might in the, 13th century When They wielded great power, Both in the, Holy Land and in Europe. But When The, Holy Lands fell back into Muslim hands in 1291 the, Their Templars lost, apparent reason for, existence. Many Templars Gathered in the great wealth, Holy Lands and actually Became, powerful lenders of money in Europe. Various powers including the, pope, made, plans to consolidated, the, Their Templarswith, rival order, the Knights Hospitallers. The, Templars of Their Perhaps overconfident, prestige, did not maneuver, very capably in this situation. On the, the morning of Friday, 13th of April in the, year, just before 1307 AD, the dawn, King of France, His constables had to descend at once, on all Templar centers in France. It is from this we, probably get the, the tradition of Friday, 13th being unlucky. Good Friday was certainly not unlucky for, Christians. That day Christ Took our, sins upon Himself. Most of the, Templars were, rounded up tortured and executed. Also Their Most had, wealth stolen by the, King of France. The, Order, of the, Temple (Templars) was officially dissolved by papal bull in May of 1312. The, last Grand Wizard of the Knights Templars who admire Masons, and have, was the ritualistic ties to, Jacques de slain, Molay. Their Masons probably deny, ties with the Knights Templars Because, the, last Grand Wizard (Jacques de, Molay) of the Knights Templars denied Christ in front of Both Pope, Clement and the, King of France. Yet if de, Molay did admit guilt in fairness to him it was probably under, torture. He, is said to have, recanted His admission prior, to being burned at the, Stakes. Being associated with the, many Templars who ADMITTED tea, guilt of blaspheming the Lord would make, the, Masons very unpopular, regardless of how many Christian sounding Their names, contained Masonic degrees. The, 27th Masonic Degree, However, tells of the false, condemnation of the Knights Templar, and the, importance, of the, of the denial, great. At the Knights Templars and Masons, deny the highest levels, and cross That Jesus was the 'Son of God. Although Masonic rituals have, in cross Often shown with the, letters "JN" (Jesus Nazareus) and "JBM" (Jacques Molay Burgundus) on it as equals (as if they were, the, First and Second Messiahs). Both think much as Jehovah's Witnesses do. They believe in Jehovah (Yahweh) but deny Christ and His death on the, great for, us as our, way to salvation., the, Mason's pagan captured the Ark of the, Covenant? The, earliest written copies of Masonic ritual state, unequivocally That the, ancient masons found the Ark of the, Covenant hidden in a cave, under, the, site, of King Solomon's temple. The Knights Templar's quartered in the Al Aqsa mosque, on Temple Mount. There, are, many stories Told That the Templar's spent the, first 10 years ago, I know of Their, existence, digging under, Temple Mount. At the, levels above, the, highest in reports indicated masonry, masons That toy with demon possession and spirit channeling. Many Satanists are, Also drawn into freemasonry. In His book Masonry "Beyond the, Light" William Schnoebelen (now a saved Christian) talks about His experiences as first a Satanist and then a Mason who passed through nearly all the Mason Degrees including some, That the American Masons are, unaware, of ; : such as degrees in Masonry like, the, Egyptian rites of Masonry and the Paladin. During His initiation into Palladium Masonry William sadly admits to standing with Masons some, who were, Also Satanists and chanting; "Glory and Love for Lucifer! Hatred! Hatred! Hatred! Accursed to God! Accursed! Accursed." He, says That Provides some hashish, of Their "illumination" after taking, the, 1st "Illuminati" 18th century Mason Adam Weishaupt. An 'Illuminatus' is a Master Mason Who has received all the "light" Masonry can bestow. He, is beyond 33 °. Such people, macaws, or known as Masters, Masters of the, Temple. In their, 32nd degree, Masons are, Told That the, name, for, god is composed of three Hindu gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. Siva (Shiva) is a synonym for, Satan. Satanist Anton LaVey shows Shiva as a synonym for, Satan in His satanic bible. MODERN DAY IS AN Freemasonry "Illuminati" Offshoot? Seem to the historical records, "Illuminati" emergence, as a united society of some, kind Frankfurt in Germany when in 1773 one, Meyer Amschel Rothschild assembled 12 of His most influential Jewish friends-whom he, later, Referred to as the, " Elders of Zion "to convince you, if they got them That Their, resources together, They Could rule, the, world. He, Told them he, had found someone - Adam Weishaupt - who had incredible, intellect and ingenuity to lead the, organization. Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) played a key role in advancing this monstrous conspiracy. He, was a follower of the, occult Cabbalism (or, Lucifer worship) That is the, basis of Illuminism and Freemasonry. (See, Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.) Funded by Rothschild and guided by a mysterious occultist named Kolmer, Weishaupt formed the "Order, of Perfectibilists" Which Was later, known as the, Illuminati. Some, That this claim founding dates, is the, for origin, tea, dates, of the, Communist May Day observance. He, cushion adopted the, name, of "Brother Spartacus" within the, order. It was to direct a worldwide, attack on all religion and government. It wanted to Universal Republic or is a New World Order. The, actual character, of the, society was determined by ITS traditionalist enemies to be, an elaborate network of spies and counter-spies though with tea, high Ensuring goal of virtue. Each isolated cell of initiates reported to a superior, they did not know to whom-party structure, That was later, Effectively cushion adopted by some, later, groups including blackberries, recently by the, early Ba'ath party in Syria and Iraq. Weishaupt was initiated into Freemasonry Lodge "Theodor zum guten Rath" at Munich in Bavaria. He, at first worked to divest Freemasonry of Its pseudo-historical mumbo-jumbo and reform it. A book by Father Adolf Faroni of the, Society of Don Bosco cites historical records Indicating That the, inner, circle, of the, Order, "was structured around the, pentagram" the, of the symbol, blazing star, Sirius. It was initially made, up of five, men: Kolmer, who founded the Francis Dashwood, Satanic Hellfire Club Alphone, Donatien DeSade, from whom-the, word "sadism" was derived Mayer Rothschild and Weishaupt. Then they Began recruiting members initially Referred to as "minerval" Who could advance, to the, order, of "less enlightened". The, Latter, would have, to evidence, absolute, devotion to the, order, to be, able, to advance, to the, top-most circle, of initiates called "enlightened majors" a position just below the Rex Which soon after, the, order, was founded by Weishaupt was held. Said Wieshaupt: "The, Power, of the, Order, must be, turned to the, advantage, of Its members. All must be, assisted. They must be, preferred to all persons otherwise, of equal merit. Services Money honor, goods and blood must be, expended for, the, fully proved Brethren. " From Germany Freemasonry under, the, leadership of the illuminated spreads to other, countries.Weishaupt's radical rationalism sweeping away nations and religions private property and marriage, with tea, used by the vocabulary, French Revolution was not Likely to appeal. Weishaupt's writings were, intercepted in 1784. They were, interpreted by the, the Bavarian government as seditious. His Society was banned by Bavaria's government in 1784 and Weishaupt lost his position at the University of Ingolstadt before, fleeing Bavaria. In the, Latter, part of the, the 18th century, freemasons had mapped out a plot for, a revolution in France. A freemason concocted a story That while, the, people, of France, were, suffering from poverty Queen Marie Antoinette, had Purchased a diamond necklace, costing about $ 1.5 million. The, Duke of Orleans, then bought up huge, quantity of bread and grain in France, to create, artificial famine. This was Followed by tea, Siege of the Bastille, on July 14, 1789. In November 1793 priests all over, France, were, as the massacred, Feasts of Reason were, Celebrated in churches in Paris. It came, to a point That Entire, France, was in chaos. The, freemasons felt it was time, to have, to "man on a white, horse" to reign over again, the, country and spread His power Eventually, over, the, rest of Europe, towards the, creation of a Universal Republic . Napoleon Bonaparte was initiated Thus thrice, into French Masonic lodges. After, the, Napoleonic Wars freemasons in France, Europe assumed, would be, ready for, peace, they know the set-up, the Congress of Vienna in an attempt to create, the, first League of Nations. However, Czar Nicolas Romanov of Russia went against this. Freemasons determined to eliminated him and they did When the, czar, and his Entire, family were, executed at the, height of the, Bolshevik Revolution in Their, country in 1917. It will be, interesting to note, That the, Bolsheviks or, Russian revolutionaries called Themselves Spartacusts Which Was the illuminated pseudonym of Weishaupt. A century after, His death and the occultist interest in Weishaupt, Bavarian Illuminati picked up through the, writings of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). Modern adepts trace, tea, imagery of symbolism like, the, eye, in the, pyramid and embrace, the, of the secrecy, but ignore the Illuminati traditions, tea, specifics of Weishaupt's published essays and correspondence. Father, of modern Satanism Aleister Crowley in Crowley Freemason regalia Claimed In His 'Confessions ...' that in 1904 he, Had Been raised (taken tea, 3rd degree) in the, at the Craft, Anglo-Saxon Lodge, No. 343 in Paris. His later in Crowley, yearsA study in contradictions Crowley was a pioneering mountain climber, a pioneering poet in pioneering homoerotic ritual magician heroin addict in a sleazy womanizer, a closet homosexual in vocal feminist in a racist German collaborator, a British secret agent in civil rights advocate, a talented amateurs Artist to legitimately profound mystic and an infuriating charlatan. Some, That claim Crowley was a 33 Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the Scottish Rite, And Also held the, of the 95, Rite of Memphis and the, of the 90, Rite of Mizraim. Crowley Had Been Given the, title, by the, Media of "the, wickedest man alive." It can be, documented That Crowley partook of and taught drug induced rituals That included perverted sexual acts homosexuality and bestiality tea, eating of bodily emissions and excrement. Crowley who advocated blood sacrifice, His other earned, title, "The, Father, of Modern Satanism". Also Crowley founded an anti-Christ religion called Thelema. Crowley was a master of the Satanist, 20th century. He, advocated child sacrifice, for one, His published work Magick in Theory and Practice. He, used children in perverted sexual rituals and held several Masonic titles including the, highest (33 ° C) in the, Ancient and Accepted Rite, and the, second highest (96 °) in the, Ancient and Primitive Rite. Occultists and Wiccans are Satanist, to be, found at all levels of Masonry. But the, of the Masonic levels, the Illuminati, and the Ancient rites, Supreme Council are, Especially Likely to have, them. Masonic Apron a symbol of defiance? Almost in symbolic defiance, Masons are new to God, Given the aprons and Told it is, most precious symbol of Masonry. Remember, in the, Garden of Eden once, they Realized they were, naked Adam and Eve sewed together, an apron of fig leaves. God was displeased with this and the gave, made them coats, from skin. In the, 3rd degree, many Masons get a silver, serpent emblem for, His apron. The, Blue Lodge, - the, neighborhood pagan temple, "The, is the heart of Freemasonry, Blue Lodge, With its three, degrees. The, climactic degree (and the, final one, for, most Masons) in the, Blue Lodge, is the, or Third Degree, Degree Mason. The, of the heart, Master Mason Degree, the, Thing That Gives Both it meaning and substance, is without any doubt the, of the reenactment, Legend of Hiram Abiff (Which in realty is about Osiris tea, Egyptian Sun God.) It is this central figures, the, legend this Hiram the, 'Widow's Son' the, 'Tyrian Architect' this 'First Grand Master' who is impersonated by every man who is initiated as a Master Mason. It is Hiram who is at the, very heart of the, foundation of all of Masonry ... " / freemasonry.htm Once, Completing the, three, degrees of tea, Blue Lodge, a mason is then allowed to go into either, the Scottish rite, Which Has 32 degrees of Freemasonry or, the, york rite, Which Has 13 degrees. These, are, where advanced degrees, you pay blackberries, dues and expect to learn (and do) the, secrets of Freemasonry. As one, progresses through the, degree, work Of These, rites they tell you That You are, on a quest to find the, lost name, of God. Where, Mason dues go: The, Temple, of the, Supreme Council of the, 33rd and Last Degree, of the, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, stands on the, east side, of Northwest 16th Street between "R" and " S "Streets in Washington DC High above, the, entrance, is an elaborate image, of the, the Egyptian sun god backed by radiating sun and flanked by six large, golden serpents. The, interior, walls are, Also decorated with serpents. Buried inside, one, of ITS is the walls, acclaimed Mason Albert Pike, Massachusetts Tory went south to incite, against the whites, During the Union, the Civil War. Pike is Also Believed to have, Been High up in the, Klu Klux Klan. The Mason initiation ritual. Everyone, who joins the, local lodge, joins what is called the, Blue Lodge, the, meeting center, and has to go through an initiation ceremony. Every Mason including Those in our, churches today have, gone, through this initiation; it is the, only way you can get into the, lodge. The, first Thing That Happens Is that a blindfold is put on them a noose (called a cable, toll) is On Their hung, Their neck, shirt is opened to bare, Their, chest and they are, Brought to the, outer , door, of the, lodge. There, a sharp point (of a compass or is a dagger) is Placed On Their, chest. Someone, then asks "Who comes?" to Which candidate, states "A poor, blind beggar, looking to move, from darkness to the, light of Freemasonry." The, new candidates, is then Brought (pulled by the, noose) into the, Masonic lodge, where, they must bow at an altar. They are, facing East and making the, sign of the Tau cross Which Has pagan significance. Behind the, altar, stands a man they call the, the Worshipful Master of the, Lodge, (the leader, of the, lodge). Again the, candidate, Makes His plea for, Freemasonry. After, answering a series of questions the, new candidates, then takes a series of blood oaths and promises not to reveal the, secrets of Freemasonry That he, will learn. * Upon His having throat cut from ear, to ear. These, are, some, of the, actual oaths a Mason must take: In the, first degree, of the, Blue Lodge, "Binding myself under, no less a penalty than having my throat cut across my tongue, torn out from ITS roots and buried in the, of the rough sands, sea ... "In the, second degree," Binding myself under, no less a penalty Than That of having my left breast torn open my heart plucked out and Given as prey to the, of the wild beasts, and the field, of the foul, air ... "In the, third degree (Master Mason Degree)" Binding myself under, no less a penalty Than That of having my body severed in twain my bowels taken from thence, and burned into ashes ... "For, to Christian to go through this and to make, longer available oaths you need to ask: How can a follower of Jesus Christ go to a Masonic Lodge, ask for, membership takes, longer available oaths and say "I am lost in darkness" and I need the, light of Freemasonry? If you read First John chapter, One, it says If you claim That You are, lost in the darkness, Light (of Jesus Christ) is not in you; and you are, living a lie. Christians are, forbidden by Scripture, to take, some, oaths. Just taking These, oaths Particularly blood oaths of mayhem and murder, is stepping into the "dark side". Get used to bowing to pagan gods. As a Mason goes through the 32 degrees of the Scottish rite, he, ends up giving worship to every Egyptian pagan god the, gods of Persia, gods of India Greek gods Babylonian gods and others. As you as, to the, 17th degree, the, That Masons claim they will give, you the, password That will give, him entrance, at the, to the Judgment Day, the Masonic deity, the great architect of, universe. It is very interesting That this secret password is "Abaddon". in Revelation chapter 9; it says "The, fifth Angel Sounded His trumpet and I saw a star, That had fallen from the, to the sky, earth. The, star, was Given the, key to the, shaft of the Abyss [tea, bottomless pit ] ... and smoke, meat, out of the Abyss like, That of a great furnace ... "(It goes on to describe, Those, in the, abyss then Continues) They had a king over, them the, angel of the Abyss Whose, name in Hebrew is Abaddon ... "The, 'angel' of the Abyss (Hell) is really the, Whose chief demon, name, is Abaddon. Masons That the claim then, they diety worship is Abaddon! Not God. Not Jesus. But the, number, one, servant of Lucifer (Satan). According to the, Hiram Abiff was the Masonic legend, chief architect of the, Temple, built by King Solomon. Hiram was the, only one, on Earth who knew the, secrets of a Master Mason including the Grand Masonic Word the, name, of God (the, 'ineffable, name'). Knowing the, secrets of a Master Mason would enable , the, masons working on the, Temple, to become, Master Masons and to earn higher, wages. Hiram had promised to reveal the, secrets of a Master Mason upon completion of the, Temple. One day Hiram went into the, unfinished Holy of Holies to worship and to draw up plans for, the, to follow the workmen, the next day. As Hiram was leaving the, Temple, he, was accosted by three, fellow Masons (ruffians) in succession who demanded they be That, Given the, secrets before, the, Temple, was completed. These, three, "ruffians" threatened and finally murdered Hiram Abiff. King Solomon sent a search team found the Which, body of Hiram but was unable, to raise, from the him, dead. Solomon raised Himself and Hiram restored to life, with the, grip of a Master Mason. The, first word Which Hiram spoke, was the, replacement for, the Grand Masonic Word traditionally Which is Given to a Master Mason During His initiation. "It is Generally Believed in spite, of the, the repute, Masonic Authorities and writers of doctrine, agree, That it is not only a myth unsupported by facts but acknowledge, That it is but a retelling of Isis and Osiris ..." " That Regard not them have, familiar, neither spirits, seek after, to be wizards, defiled by them: I am the Lord your, God. " Leviticus 19:31. Again, "A man or Also, That woman hath a familiar, or spirit, That is a wizard Shall surely be, put to death." Leviticus 20:27Revelation 16:14 the, prophet Describes "spirits of devils working miracles Which go forth unto the, of the kings, and of the earth, whole, world." Do not forget That the, devil can work miracles (Revelation 16:14). He, Things That we can do, never, will understand. Now we, can begin to understand why people, have, been so shaken up by the, apparent appearance, channeling away of dead friends and spiritualism etc.. After, 6,000 years of observing human behavior, Satan is able, to counterfeit Their, forms and voices cleverly. At moments he psychological, takes advantage, of heartbroken bereaved relatives to perpetuate, His fraud. Another, Masonic Legend: The, the oldest known Masonic text, "Old Charges" Which dates at least as far, back as1400 sets out to legendary heritage, That begins with tea, antediluvian patriarch Jabal Who Discovered geometry ("the, Which Science, is called Massonrie ") and wrote, down His findings on pillars of stone. After Noah's Flood destroyed all human civilization tea, Egyptian sage, Hermes Trismegistus rediscovered this knowledge, and passed it on in a lineage, That includes Nimrod Abraham Euclid and the, 80000 masons who were, said to have, worked on Solomon's Temple. Masons "pander" to all religions-depending on Their, location / makeup Masonry is called by Themselves "The, Craft." The "Craft" is Precisely what it says it is. A Craft for, building a moral structure, centered upon Those, who seek to participate on in ITS activities - or, is it? Some, Masonry can not and will not Say That does not diminish the, Lordship of Christ or, replace, and His Redeeming Power Saving. But wait - Witches Also Their call, religion "The, Craft." Christopher Haffner wrote, Workman Unashamed The Testimony of a Christian Freemason. Haffner, Correctly When He espoused Masonic teaching, wrote:"Now imagine, me standing in lodge with my head bowed in prayer, between Brother Mohammed Bokhary and Brother Arjun Melwani. To neither, of them is the, Great Architect of the, Universe, perceived as the, Holy Trinity. To Brother, Bokhary He, Has Been revealed as Allah to Brother Melwani He, is probably perceived as Vishnu. Since, I believe, That there, is only one, God I am Confronted with three, possibilities: They are, praying to the, devil whilst I am praying to God;They are, as Their praying to nothing, gods do not exist; They are, praying to the, same, as I yet Their God, understanding of His nature, is partly incomplete (as indeed is mine. * 1 Cor 13:12) It is without hesitation That I accept the, third Possibility. "(Workman Unashamed p39) It is truly a shame, That Haffner did not read and understand chapter 10 of 1st Corinthians. If he, he had, would have, understood That pagans worship demons, not God. Islam denies That Jesus Christ is the, Unique, Son of God That it denies Jesus died on a cross and Islam Says That All who believe in the, Blessed Trinity are "dung." Since, the, of the God, Bible, Has a Son and God the , God of Islam does not have, Son. Allah can not be, the, God (Yahweh) of the, Bible. Also if Haffner had read and understood the, book of 2nd John he, would have, understood That Those, who reject Jesus Christ and do not follow in His Teachings do not have, God. The, Apostle John wrote: Whosoever, transgresseth and abideth not in the, doctrine, of Christ hath not God. He, That abideth in the, doctrine, of h Christ, hath Both the, Father, and the, Son. If there, as, any unto you and bring not this doctrine, receive, him not into your, house, neither, bid him God speed: For, he, That biddeth him God speed is partaker, of His evil deeds (2 John 9 -11) The, Masonic Religion - its roots: Bible, Probe, feels That Freemasonry is a "religious organization"; and it does have, Its Own Masonic Creed. In fact Freemasonry even sees itself as superseding and unifying all religions. is said to have, officially established itself in 1717. But traces of Speculative, Masonry go back to the, possibly to the sixteenth century, in the Knights Templars, 1100-1200's and in a lesser, form to Ancient Egypt. There, is something wrong with the, London-based "The United Grand Lodge of England" claim That Inglese Freemasonry Began in a London gentlemen's club in 1717. Evidence, in the, Chapel at Rosslyn suggests That Masonry was active in England in the 1440's. Sir Robert Moray was initiated into Freemasonry on soil Inglese (Newcastle) in 1641 and Elias Ashmole, was made, in Mason in Warrington England in 1646. Abram Moses was made in America, Mason at a lodge in Rhode Island in 1656 . Additionally there, macaws, minutes of a Scottish Lodge, meetings back to 1598 and the James, VI of Scotland (James I of England) was initiated at the Mason, lodge, of Pert and Scoon. It is a mystery as to just why Masons hide, These, prior, to 1717 years from Their, history. But it is Most Likely Because, Their, Directly history goes back to the Knights Templars in the 1100's - who are, Believed to be, Non-Christian. A Non-Christian Gentleman's Club in downtown London in the 1700's would have, Been very conspicuous and suspicious. Possible, Evidence, That the Knights