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Templars morphed into Masonry. Did Scotland's crown jewels finance, early Masonry?In Scotland just a few miles south and just outside of Edinburgh, Roslin Village, is a small and quirky known as Rosslyn Chapel. It is on the summer of the St. Clair, or Sinclair, family and was built between 1441 and 1486. ​​First appearances would suggest That this chapel in Rosslyn was the St Clair's Chapel yet the St Clair's had Their, in Their chapel, house. But the, period That this Chapel was constructed fits neatly into the, time, the period in between, dissolution of the Templar, order, (1312) and the, official beginnings of Freemasonry (1717). The Grand Lodge of England did not officially start until 1717; the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1736 Followed When who other, than Sir William St. Clair, the, head of the Rosslyn St. Clair, Became family, the, first Scottish Grand Master. Also adding fuel to something great was this actually hiding at Rosslyn. In 1546 Mary of Guise (aka de, Guise), the Queen Regent of Scotland and mother, wrote of Mary Queen of Scots, an enigmatic letter, to Lord William St. Clair of Rosslyn tea, grandson of the, founder, in Which she, makes reference, to "a great secret Within Rosslyn." Many historians believe, That from the two passages, official "Acts of the, Lords of Council in Public Affairs" Imply That the, and the lost crown jewels, Holy Rood of Scotland were, entrusted to William St. Clair, and were, never , recovered. These pre-date the, letter, Marie de, Guise wrote, to Lord William wealth crown in 1546 so this may well have, what she Been, was speaking of. One of the, best-known sources about Rosslyn Chapel and the St. Clair family was written in 1700 by Father Richard Augustine Hay Canon of St. Genevieve in Paris and Prior of St Piermont. In it Father, Hay Describes how the, founder, Sir William St. Clair, personally inspected each and every carving in draft form before, giving it to the, masons to carve in stone. He, mentions and stone builders, masons coming from "other, regions" and "foreign kingdoms" yet no one, to this day can say for, Un certain exactly where, they came, from leading to further, speculation with France, as a " good bet. " Many wild speculations about the, at Rosslyn Chapel have, Been Made. The, at Rosslyn Chapel is Believed by many to house, everything from the, of the Ark, the Covenant, the mummified head of Christ, Holy Grail Black Madonna from the lost scrolls, Temple of Jerusalem missing the crown jewels of Scotland, the Holy Rood, treasures of the Knights Templar, and much more, Deep Within ITS vaults. Rosslyn does Seem to possess many non-Christian motifs but we, at Bible, Probe, notes, That along with many pagan motifs most motifs there, macaws, including Christian angels and some, of Jesus like, this: "... We, encountered repeated references to the Sinclair, family - Scottish branch of the Norman family Saint-Clair/Gisors. Their, domain at Rosslyn was only a few miles from the, former Scottish headquarters of the Knights Templar, and the, chapel at Rosslyn - built between 1446 and 1486 - Has Long Been Associated with Both Freemasonry and the Rose-Croix. In a charter, Believed to date, from 1601 Moreover, the, Sinclairs are, Recognized as 'hereditary Grand Masters of Scottish Masonry' . This is the, earliest specific Masonic document on record. "- The Baigent and Leigh, and The Holy Blood, Holy Grail. "The figures, That Occurs most frequently" write, Baigent and Leigh (Baigent & Leigh p. 120) "is the, 'Green Man'. * A human head with vines issuing from mouth and sometimes ITS ITS ears then spreading wildly in proliferation over tangled, the, walls. " The, of the many faces, Rosslyn Green Men Appear in many guises from the, to the joyful, downright impish. Is this "Green Man" connected with "Baphomet" the, That the bearded head, Templars' enemies accused them of worshiping? Descriptions of the, 'Baphomet' severed head and as the vary greatly, from inquisitional of the records, of the trial, much of Templars Which Was Obtained under, great torture, I know they are, obviously not the, most reliable, of sources. green man. Latin Masonic Inscription (Zerubbabel's answer, to Darius' riddle) carved into an archway at Rosslyn Chapel dating from the 1440's: Wine is Strong King is Stronger, Woman are, even Stronger, but Truth Will Conquer All Hole, suspect That ancient documents may have, Been Deposited by the Knights Templar's under, the, at Rosslyn Chapel. another, Green Man - click to enlarge, Christopher Knight and his co-author, Robert Lomas suggest in Their, book The Hiram Key That Rosslyn was built as a replica of Herod's Temple, on Which the, Templars had Conducted excavations During Their , time, in the, Holy Land. Rosslyn even Has Two pillars "the, apprentice's pillar" and "the, Mason's pillar" Which some, suggest Correspond to the, two pillars Jachin and Boaz of the, Jerusalem Temple. * And of the, Masonic lodge. Knight and Lomas Also Believe, That the, small crypt of the Rosslyn shrine, was the, lower, middle, chamber, where, the, Their masons received, wages. Before, the, vaults were, When the sealed off, the chapel was completed twenty Templar knights were, buried there, in full armor. "Seemed all on fire, That chapel proud Where, Roslin's chiefs uncoffined lie: Each baron for, a sable shroud Sheathed in His iron panoply." - Sir Walter Scott "The, Lay of the, Last Minstrel." But one, of the, most intriguing pieces of evidence, from Rosslyn is a carving shown below. That it portrays the Knight claims, astonishing scenes of a first-degree, Masonic initiation. * Conducted by figures in Templar garb. [Possible, Mason Candidate. The, Westford Knight "It is known That the, Templars fled to Scotland after too, the, dissolution of 1312 and it is known That some, found refuge, Among the Saint-Clairs of Rosslyn in Midlothian. There, is a Templar, cemetery there. " - Michael Bradley Holy Grail Across the Atlantic. "No family in Europe beneath the, rank of royalty boasts a higher, nobler in antiquity, or illustration, a brunette, romantic interest Than That of St. Clair." - Sir John Bernard Burke, Vicissitudes of Families and Other, Essays Prince Henry Sinclair (aka St. Clair) was the, subject of historian Frederick J. Pohl's Atlantic Crossings Before Columbus Which Was published in 1961. Not all historians agreed with Pohl but he, made at highly convincing houses, That this blond sea-going Scot born at Rosslyn Castle, near, Edinburgh in 1345 not only wandered about mainland Nova Scotia in 1398 but lived Among the Also, Algonquin-speaking Micmac Indians (lived south and east of the, Gulf of Saint Laurence) long enough to be, remembered through the, as the centuries, man-god "Glooscap". Some, evidence, suggests That Henry Sinclair, along with members of the Scottish clan Gunn may have, landed in North America (1398 AD) long before Columbus. Although highly speculative, and controversial and many deny it there, may be, evidence, That Henry marched inland to the Massachusetts, the summit of a hill in Westford Massachusetts now called Prospect Hill. There, on Prospect Hill (on Depot St) is an old carved marker, on the, face, of a stone, ledge, depicting a Scottish knight with a 39 inch long sword and shield bearing the Gunn Clan insignia. See, blackberries, here. Masonic heresy of Universality. The, Masonic heresy of Universality raises to blackberries, serious question: What "god" is this That Allows acceptance, of the, These followers of Baal and, other, pagan deities as brethren? This is certainly not the, God of the, Bible. Another, 180-degree, reversal of what is taught in Scripture .... Do not think for at That Moment When Masons refer, to the, Supreme Architect of the, Universe, or, they are God, Yahweh Referring to or, His Son Jesus. Masons have, blackberries, in common with Muslims than with Jews Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses Christians: Masons and Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses to deny Christ as being part of the Trinity. Yet they all think of Jesus Christ as a holy man. Jews of course, completely deny Jesus - according to Functional Paul two to a divine blindness. At the, core, of Masonry is the, belief That it is and Masons (not the, Pope) who is the, successor, to the, High Priest of Yahweh. They also believe, That in 1118 A.D. Nine Knights under, the, direction of Hugues de, Payen Themselves lowered through an excavated hole in the, Temple Mount in Jerusalem recovered and buried treasure, and a wealth of knowledge, Which only they (and now the Knights Templars, Masons ) possess. Masons believe, That this knowledge, they found buried on a pillar, under, Mount Moriah predates any knowledge, tea, ancient Jews had. They believe, it predates the, flood also. Like Masons, Knights Templars believe, they received this apostolic succession through James (tea, Just) the, brother, of Jesus. This succession is said to be, through a group of people, known as the "Rex Deus" families who are, prominent Throughout Europe; and That it rests with the Grand Master of the Knights Templar (now Mason highest). Rex Deus is a group of people, who are, to have said, Been established by King Solomon - to be, the Kings of God. This Could very well be, another, good reason That Masons in 1717 "Themselves distanced from the Knights Templars. The, 4th Degree Masonic, is Concerned with the, morning of the, death of a person symbolized by the unspecified, letter," Z. "This" Z "probably Refers to Zadok - whom-the, are Masons, Believed to have, associated with the James, Just who in 62 AD was off the cast, Temple wall in Jerusalem and then clubbed to death. The, 27th Degree in Masonry is called the Grand Commander of the, Temple. This tells of the ritual, false, of the condemnation, and the Templars, importance, of the "denial of the, great." to the Unknown, lower, levels in Masonry membership Jacques de, Molay who denied Christ is probably thought of by Masons as the, last of the, royal line of King David. In the, 31st degree, ritual known as the Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander "the, letters" JM "(in memory of Jacques de, Molay) are, hung above, the, of the pedestal, principal presiding officer, who is known as the, Thrice, Illustrious Commander. The, new candidates, for, this degree, is then Told the "Royal Secret of Jacques de, Molay." This is speculation but Molay was nailed to a door, by the Kings torturers (but not killed) and Perhaps to These, Masons in this "Secret" they equate, this with Christ's suffering on the, great. Molay met His death not too much later, When King Phillip had him slowly roasted to death. As a sidebar, here. Mostly Because, the, the Shroud of Turin showed up During this period many Masons believe, it is actually a depiction of Jacques de, Molay after, he, was nailed to a door, and not Jesus. Jacques de, was the Molay, last Grand Master of the Knights Templars. Read more, about the, the Shroud of Turin here. After, calling de, Molay to a meeting in the Paris, French King Phillip IV (ironically called "The, Fair") had many Knights Templars seized in a surprise raid on a winter, night in 1307 AD However, the, night before, the raid many Knights escaped by sea (from the, French Harbor, of La Rochelle) with eighteen galleys loaded with tea, legendary Templar Treasure. de, Molay initially eluded capture, for 4 years but he, was finally captured by Phillip IV's men. de, Molay and many Of These Knights were, tortured and killed in Paris by a combined effort of the, King of France, and the, Catholic Inquisition. The Knights Templars vowed vengeance, on the, Catholic Church. Based on the Templar, History with the Roman Catholic Pope, Clement who colluded with the, King of France (Phillip IV) to hunt down and torture, the, last Knights Templars - this is no surprise. History Indicates That the, King of Frances' motive, was purely to rob the Knights Templars of Their, and That the treasures, Pope Clement conspired with the, King in order, To Remain politically important. Pope Clement handed over, Knight Templars' positions to the, Hospitallers of Saint John who were, functioning as a personal army for, the, pope. Even though Jacques de, Molay did deny Christ in front of the, and the King, priest, Both the, pope, and the, King Appear, to have "bad blood" On Their, hands over, this matter. Following the, departure, of Their "fleet" from La Rochelle, some, think That many Of These Knights Templars who did not land in Ireland and Scotland may have, Begun sought vengeance, by harassing papal and French ships as pirates. They probably Launched Their, attacks from Sicily and Portugal. Some, of the Knights Templars who got away in France, hid under, the, protection of the, guild of stoneworkers known as "maçons." Remember, previously it was the, the Templars who had, money to build huge, cathedrals and castles. They would have, had many contacts and business connections With These, stone, masons. Some, Of These Knights who escaped in ships went to Scotland where, they established the, first Mason Lodges. The Scottish king was then Robert the Bruce, who was at That Time, under, excommunication by Rome, and was fighting to keep Also His country free from Inglese rule. It's Believed That it is only Because, of the, assistance, of the Knights Templars cavalry That Robert Bruce, was able, to defeat the, Inglese at Bannockburn on June, 24, 1314 AD They fought there, under, the, command of Henry Sinclair. Bruce, later, made, Sinclair, the, prince, of Rosslyn and the, Orkney Islands. Sinclair, is known to have, had maps Indicating an unknown land in the western Atlantic.Freemasons do not worship only the God, Father, of the, Hebrew Scriptures. Rather, they worship all the, of the gods, Ancient Mysteries and believe, That God Has simply taken many names including: Marduk Amon-Re, Osiris Krishna Demeter, Yahweh and Allah. Freemasons do not venerate, the, of the Jesus Christ, Bible; rather, they believe, Jesus was created by an inferior, god Ialdaboth and That He, was a human in appearance, only. According to the Freemasonry, "Christ consciousness" fell on the, at the human Jesus, Jordan River, Baptism and Jesus at the left, where Cross, He, Suffered and died in appearance, only. "... Since, every man's conception of God must be, proportioned to His mental cultivation and intellectual powers and moral excellence. God is as man conceives him tea, reflected image, of man himself. "(Albert Pike," Morals and Dogma, "14th Degree, p.223)" The, freemasonry Accepts only personal God is humanity in toto ... Humanity Therefore, it is the , only personal God there, is. "(JD Buck," Mystic Masonry "p.216) As far, as Bible, Probe, can see, the, only redeeming qualities of Masonry Is that it is a place, where, as Christians can, in contact with Muslims Jews Wiccans Satanists and Hindus - yet they can never, speak to These, people, about Jesus. * I know they must stand politely not evangelize, and watch Their, friends dwell in the, darkness without Jesus. And Masons do practice, and teach the, virtues of brotherly love, forgiveness and charity. Yet like Masonry, Islam does not offer, a 'system' of Redemption. It does not seek to Enhance, or, Provide, to the means by Which, Mason is expected or, ENCOURAGED to see, His Masonic activities as being acts of worship.Masonry does not put Jesus Christ at the, center! Masonry claims to not be, in religion yet in the, Masonic "Bible" there, Appears Masonic Creed. Has Freemasonry primacy superseding other, if there religions, is a conflict Regarding doctrine, or, practice. In the many lodges, holy name, of Jesus is not allowed to be, spoken. Praying to Jesus or, ending a prayer, in the, name, of Jesus is an "offense" big enough to get to the lodge, closed. The, removal of the, name, of Jesus and references to Him in the Bible, used in the verses, ritual are "slight but Necessary modifications." (Albert Mackey "Masonic Ritualist" p.272)"The, literal meaning (of the, Bible) is for, the, vulgar, only." (Albert Pike "Digest of Morals and Dogma" p.166) "If they speak not according to Functional Because this Word it is, there , is no light in them. "(Isaiah 8:20)" All Scripture, is Given by inspiration of God. "(II Timothy 3:16) That Paul warns believers in Jesus Christ" .... well, not unequally yoked together, with unbelievers: for, what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion has light with darkness? " II Corinthians 6:14. The, Bible, in the, Lodge, another, Masonic lie. The, Bible, only one, of the "Three, Great Lights" of Masonry (along with the, Square, and Compass) is Represented to the Blue, Lodge, as symbolizing truth. In the reality, Bible, may be, Replaced with the, Koran (Qur'an), the, Book of the, the Law, or Hindu scriptures, any other "holy book"-depending on the, of the preferences, while in the , Lodge. In most American Lodges tea, members are, Told That All the, System and Its Masonic rituals are "based on the, Bible." Such However, is not the homes. In Chase's "Digest of Masonic Law" pages 207-209 Clearly it is written That "Masonry Has nothing whatever, to do with the, Bible" and That "it is not founded upon the, Bible, for, if it were, it would not be, it would be Masonry, something else. "Albert Pike, in writing on the, subject of Masonry's source-book said "Masonry is a search after, light. That search leads us directly back as you see, to the, Kabbalah." (Morals and Dogma page 741). The, then Kabbalah Seems to be, the, and the actual sourcebook of Masonry, Bible, (as it is spoken of in the, ritual) a piece, of the, furniture "of the, Lodge. Above, former by 33 degree, Mason Jim Shaw in "The, Deadly Deception," page 145. The, great Mason Lie! better Christians, understand thisThe Mason Doctrine, Jesus was just a man. He, was one, of the "exemplars" one, of the, of the great men, past but not divine, and certainly not the, only means of redemption of lost mankind. He, was on a level with other, of the great men, past like, Aristotle, Plato and Pythagoras Mohammed. His life, and legend were, no different from That of the Krishna, the Hindu sun god. He, is the "son of Joseph" not the 'Son of God. "In His private petitions a man may petition God or, Jehovah or Allah, Buddha or Mohammed, Jesus; h, may call upon the, God of Israel or, the, First Great Cause. In the, Masonic Lodge, he, hears petition to the, Great Architect of the, Universe, finding His own deity under, That name. A hundred paths may wind upward around a mountain; at the, top they meet. "(Carl H. Claudy," Introduction to Freemasonry "p.38)."Masonry makes no profession of Christianity ... but looks forward to the, time, When the, labor, of our, ancient brethren Shall be, symbolized by the, erection of a spiritual temple ... in Which there, Shall be, one, altar, and one, worship; one, common altar, of Masonry on Which the Veda Shastra Sade, Zend-Avesta Koran and Holy Bible, Shall lie ... and at Whose, shrine, the, the Hindoo, the Persian, the Assyrian, the Chaldean, the Egyptian, Chinese , the, the Mohammedan, Jew and the Christian may kneel ... "(" The Kentucky Monitor "Fellowcraft Degree, p.95)" The, literal meaning (of the, Bible) is for, the, vulgar, only. " (Albert Pike "Digest of Morals and Dogma" p.166) "... there, is no rebellious demon of Evil or, Principle, of Darkness coexistent and in eternal controversy with God or, the Principal of Light ..." (Albert Pike , "Morals and Dogma" 32nd Degree, p.859) Versus Christian DoctrineJesus Christ is divine, and the eternal, of the second person, Godhead. When he, was living on the earth as a man, only begotten Son of the, Father, he, was God incarnate, truly God and truly man. He, was and is the, only means of redemption of fallen mankind. Anyone, who denies or, or rejects him, His preeminent position separates Himself from the God, Father. See, an example, of this via this true, Near, Death Experience, here. "All Scripture, is Given by inspiration of God." (II Timothy 3:16)"The, Words of the Lord are, well, words as silver, tried in a furnace, purified seven times of earth. Thou shalt keep them or, Lord thou shalt preserve, them from this generation forever. "(Psalm 12:6-7)" And Jesus being full of the, Holy Ghost returned from Jordan and was led by the, Into the Spirit, being the wilderness forty days tempted of the, devil ... "(Luke 4:1 - 2) "And if Satan cast out Satan ... how then Shall His kingdom stand?" (Matthew 12:26) "... your, the adversary, devil as a roaring lion walketh about seeking whom-he, may devour" (I Peter 5:8) Also see, satan cast out of heaven in: Isaiah 14:12-15 Ezekiel 28:13-19 etc. etc.. Is Freemasonry Honest? Can you trust a Mason?Freemasonry is not as "moral" as it first appears. They are, taught to lie, Which certainly is not in keeping with the Christian Bible. As Masons take, the, oath for, the, 3rd degree, they promised to conceal all crimes (except treason & murder) committed by a fellow Mason. By the, 13th degree, Masons are, made, to understand That all crimes by fellow Masons are, to be, concealed even treason & murder. Former 33 degree Mason Jim Shaw says in His book "The, Deadly Deception" page 149:"The Mason swears to keep the, secrets of another Mason protecting him even if it Requires withholding evidence, of a crime. In some, degrees treason and murder, are, excepted, and in other, higher, degrees there, are, no exceptions to this promised to cover, up the, truth. The, if the obligations, Masonic Teachings are, Believed may require, in Mason to give, false testimony perjure, or Himself, (in the houses, of a judge) render a false verdict in order, to protect another Mason. Again the, Bible, is quite, clear, That we in teaching, must never, lie, or, bear, false witness and states will have liars That, Their , in the part, Lake of Fire, (Ex. 20:16; Prov. 19:5, Eph. 4:15; Rev. 21:8, et al.) This equates to telling a lie, and calling it moral . The, Bible, records in Revelation 21 "... all liars Shall have, Their, part of the, lake, Which burneth with fire, and brimstone, forever." How can one, ascribe, to the, Holy Scriptures and rationalize, behavior , opposite, to ITS teaching? Royal Arch degree, is the, 13th. The Royal Arch Degrees is where, the, candidate, Suffers a severe shock, for, the, candidate, must swear, to the, Following: The, Candidate, must swear, to keep the, secrets of a fellow Mason murder, and Exempted not treason. "With His Hand on the, Bible, the, candidate, for, the, Royal Arch Degrees must swear, tea, Following:" I will aid and assist a companion Royal Arch Mason When engaged in any difficulty and espouse, His causes, so far, as to extricate, him from the, same, if within my power, Whether, h, b, or right, wrong. "He, then goes on and swears:" To keep in my heart all the, That Shall be secrets, revealed to me. And in my failure, if this my oath I consent to have, my body opened perpendicularly and to be, exposed for, eight hours in the, open air, That the, venomous flies may eat out my intestines ... and I will always be, ready to inflict the, same, punishment on Those, who Shall disclose, this degree, or, break this oath. So may God help 'maintain and me. Amen. "Did you know That a great Masonic lie, Is that there, is no restriction to entrance, except" a good character, who believes's in a Supreme Being (certainly this means Satan also). "This means you can be, a Satanist and Mason at the, same, time, as many are. However, no women deaf blind children blades, retarded or slaves, Negroes are, allowed to join. While, they allow membership to Those, who have, That belief systems Recognize, the, existence, of a god or, god's ranging from the Christian universal creator, to totem pole, worshipers and agnostics most lodges will not allow the, name, of any god to be, Mentioned at meetings. Black (Negroes) and women are, Entirely excluded from the, Masonic brotherhood. There, is a system called the Black Masonic Prince Hall Lodge, but it is not associated in any way with "white" Freemasonry. It is Referred to as "clandestine" Masonry and is Considered by the, rest of Masonry to be, a spurious illegitimate, imitation. Jim Shaw an ex-33 degree Mason says: In a well ordered lodge, Jesus is never, except Mentioned in vague, philosophical terms. Prayers are, never, Prayed in His name, and when to scriptures are, quoted in the, ritual all references to Him are, simply omitted. For, example, II Thessalonians 3:6 is used in tea, but not the ritual, it is in your way, Bible; the, words "in the, name, or, our Lord Jesus Christ" are, Entirely omitted. Likewise, tea, ritual includes 1 Peter 2:5 but with the, words "by Jesus Christ" omitted. After Albert Mackey, Albert Pike, the, highest Msonic calls this changing of the authority, scriptures "a slight modification But Necessary" (Masonic Ritualist page 272). Reference, The, Deadly Deception Page, 76. Masons require, one, to believe in God to be, a member, but the, candidate, is never, required to say what god he, believes's at. * "Masonry ... Merely Requires That You believe in some, give deity, what name him, you will ... any god will do he know, is your, god" (Little Masonic Library Macoy Publishing, 1977 4:32 ). Masons refer Commonly, To Their, deity as the "Great Architect of the, Universe" (GAOTU) or, the, Supreme Being. God is further, described as Grand Artificer, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge Above, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha or Brahma Vishnu Shiva, Great Geometer. (The "G" in the, Masonic ring can refer, to God, it can refer Also, to geometry.) That the Masons claim, actual name, for, God Has Been lost (cf. Jn. 14:89; Phil . 2:9-11, 1 Jn. 5:20) Freemasonry is not a Christian religion. Rather, the, Masons espouse, beliefs That are, incompatible, with the, Teachings of Christ and his apostles. The, Their ask Masons, members to keep to Themselves to the beliefs Concerning Jesus Christ, Bible, and the, authority of the, Church.
Masonry is all about occult and "Wizardry" Which is expressively forbidden in the, Judao-Christian Bible. Masonry can really not be, called a Secret Cult Because, it is open to almost the, Entire, public to join. It can best be, called Cult with Secrets. The, rank and file, never, learn the, "highest secrets." If they did. * They may flee in a hurry When They Realize, "Lucifer, the Light-bearer!" is "directing the, show." This reference, is on page 321 of one, of Freemasonry's greatest books Entitled "Morals and Dogma" by Albert Pike. "Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name, to give, to the, Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the, of the Son, Morning! Is it he, who bears the, Light and With its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual or, selfish souls? Doubt it not! " [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry p. 321 19th Degree, Grand Pontiff of, The, oldest sources of Freemasonry refer, to the, repute basic Freemasonry was openly established on the Christian heritage, During the, times of Its birth in England. But from the, beginning of the, the 18th century onwards, was stripped of the basic Freemasonry, direct Christian elements know That Men practicing other, religions Mainly Jews at That Time, Could Also participate on, in Masonic work. For, instance, in Finland the, degree, called the system, Ancient and Accepted Rite, shows a Christian nature, and the openly, candidate, is expected to believe in the Trinity. The, first question put to him is Whether, he, professes "the, triune, Christian Faith and is willing to give, His obligation in the, name, of the, Sacred and Undivided Trinity." In Lodge, Consisting of Christians Jews and Muslims - no such "Christian nature" or, Christian preference, is allowed. The, great Victorian Age, novelist Rudyard Kipling (Jungle Book The, Man Who Would Be, King) in passing through the 3 'degrees' to become, a Master Mason in His Home, Lodge, of Lahore, was' Initiated 'by a Hindu' Passed 'by a Muslim and' Raised 'by a Christian .... all of whom used the, Bible, each time, as the, Volume of Sacred Law Because, Kipling was a Christian. That Lodge, would have, the needed, Bhagad life (for, the, Hindu) tea, Koran (for, the, Muslim) and the, Bible, for, the, Christian. Famous American Masons. George Washington, Henry Knox Benjamin Franklin John Hancock and Paul Revere, were, all Masons. We, do know from His His own writings in the, later, years of His Life, George Washington Showed indifference, to Masonry. He, even sought to distance, Himself from Masonry. Among the, correspondence, of George Washington are, letters from a gentleman by the, name, of George Washington Snyder, who sent to the, President at copy of John Robison's Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the, Religions and Governments of Europe , (New York: George Forman 1798 reprint edition Boston: Western Islands, 1967). This classic volume, the revealed, through the Illuminist plan, agency of Freemasonry for, the, overthrow of established Governments and religions. Mr. Snyder, apparently Questioned the, propriety of the, President's membership and position as Grand Master of the Alexandria Lodge No. 22 of Virginia. George Washington wrote: Mount Vernon September, 25 1798. "To correct an error, you have, run into of my Presiding over, the, Inglese lodges in this Country. The, fact is the principal, over, none, nor, have , I been in one, blackberries, than ounces, or, twice, Within the, last thirty years. " Albert Pike. Some, think the, greatest Freemason who ever, lived was Boston-born Albert Pike, an obscure ex-Confederate, Civil War, Brigadier, General. Klu Klux Klan was led mostly by Masons ...Pike, Claimed he, was a Harvard graduate, but no record of His attendance, exists .. "in the 1905, Neale Publishing Company, New York and Washington, published Ku Klux Klan: Its Origin and Growth disbandment written and edited by Walter L . Fleming. Dr. Fleming stated in It That "General Albert Pike, who stood high in the, Masonic order, was the, chief judicial officer of the, Klan." On a page, of illustrations of important founders of the, KKK Dr. Fleming places General Pike's portrait in the, center, makes it larger, than the, six others on the, page, and repeats this information as a caption: "General Albert Pike, chief judicial officer." Susan Lawrence Davis's 1924 Authentic History repeats the Ku Klux Klan 1865-1877, pattern Fleming created in 1905 revealing Pike's KKK role, but treating him and the, Klan sympathetically. Also of note - in the, KKK birth-state of Tennessee, Pike, was the, of the president, Bar Association and publisher of the, main racist newspaper, at the, time. He, expounded and wrote, about the Extensively, Mythical and Mystical Lost Tribe of the, as being the Aryans, source of Freemasonry. Many believe, tea, Klu Klux Klan was founded in Pulaski Tennessee, in 1866 by Confederate, Generals and Scottish Rite Freemasons Albert Pike, and Nathan Bedford Forrest along with other, "Templars of Tennessee." Strong evidence, including ITS shared hatred of Jews and Blacks That suggests the Catholics, the KKK was a Masonic front group. Just about all of the, Klan's early leaders were, Freemasons. Colonel William J. Simmons who re-established the, Klan in Atlanta, Georgia in 1915 was an ardent admirer, of the, During the KKK, 1866-1869 period under, Confederate, General Nathan Bedford Forest. Colonel Simmons was a Mason and a Knight Templar; 32 degree Mason C. Wright was Anderson King Kleagle (salesman) of the New York Klan and chief of staff of a Klan group known as the Knights of the Air. 32nd Degree, Doctor Mason, Hiram Evans who succeeded Colonel Simmons as KKK Imperial Wizard for, many years was Recognized as One, of the, most active, while in Masonry. Edward Young Clarke, a former, publicity agents and fund raiser, who Became Imperial Kleagle, for, the, KKK "Realized the, value, of representing the, Klan to be, 'the, fighting brother' of Masonry." He, issued orders That "none, but men with Masonic affiliations" should be, as employed in the Kleagles, Klan's nationwide, sales network. No doubt His appointment to general in the, Civil War, was two positions prior to His Masonic, to That war. Pike, enjoyed a meteoric rise. He, was initiated in Western Star Lodge, Little Rock in 1850 received the, degree, of the Worshipful Master, in the, Following July; was created a Knight Templar in 1853; served as Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter, of Arkansas in 1852-1854; received the, of the degrees, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, from the, to the 4th, 32nd degree, in 1858 and in January 1859 was Elected MP Sovereign Grand Commander of the, Supreme Council of the, Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. During the, Civil War, Pike, Massachusetts Tory went south to incite, against the whites, Union. Albert Pike, saw action serving in the, Civil War, Confederate as a politically appointed, general serving in the "Western Theater" of the, war, Arkansas. Along with General Ben McCullough Pike, Consisting Mainly trained three regiments of Native American Indians. He, Became, infamous for, His words, in a small western-theater, battle, at Pea Ridge, Arkansas. He, commanded to a small force, of Indians from various tribes who committed heinous atrocities under longer available, His command During the, battle, Confederate That afterwards, President Jefferson Davis felt morally compelled to remove, Pike, from duty as a Brigadier, General. To move, That was very unusual and was two to the Primarily, outrage, of desecrating the, bodies of dead soldiers on the Union, battlefield by Pike's Indians as well as Allegations of embezzlement of Confederate, funds by Pike. Pike, Both denied the claims but vociferously, charges haunted him for, the, Rest of His Life. After, the, war, Pike, was jailed for, a while, as a Confederate leader, but soon released by President Andrew Johnson no doubt two to His Masonic positions. Johnson would later, become, in Mason and would be, instantly sailed to the, 32nd and receive a rank of Freemasonry, Masonic Numerous honors. As a Mason Pike, was founder Also, of the, Supreme Council 33rd Degree, Mother, of the Council, the World, Illustrious Albert Pike, 33rd degree, Sovereign Grand Commander of the, Supreme Council 33rd Degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Mother, Council of the, World. Albert Pike, re-wrote, tea, degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the Instituted, diabolical Rite of the Palladium to dominate, Freemasonry. Pike, Freemasonry served as the Grand Commander of North American Freemasonry from 1859 until His death in 1891. Pike occupied simultaneously the, positions of Grand Master of the, Central Directory at Washington DC Grand Commander of the, Supreme Council at Charleston, SC and Sovereign Pontiff of Universal. Pike, Also was one, of the, most physically and morally repulsive individuals in American history. Weighing well over, three, hundred pounds His sexual proclivity was to sit naked astride, a phallic throne in the, woods accompanied by a gang of prostitutes. To These, he orgies, would bring one, or, blackberries, wagonloads of food and liquor, most of Which he, would consume, over, a period of two days until he, passed into a stupor. In His cushion adopted were, of Arkansas Pike was well known as a practitioner, of Satanism. Portraits In His later, years show him wearing a symbol of the Baphomet around His neck. Pike, However, did not believe, tea, Baphomet was Satan. In Morals and Dogma he, Explains That this symbol was misunderstood by Those, who were, not adepts "That it was" invented ages before, to conceal what it was [too] dangerous to avow. "Occult 101. According to this occult worldview / heresy Jesus never, really was the 'Son of God. Instead Jesus was a "master" who came, to teach you how to save, yourself. He, was not the' Son of God either, only to say they are in the, sense, That We, are, all sons of God.Eliphas Levi was a defrocked Roman Catholic Priest who was originally named Alphonse Louis Constant. He, Took The, pen name, Because of Eliphas Levi, he, hoped it would help him spread His Satanism. Eliphas Levi was an accomplished Demon possessed Satanist who is responsible, for, the, of the occult revival, 1800s and 1900s along with Pike, Mazzini and Blavatsky. The, Palladian Rite, an Intensified Provides hands-on course in "fleshly glove" demon possession leading to walking / talking possession of human initiates by Lucifer-associated spirits demons. Pike was said to be, a Satanist who indulged in tea, occult and he, Which he apparently possessed a bracelet, used to summon Lucifer, with whom-he, had constant communication. He, was the Grand Master of a Luciferian group known as the Masonic, Order, of the Palladium (or, Sovereign Council of Wisdom) Which Had Been founded in Paris in 1737. Palladism Had Been Brought to Greece, from Egypt by Pythagoras in the, fifth century and it was this cult of Satan That was Introduced to the, inner, circle, of the, Masonic lodges. Albert Pike. In His book Masonry "Beyond the, Light" William Schnoebelen (now a saved Christian) talks about His experiences as first a Satanist and then a Mason who passed through nearly all the Mason Degrees including some, That the American Masons are, unaware, of ; : such as degrees in Masonry like, the, Egyptian rites of Masonry and the Paladin. During His initiation into Palladium Masonry William sadly admits to standing with Masons some, who were, Also Satanists and chanting; "Glory and Love for Lucifer! Hatred! Hatred! Hatred! Accursed to God! Accursed! Accursed." He, says That Provides some hashish, of Their "illumination" after taking, the, 1st "Illuminati" 18th century Mason Adam Weishaupt (White Brotherhood). During the Palladium "program" William tells how Masons promised to surrender, Themselves body and soul to Lucifer, usually for 7 years and Lucifer promised to grant them all Their, worldly desires. An example, is the, Following from the text, Masonic Text Book for, use in tea, Lodges of West Virginia shows how Masons still look up to Albert Pike. Also give Mason Lodges, out Albert Pike, awards. Also in the, of the Atrium, Supreme Council 33 ° Washington DC there, is a bust of Pike, on the, landing of the Grand Staircase, Which leads up to the, main temple, Which room at 33 ° Masons must file , past. Pike, is buried in a secret crypt under, the, beneath the stairway, bust; tea, only to be Freemason, Given this "honor". "Brother Albert Pike, one, of the, in all the most illustrious Masons, ages and who was an acknowledged authority upon all Masonic questions was a believer in ancient Landmarks ..." (page 25) In His most famous book "Morals and Dogma". Albert Pike Said That "... Masonry is identical with the, Ancient Mysteries ..." (On Page, 624 28th Degree). As you read this book Masonic and others you will be, amazed at how many of the stories, gods and goddesses from the, Ancient Religions are many, written in full detail instructions as to Freemasons! Masons who have, reached in Un certain "degree" That will tell you they do not worship an object in Nature,: such as the, Sun Rather, they say they worship God through the, the Sun In short, Mason Worships God through the , created object; not the, object itself. New Agers have, a lot in common with this form of Mason "2nd hand" worship. On Page 624 28th Degree, Pike says; "... Masonry is identical with the, Ancient Mysteries ...". On Page 329 Pike, wrote, "... we, reproduce, the, of the speculations, the Philosophers, the Kabalists, and the Mystagogues, Gnostics." In other, words whatever, the, Ancients Believed Freemasonry embraces too. Also we, read from Pike, about "Sun and Moon ... Divine, sexes"! This is old fashioned witchcraft dating back to the 5000 years, Egyptian Mysteries. This is the, That the concept of Luciferianism, Divine, Father, mated with Mother, Earth. It is Witchcraft. Witches make, no bones about calling Their, religion "The, Craft"; it is no wonder, the, Their call Masons Also, the organization, "Craft" as well as Their, Second Degree, the Fellow-Craft. The, head of a Masonic Lodge, is called; "Right Worshipful Grand Master". Only God is to be, worshiped .... Pike, is the, only Confederate leader, to have, to statues, Erected in His Honor, in the, city of Washington DC The statues, shows His enormous size. No statues of Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson or, any other, Confederate leader, Has ever, Been Erected in the, nation's capital. So is it odd That a Confederate seedy, general who committed war, crimes Should Have, the, only statues, ever in Washington, Erected to someone, who served as a Confederate leader. It is even harder, to believe, That the, the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's and 70's did not try to remove, the, Pike, statues, on racial grounds. U.S. Rep. James Richardson tea, masonic Grand Commander, Introduced House Resolution 178 on March 10 1898 to permit His Scottish Rite, to erect on Federal property a huge, memorial statue, honoring Albert Pike, a mass murderer, who had worked for, several following decades to overthrow America's laws and government.Giusseppe, Mazzini. Pike, is credited with converting the, Masonic hierarchy in London, Berlin and Rome, to His Luciferian doctrines. Pike, worked closely with Giusseppe Mazzini of Italy (1805-1872) Also a satanist and a 33 ° Mason. Became Mazzini, head of the, Illuminati in 1834 and who founded the Mafia in 1860. Mazzini was a high-level planner, for, the, Italian revolution in 1848. Together with Mazzini, Lord Henry Palmerston of England (1784-1865) (author, of the Opium Wars against China) and Otto von Bismarck of Germany (1815-1898)-all-33 ° Masons Albert Pike, mint tea, Palladian Rite, Masonic groups to bind all under, one, umbrella. One speculated reason for, this is a conspiracy to destroy the United States in continuing British-sponsored treasonous Tory / British commitment since, our, War of Independence. Pike's Masonic & Mazzin 'head' is Lucifer. And Pike, an Mazzini were, His human self-appointed assistants. Palladism is a Luciferian rite. Its religion is Manichæism. It teaches That the, divinity is dual and That Lucifer, is the, the equal of Adonay and That Lucifer is the "god of light and goodness" who is struggling for, humanity against Adonay the "god of darkness and evil." The, Manichæism religion had an answer, for, everything and despised Christianity Which was too full of mysteries. Their, Luciferian doctrine, is only implied in the, lower, Masonic degrees and only Becomes a clear, teaching in the, highest degrees. The, of the highest, high levels was the Palladium. Mazzini recruited Pike, into the, Illuminati in order, to create, an American branch of Illuminists That would operate, inside, most American Freemasonry as a secret society Within a secret society. Mazzini wrote, a letter, to Pike, dated January 22, 1870 instructing him on how use, Freemasonry as an instrument of Luciferian Illuminism: "We, must allow all the, federations to continue, just as they are, With Their, Their systems, Central Authorities and their, different modes of correspondence, between high grades of the, same, rite, organized as they are, at the, present but we, must create, super, rite, Which will REMAIN unknown to Which we, will Those call, Masons of high degree,-whom we, Shall select. With regard to our, brothers in Masonry These, men must be, to the Pledged, strictest secrecy. Through this supreme rite, we, will govern all Freemasonry Which will become, the, one, international center, tea, blackberries, powerful Because, Its direction will be, unknown. "This Explains Pike's meteoric rise in Masonry. DO NOT MISS THe, AT THe INFORMATION, VERY BOTTOM. * To have, hairs stand up on the, of your back, neck ... See, the, very bottom for, a letter, explaining Masonry's and Satan's "Game Plan" ... Written by Albert Pike, to Giusseppe Mazzini on August 15, 1871. Candidates New arent aware, what happens later. Notes: what "Religion" you are, now in. On July 14, 1889 two years before, His death Pike, issued the, Following statement to the 24 Supreme Councils of the Masonic, who were world, meeting in Paris: "To you Sovereign Grand Instructors General we, That You may say this repeat it to the, of the Brethren, 31st 32nd and 30th degrees: 'the, Masonic Religion Should Be, by all of us initiates of the, maintained in the high degrees, of the purity, Luciferian Doctrine. If Lucifer were, not god would Adonay (Jesus) ... calumniate (spread false and harmful statements about) him? ... Yes Lucifer is God and unfortunately Adonay is Also God. For, the, eternal law Is that there, is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness no white, without black for, the, absolute, can only exist as two Gods: darkness being Necessary to light to serve, as the ITS as the foil, pedestal is Necessary to the statues, and the, brake, to the locomotives. " (Albert Pike, AC De La Rive, La Femme et l'Enfant dans la Franc-Maqonnene, Universelle, page, 588.)Albert Pike, Also said; "Thus the, doctrine, of Satanism is heresy, and the, true, and pure philosophic religion is the, belief in Lucifer, the, the equal of Adonay; But Lucifer, god of light and god of good is struggling for, against humanity the Adonay, God of darkness and evil. "The, hideous occult idol known as Baphomet (above) is the, most Widely used all of Satanic symbols. The, Satanic Bible, instructs satan worshipers to place, the, on the Baphomet, wall above, the, altar, During Satanic rituals. Every time, we, see, the, symbol of the Baphomet we, Should Be, Reminded of the, connection between Freemasonry and Satanism. Masonic Baphomet Represents Their wisdom and is in effect, god Whether, Recognized As longer available or, not. The Baphomet picture, we, have, used is the, work of French Freemason Eliphas Levi. Eliphas Levi is Considered one, of the Degree, occultists of all time, and was just as educated When writing about Freemasonry as he, was Black Magic. Levi had a profound influence, on what is probably the, most Widely read Masonic book of all time, by Masonic author, Albert Pike. Pike's master work Morals and Dogma is Often called the, 'Masonic Bible'. This was the honored American Freemason, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, When he, the Took, cabbalistic and Luciferian doctrine, of Eliphas Levi and put it in His book. In 1801 Issac Long to Kabalist Jew Brought to statues of Baphomet (Satan) to Charleston, South Carolina where, he, Helped to Establish the, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Long apparently chose Charleston Because, it was geographically located on the, 33rd parallel of latitude (incidentally so is Baghdad), and this council is Considered to be, the, Mother, Supreme Council of all Masonic Lodges of the, World. Albert Pike, succeeded Long as tea, supreme leader. Edith Miller, in her, Occult Theocracy Claims That Brought the Isaac Long, Baphomet to Charleston with the, skull of Jacques de, Molay in 1801. [P. 194.] The Mason Calendar, Masons have, Their, own Lucerferian based calendar. Our western calendar, ITS counts years based on the, number, of years before, and after, Christ 'BC for, before, Christ and A.D. ' Anno Domini, meaning "in the, year, of our Lord" for, the, years after, the, birth of Christ. The, Masonic calendar, it counts with the years, suffix, AL; Year Lucis meaning (or Lucifer); "Year, of light" tea, Masonic year, of creation. Also this can be, interpreted to mean "Year, of Lucifer." Their Masons do not count, years from the, year, Because of Christ's death, for, a rather, curious reason; Consider they, it a tragedy. In their, initiation ceremony for, the, eighteenth degree, the Knight of the roses, Also known as the Stations of the Cross, Rose, (The Red Cross) or "tea, Rosicrucians Masons symbolically drape, tea, Lodge, in room black and sit on the, floor, in silence, Their resting, in Their heads, arms in mock grief around the, alter, above, Which are, three, crosses. They grieve, not for, the, death of the, Son of but the God according to Functional, French Masonic historian Abbe de Augusten, Barreul they symbolically mourn Because, the, was the day Jesus was crucified, Christianity was born ever day, to be, the, antagonist of Masonry. below by Brother, Eliphas Levi . The, Mysteries of Magic. "What is more, and more absurd, impious than to attribute, the, name, of Lucifer, to the, devil That is to personified evil. The, intellectual Lucifer is the, spirit of intelligence and love; it is the, paraclete, it is the, Holy Spirit while, the, physical Lucifer is the, great agent of universal magnetism. "page 428. Masonic Diversion / Lie: 'But Levi was not a Mason!'Fact: Eliphas Levi was a Freemason. He, was initiated at the, Lodge, Rose du Parfait Silence of the Grand Orient of France, on 14 March 1861 in Paris. M. Caudet who was the, Venerable (Worshipful Master) at Levi's Masonic initiation. Illustrious Arthur Edward Waite, 33 °. The, Book Of Black Magic. "First Conjuration Addressed to Emperor Lucifer. Emperor Lucifer, Master and Prince of Rebellious Spirits adjure, thee, to leave, thine, abode, in what-ever, quarter, of the, world it may be, situated and as, hither, to communicate, with me. I command and I conjure, thee, in the, Name, of the Mighty Living God Father, Son and Holy Ghost to Appear, without noise, and without .... "page, 244Illustrious' Manley Palmer Hall 33 °, The, Secret Teachings of All Ages. "I hereby promise, the, Great Spirit Lucifer, Prince of Demons That each year, I will bring unto him a human soul to do with as as it may please, him and in return Lucifer promises to bestow upon me, the, Treasures of the, earth and fulfil my every desire, for, the, length of my natural life. If I fail to bring him each year, tea, offering specified above, then my own soul Shall be, forfeit to him. .. Signed {... Invocant signs pact with His own blood} "page CIV. The, Lost Keys Of Freemasonry 'by Manly Palmer Hall 33 °. "When The Mason learns That the, Key to the, warrior, on the, the block is, proper, of the application, dynamo of living power, he, Has learned the Mystery of His Craft. The, seething energies of Lucifer , are, in his hands and before, he, he may step onward and upward, must evidence, His ability to properly apply this energy. " page 48. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. 'The, Secret Doctrine "" Lucifer, Represents .. Life .. Thought .. Progress .. Civilization .. Liberty .. Independance .. Lucifer is the Logos .. the, the Serpent, Savior. "On pages 171 225 255 (Volume II) "It is Satan who is the, of our God, and the planet, only God." pages 215 216 220 245 255 533 (VI) "The Celestial Virgin Thus Which Becomes tea, Mother, of Gods and Devils at one, and the, same, time; for, she, is the, ever-loving beneficent Deity ... but in antiquity and reality Lucifer, now, is the Luciferius, name. Lucifer is divine and terrestial Light 'the, Holy Ghost' and "Satan 'at one, and the, same, time." page, 539. Albert Pike. Morals and Dogma. "Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name, to give, to the, Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the, son of the morning! Is it he, who bears the, Light and with it's splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual or, selfish Souls? Doubt it not! Page, 321. These, three, sentences (of Which two are, actually exclamations) are, taken from Pike's book "Morals and Dogma" a book of 861 pages with 216 page, index. Str, about 60 years Pike's book "Morals and Dogma" was Given to all who joined the, Southern United States jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, an appendant body of Freemasonry.
In the, earliest printings two to the, cost of publishing books there, was an instruction inside, That it was to be, returned to the, Supreme Council. Of course, there, was no way to enforce, and That Became as book publishing costs, less onerous That request was dropped in later, editions. This quotation is taken from the XXVI Degree, of the Scottish Rite, and is part of the, Introduction to: The, Title, of Prince of Mercy of Scottish Trinitarianism. "... The, Prince of Darkness ... made, Whose Adam, was of the soul, Divine Light Contributed by tea, Eons and his body of matter, I know That he, belonged to Both Empires of Light That and That of Darkness. precaution prevent the To, light from escaping at once, the, Demons forbade Adam to eat tea, fruit of "knowledge, of good and evil" by Which he, would have, the known, Empire of Light and That of Darkness. He, obeyed, an Angel of Light induced him to transgress and the gave, him the, means of victory. As strange, as it may Seem tea, Light That Masons seek is Lucifer, the, Light Bearer, Although most Masons never, discover, That truth. Why would anyone, want to follow the, Prince of Darkness? Because, he, Gives them freedom to do whatever, they wish. Under, Lucifer, men do not face, tea, restraints contained in the, Ten Commandments. Masonic Secret Doctrine, Much like New Age Beliefs. Below from Mason training manuals. Details of the, Secret Doctrine, the reveal, Masonic plan of salvation blackberries, completely. Mystic Masonry by J.D. Buck M.D. contains a chapter, titled The, Secret Doctrine. Buck writes: "It is far, blackberries, important That Men Should strive, to become, Christs Than That Should they believe, That Jesus Christ was. If the, Christ-been, can be, but Attained by one, human being During the , whole, evolution of the, race, then the, evolution of man is a farce, and human perfection an impossibility. Jesus is no less Divine, Because, all men may reach the, same, Divine perfection. (page 62) According to the, Secret Doctrine, the faith in Jesus, is not Necessary for Christ, salvation. Notice, That in the, Secret Doctrine, the, meaning of Christ Has Been redefined. Instead of Referring to the, Messiah When they use, the , term they refer, to a state, or, condition Which man can attain. The, Secret Doctrine teaches That Jesus Christ but he was, was not the, only one, to attain That state. Masonic Being Christ is vital to salvation. What does the, Bible, Mason say about this heresy? "Jesus saith unto him I am the, the way, and the truth, life: no man cometh unto the, Father, but by me" (John 14:6) " Well, it known unto you all and to all the, people, of Israel That by the, name, of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom-y,-whom God raised from the crucified, dead even by him doth this man stand here, before, you whole. {11} This is the, stone, Which Was September at naught of you builders Which is become, the, head of the, corner. {12} Neither, is there, salvation in any other: for, there, is none, other, name, under, heaven whereby we Given Among Men, must be, saved. "(Acts 4:1-12)" For, to have, sinned and as, short of the, glory of God; Being Justified freely by His grace, through the redemption That is in Christ Jesus. "(Romans 3:23) See, These, two true, Near, Death Experiences showing Jesus's light the, same, as the, Fathers. And how Jesus is our , .. only mediator Valvita and Angie. Masonry - the, Original "Pyramid Scheme." Can "King Makers" make, a one-world government / religion? Tea, ruler, of a hierarchy of Masonic lodges is in a very real sense , for a king, life, and powerful enough to base, on the dynasty, control of lodges longer available. The, whole, Masonic pyramid is even profitable, Because, there, is always substantial tribute, from the, lowest level Often called union dues . Masonic theory is no doubt the, origin of pyramid letter, schemes. Masonic "kings" have, never, yet allowed an understanding of the, purpose, or, pyramidal organization of unions and large, social clubs to trickle, into the, the public's general knowledge, and That fact alone keeps them safe. Believe it or, not, the, king of a world-spanning empire Masonic, Has controlled all the Masonic lodges for, centuries and steered to figurehead kings and Governments with personal advisors trained from birth for, the, job. Read more, about this here. Truth. In I John 4:1-3 Christians are, enjoined to "believe, not every spirit but try the, Whether spirits, they are, of God: Because, many false prophets are, gone, out into the, world.", Rosicrucian Connection (another, Satanic ploy away from Jesus and Salvation) The, Rosicrucian's is one, of the, planet's leading occult schools. It is a secret cult steep in mysticism "magick" tarot card reading Claimed astral journeys and attempts to talk with the, dead - all of Which is strictly forbidden in the, Bible. Also it is today linked with the New Age Movement. New Agers think in the, terms of "mother, earth" and the "spirit in the, sky" - another, great satanic "christless" ploy. Rosicrucian students continuous to Practice, Their, religion or chosen, none, at all. The, Rosicrucian Fellowship Had Been an organization known as The, Great White Brotherhood of Man and out of this meat, tea, and out of the Rosicrucian's, Rosicrucian's meat, tea, Masonic Order. Rosicrucians by admission is a secret society. It flourished in a day When secret societies were in vogue, and a Century after, Its Origin Rosicrucianism underwent a recrudescence, in connection with Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism deemed Which not only genuine, but even borrowed from the usages and customs, writings Of Those, who had satirized the, fraternity. The, substance, of the, Rosicrucian claim or, mythos Is that there, is a "Hidden Church" Which is a great repository of secrets learned in the, East and Transmitted by various luminaries adepts and sages down to our, own time.The, name, 'Rosicrucian' is said to be, derived from the, Latin words: 'ros' and 'Cross' or, roses, cross. Their But, symbolism of the, cross Has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. This "Invisible, Order" was founded in Germany several centuries earlier, by an individual known as Christian Rosenkrutz. It is Said That in order, to perpetuate, an ancient tradition he, had initiated a few brothers into the, mysteries of the Rose, Cross. The, successors to These, brothers Brought to light the, existence, of the, Order, in 1614 with the, publication of the, first Rosicrucian manifesto Fama Fraternitatis. However, the, actual foundation of the, Order, is Believed to have, taken place, on the, of the occasion, of the opening, allegorical crypt of Christian Rosenkrutz ten years prior, to the, publication of Fame Fraternitatis. Fraternitatis Fame was first published in 1614 in German and Latin in 1615 though there, are, some, manuscript copies in existence, dating from about 1611. Descartes wrote in 1620, a mathematical treatise, dedicated to the, Rosicrucians Entitled "Polybiicosmopolitani Thesaurus Mathematicus . " All that survives today is the, title. The Rose-Croix, Rosicrucians in society founded by Christian Rosenkreutz a German who was born in 1378. But according to Functional Claims Its Own "The, Order, of the Rose, and Cross Has Existed from time, immemorial and Its mystic rites were, Practiced and Its wisdom taught in Egypt. Eleusis, Samothrace, Persia, Chaldea and India in making, blackberries, distant lands and were Thus, handed down to the posterity, of the Secret Wisdom, Ancient Ages. "That Its Origin remains a mystery was emphasized by (Prime Minister) Disraeli who said of the, Society in 1841 "Its hidden sources defy research." After, traveling in Spain Damascus and Arabia where, h, was initiated into Arabian magic Rosenkreutz returned to Germany and set-up of the His fraternity, Invisibles. In a building they designated as Domus Sancti Spiritus they Followed longer available as the studies varied, secrets of nature, alchemy astrology magnetism (or, as it is better hypnotism, known as) communication with the, dead and medicine. Rosenkreutz is said to have, died at the, over-ripe, age, of 106 opened and when to His tomb Which Had Been lost sight of for, many years was found to Contain signs and symbols of magic and occult manuscripts. The, founder, of Witches Against Religious Discrimination (WARD) Joyce Siegrist is Also the, founder, of the, Rosarian Tradition. Joyce, is a student of tea, and The Rosicrucian Teachings, Rosarian Tradition Their bears, influence. The, New Age, witches group known as the, Aglaian Triad of Wicca says; "We, believe, the, Rosicrucian Order, occult training has gotten to blackberries," regular "people, than any other, the mystical order." Satanist leader Anton LaVey Declares "Satanic Ritual is a blend of Gnostic and Hermetic Masonic Cabalistic elements" and That Masonry contains "Numerous manifestations of Satanism, namely the, the goat, the coffin, death's-head." Are, Masons under, the , Curse of God? In Galatians 1:6-9 Paul says; I marvel That ye, are, I soon removed from him That called you into the, grace, of Christ unto another, gospel: Which is not another; but there, well, some, That trouble, you and would pervert the, gospel of Christ. But though we, or, an angel from heaven preach any other, gospel unto you than That Which we, have, preached unto you let him be, accursed. As we, said before, so say I now again if any man preach any other, gospel unto you than ye, have, let him be received, accursed. That would mean this and other Masonic Worshipful Masters, Masonic instructors are, under, the, curse, of God. These do not, preach the, Contrary doctrine, That "salvation is by works"? Ephesians 2:8-9. For, by grace, are, ye, That saved through faith and not of yourselves it is tea, gift of God: Not works lest any man boast Should. WHAT MUST I DO TO Be, SAVED? "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou salt be, saved ..." Acts 16:31. Also of interest is the, Masons wear aprons. Remember, the fig leaf apron Which Adam & Eve, made, to cover, Their, nakedness? God got rid of These, aprons Because, they were man's feeble, attempt to make, for restitution, Their, sins. Then God killed an animal and then made, them coats of skins. What are, Masons & Mormons really symbolizing by wearing These, aprons? Do not Realize Mormons and Masons, Satanists like, to wear, in Their aprons, Also rights? Satan leading even to the Christians, "slaughter" Masons actually have, of lambskin aprons as if in mockery of the, Lamb of God. They are, Told to Their trust, apron; and Jesus is never, allowed to be, spoken of. Masonry is actually a satanic plan to draw people, away from churches on Sunday by telling them lies about symbolism and giving them uniforms and Degrees and to make new buddies, them feel special. Most Masons are, never, Told That Their, cherished symbols are, actually cult fertility symbols. They are, out and out lied to. The, Third Degree, Mason Should Be, taken aback When He, is taught That the, first Freemason was Tubal Cain. In the, Bible, Tubal Cain is Descended from the, accursed line of Cain (Genesis 4:17-22). Tubal Cain's father, was the, first person to boast about murder. How about the, Bible, being Present? Masons say we, have, a Bible, at every meeting: However, nobody is actually allowed to read anything about Jesus from the Christ, Bible, out loud. Try it and see, what happens. It is there, to give, to this gathering occultist sort of credibility in Christian circles and in the, community. It's just another, satanic ploy to make, even otherwise, skeptical Christian want to as, in. Like Freemasonry, Islam is a religion without a Savior: When quoting from the, Bible, references to Christ are, omitted and prayer, is never, to be allowed, Offered (in a "well-ordered" lodge) in the, name, of Jesus Christ. Masons do not care, Whether, or in person privately petitions God, Jehovah or Allah, Buddha or Mohammed, the Jesus, God of Israel or, the "Great First Cause" but in the, Lodge, tea, only petition is allowed to the "Great Architect of the, Universe." Clearly then Freemasonry does not believe, That Jesus Christ is God nor, That salvation is available, only through Him (see 1 John. 4:3).Rothschild is satan's synagogue, for, Pope Clement XII year 1738 [The, Israel Connection Masonic power, growing in Israel] Masonry: Doorways to Satanism and the, Order, of Seth: Also of interest is the, irony (purposeful? ) of the naming, Masonic youth league, tea, DeMolay order, for, boys as if Jacques DeMolay (Jacques de, Molay) was some, sort of hero. Christians Should Be, aware, That DeMolay was burned at the, stake, for, being a pedophile, homosexual for, and for practicing witchcraft, worshiping the false, god Baphomet. History tells us That DeMolay even denied Jesus Christ in front of Both tea, Catholic Pope, and the, King of France. DeMolay was the, last Grand Master of the, Templers. The, Order, of DeMolay is designed to draw youngsters into Masonry and tea, just like occult, for ITS counterparts, girls (Rainbow Girls & Job's Daughters). The, Order, of the, Eastern Star, is made, up of women relatives of Masons. Even though the, youth groups: such as the Rainbow Girls Job's Daughters and the, DeMolays Seem like, we Organizations innocent, must remember, That These, associations are, to be Considered, 'feeder groups'. The, In These adolescents, societies are, being groomed for, and the potential membership in Masonry, Eastern Star, When they reach adulthood. In fact according to Functional The, New Age, Masonic journal ... about 50% of DeMolays join Masonry When they reach 21 years of age. "[" Hidden Secrets of the, Eastern Star "by Dr. Burns p. 366. In the 1976, International Order, of the Rainbow suspended all chapters of the Iowa, group Because, one, local chapter, endorsed membership of a 12 year, old black girl. According to press reports, Michelle Palmer, Whose, father, is white , and Whose, mother, is black Had Been Invited to join the Rainbow chapter, in Indianola Iowa and was approved by the, local assembly in October, Of ​​That year. However, Officials at the Rainbow international headquarters in McAlester, Oklahoma ruled That All 136 Rainbow assemblies in Iowa must disband by the, end of the, year, Because, they did not follow "rules and regulations." It was Explained That the, organization was taking disciplinary action on the, basis of an "unwritten law "Which excludes blacks from membership." One, former, DeMolay member, goes so far, as to call the, DeMolays in 'for kindergarten, Satanism' for, he, from believes it was a major, stepping stone, for, him into occultism and witchcraft. "(Burns p. 368 quoting Bill Schnoebelen "Masonry" p. 110) 3rd degree, lectures Masons read: ... that All-Seeing Eye, whom-the, sun moon and stars obey and under, Whose, watchful care, even comets perform Their, beholds the stupendous revolutions, of the inmost recesses, human heart and will reward us according to Functional our, works. Save, your, money (dues) here, is the, ultimate, Masonic "secret" ... THe Ultimate, MASONIC "SECRET" IS THe, Luciferian Doctrine, That Lucifer, IS GOD! In the, Masonic Lodge, everything is symbolic of something else. The, name, "Lucifer" means "Light Bearer" or "Light Bringer". That the Masons point out, Morning Star, Lucifer is. When I speak of the Masons, the "light of Masonry" they actually refer, to Lucifer, Bringing forth the, light. During the, lecture, for, the, 32nd degree, Masons are, Told That the, triliteral name, for, god is composed of three, Hindu gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. Siva is a synonym for, Satan! Lucifer, is honored and revered by Masons as tea, TRUe, GOD! A-Masonic and the Holy Trinity, Serpent Emblem: Masonry uses symbols of the, Bible, to hide, the, real Masonic meaning behind Their, Hermetic Rites. They just use, the, name, for Solomon, Their, Temples. The, the truth is Solomon, King of Israel was not a Mason nor, did he, ever, have, any connection with Freemasonry. The, the real reason Freemasonry uses, name, Solomon is to hide, the, real names of the Sun gods from 3 different nations. This name, Solomon is not the, Israelitish king. It is name in form but different in meaning ITS. It is a substitute, Which is like externally, tea, royal name. This name, is a composite. SOL-OM-ON the, names of the Sun in Latin Indian and Egyptian .. "Quoted from the, Masonic Report McQuaig p. 33. To hide, the, Their repute, god is Lucifer, Those, entering Masonry must enact strange, rituals. Only after, Mason Has completed the, 13th degree. * much money in dues and paid for, all the, frivolous and nonsensical occult knowledge - do they learn the "secret" word or, the "Lost Word ": The Royal Arch Candidate is led to believe, That the, lost name, for, God is JAH-BUL-ON ago, JAO-BUL-ON. Represents the JAH, name, for, or Yahweh, Jehovah. Represents BUL Baal or Bel (the Devil.) The, name, of the, god of Jezebel and Ahab. Represents the ON, name, of the, Egyptian Sun God Osiris. The, god of Pharaoh ... JAO is a pagan Chaldean name, for, God. "BUL" is a Syriac word Which means "Baal." Baal was a Canaanite, fertility god associated with licentious rites and MAGIC. Baal is actually another, name, for, the, Devil. This is Also known as the Grand-Omnific Royal Arch Word. Contrast These, with or Yahweh, Jehovah or Jesus, Yeshua and the, Holy Spirit. Of note, the "SERPENT" to a Mason is the, emblem of divine WISDOM. You see, the, SERPENT plastered all over, Masonic lodges in decorations. Masonic theology is quite, clear, That the, or serpent, Satan (Lucifer) Should Be, worshiped. In the, 3rd degree, the, Mason is once, again lies to and is Given to substitute, word. He, is Told to look "to That bright and Morning Star" ... Abracadabra ... Freemasonry Lodge meetings are, usually held in the, upper, chambers of Their, lodges. The, worshipers of Baal (the Sun-god) Their Erected, idols and altars on top of hills Among sacred groves or, on the, roofs of houses. And just as the, Their Witches hold, so does the meetings at night, Freemason meet at night. Following is the, sort of "knowledge" would be, Masons pay "big bucks" and make, blood curdling oaths to receive. It is sheer, or nonsense ... To a Christian, Jew it's pure blasphemy also. Manly Palmer Hall a great authority on Masonry writes "When the Mason ... has learned the, the mystery of His Craft, seething energies of Lucifer are, in his hands ...." (Manly Palmer Hall The, Lost Keys of Freemasonry, p. 48). / freemasonry.htm Regarding the, identity of God in Scottish Rite Masonry tea, 13th degree, Is that of the Royal Arch in the uk, alleged true, previously hidden name, of God is revealed as Jabulum. "The, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry," page 359 Affirms this under, the, entry for, Jabulum yet does not give, the, meaning. But in the, same, book on page 102 in the, the definition of Bel, meaning is given. It says "Bel is the, contracted form of ... and Baal was worshiped by the, as Their Babylonians, chief deity ... It has with Jah and Oh Been Introduced into the Royal Arch system as a representative, of the" name, of God. Represents the Jah, name, Jehovah, Baal and Bel Represents Represents Oh Osiris. Genesis 1:26 (4000 BC): "And God said Let us make, as in our, image." Proverbs 30:4 (written 700 BC): "... What is His name, and what is His son's name, if thou canst tell?" John 3:16 - For, God so loved the, world That he, Gave, His only begotten Son That whosoever, believeth in him Should not perish but have, everlasting life. Masonry's Grandest Error, (Masonry can not be, the, way to Jesus Christ) Masonry insists That "we, climb up into heaven." In John 10:9 Jesus warned us: "Verily verily I say unto you He, That entereth not by the, door, into the, sheepfold but climbeth up some, other, way the, same, is a thief and a robber." In the, 17th Knight of the, East and West Degree, we, see, blackberries, Masonic blasphemy and disobedience: The, candidate, is slightly lanced On His arm as if he, is taking the, part of the, Lamb who was slain even though Scripture, in Leviticus 21:5 tells us not to make, any cuttings in our, flesh - as pacts with the, devil were, usually done, That Way. Attached to the, Bible, macaws, as if mocking the seven seals, seven seals of Revelation. The, are seven seals, opened in this ceremony. Yet we, know That the ONLY Christ, Lamb was found worthy to open the, seals. The, Candidate, mocks Christ shedding His blood for, and tries to take us, Christ's place, by opening the 7 seals. Another, Diabolocal Reversal. The, Masonic Temple, itself. God Took great amount of time, spelling out exactly how His Temple (Solomon's Temple) Should look. In God's Temple, one, Entered from the, east and gradually proceeded in holiness to the ultimately, the Holy of Holies on the, west side, of the, Temple. God presides on the, North side. Rothschild is satan's synagogue, for, Pope Clement XII year 1738 [The, Israel Connection Masonic power, growing in Israel] In a diabolical twist Masonic Temples have, Their, alter, in the, opposite, side, of the, Temple . The, Masons enter, in the, vs from the west, east. This is significant as say the diabolically, diabolical 3 AM "witching hour" as an inversion and mockery of the, hour, When Jesus is Believed to have, died on the, cross (3 PM). It's a dead giveaway to even the, most naive among us as to who Their, alter, is really honoring. This reverse, image, is very prevalent in the, occult. The, occult Teachings Seem to always be, tea, negative image, of the, good, of God's Word. The, Masonic Temple, Has always tea, entrance, in tea, and the west, altar, in the, east. In the, Bible, we, are, Told the, entrance, of the, was in the Garden of Eden, east. Solomon's Temple (and Subsequent Jewish Temples) Their had, in the entrances, and the east, in the Holy of Holies, west. To enter, the, Garden of Eden and go to the, Tree of Life, One, was traveling from east to west. To enter, the, Tabernacle, or, the, Temple, to approach the God, priest traveled traveling from east to west. Freemasonry is 180 degrees reversed. "The, east" is the, Within the location, Lodge Hall where, the, the Worshipful Master sits upon His throne / chair, of authority. In the, ancient mystery religions Which Freemasonry from the springs, and the Sun was worshiped, most sacred direction was east where, the, sun arose, each morning to renew life, on earth. The, of the position, feet is no coincidence, When facing the, Worshipful Master, "in the, East." Satan comes from the, East also. He, resides in the, East. The, of the position, forms the feet, "Tau Cross" a phallic symbol from antiquity associated with phallic worship and Sun worship. The Sun was viewed as a phallic symbol rising each day as the, source of life, (male) to impregnated, the, earth (female) with new life. Such worship was always done, facing East. In the, the Masonic rituals, the command to "STAND ERECT" is not a coincidence. It Relates to this phallic worship. See, example, here: MARK MASTER DEGREE. Freemasonry mocks the Lord Jesus Christ (who is the Chief Corner Stone, in Scripture) and the, infallible, teaching of Holy Writ into this deceptive, degree, When They maliciously try to corrupt the, truth of God's Word.In typical Rosicrucian manner, they of the, iberately spiritualize, That Which is intended to be, literal and literalize, That Which is Meant to be, spiritually. Thus the Chief Corner Stone, Mentioned in Scripture, (Which is a clear, symbolic reference, to Christ) is blasphemously reduced to a literal physical brick corner-stone, Which is paraded round the profanely, Chapter, room. Learn more, about this mockery: here. The "Illuminati" Masons & Rosicrucian's. The, Illuminati are, the, top echelon of a vast network of Organizations Which make, up a Secret Brotherhood covering the, globe. Within this network are, found 6 majors divisions: Banking & Money Secret Societies Political Intelligence, Religions and Education. The, Secret Societies encompass the, elite Prieuré de Sion tea, the Rosicrucians, the Orders of Freemasonry, Skull & Bones the Grand Orient Lodge, the Grand Alpina Lodge, the Knights Templar, the Royal Order, of the, Garter . According to one, Rosicrucian book Holy Blood Holy Grail Although the, Prieuré de Sion is the, elite, society That created the Knights Templar, the, order, from Which the, other, societies originated this august body Has maintained a low profile , from its inception and remains behind the, scenes Orchestrating critical events in Western history. "The, the Prieure de Sion is thought to exist today and is Believed by many to be, still operational. If I know it may be, influential and playing a role in the high-level international affairs as well as in tea, domestic affairs of Certain European countries and the, ... The EU, and Declared avowed objective, of the, the Prieure de Sion is the, of the restoration, the Merovingian dynasty and bloodline - not only to the, throne, of France, but to the , thrones of other, European nations as well. " According to the Holy Blood Holy Grail, of the infamous Protocols, Elders of Zion have, Been slanderously misrepresented and are, instead of an evil conspiracy to humanitarian proposal authored by the, elite, Prieuré de Sion. In other, words the, proposed new world order, of the, Prieuré will be, a benevolent "Masonic kingdom" led by a new king of "the, holy seed of David." The, the Illuminati-regarded, as Their Catholic Church, chief enemy and marked it for, ruin. Their 1818, Italian lodge issued a set of Permanent Instructions That included: "We, require, to Pope, for, ourselves ... to march blackberries, Securely to the, of the storming, church ...." The, goal was "the, complete annihilation of the, Catholicism and even ultimately of Christianity. If Christianity were, to revive, even upon the, ruins of Rome, it would a little, late, revive, and live." (13-14) Pope, pope Leo XIII, from 1878 to 1903. On 20 April 1884 Pope Leo XIII encyclical published His Magnificent "Humanum Genus" on the, evils of Freemasonry. His well-founded dislike, for, Masons That was His belief they exclude, Jesus Christ and instead bow down to some, unknown impersonal god (or, fallen angel). * Their, generic "grand architect of the, universe" (GAOTU). This Masonry peril was denounced for, the, first time, by Pope Clement XII in 1738 and the, Constitution promulgated by Pope That, Renewed and was confirmed by Benedict XIV; Followed in the Pius VII, Footsteps Of Those, pontiffs and Pope Leo XII including in His Apostolical Constitution 'Quo Graviora' (Macons called them) to the, deeds and Decrees of the, preceding Popes On That subject Ratified and confirmed for them, ever. Popes Pius VIII and Gregory XVI on several occasions Pope, Pius IX spoke, in the, same, manner. "Leo XIII said," Today evil doers all Seem allied in a tremendous effort inspired by and with the, help of a society powerfully organized Widely spread and over, the, world it is the, Society of Freemasons. Those in fact, people, no longer, even try to dissimulate, Their, intentions but they actually challenge, each other's audacity in order, to assail God's August Majesty. Pope Leo XIII defines the, Masonic point of view on morality Thus: "The, only thing Which Has found grace, before, the, members of the, Masonic sect and in Which they request That Should youth receive, the, proper, teaching is what they call 'Civic Morality' free independent morality, morality in other, words to morality in Which religious beliefs find no room. This morality is insufficient and Its effects are, Its own condemnation. "furthermore, there, I have, Been found in Freemasonry several sectarians who have, That all means are maintained, to be, used systematically in order, to saturate, tea, multitudes with licentiousness and vices; Because, in Their, opinion peoples would naturally fall into Their, hands and become, the, instruments needed for, the, of Their accomplishment, most audacious evil projects. Such counter-morality Is that of civil marriage, of divorce, of free love, and of irreligious for education, youth. "" It at the AIMS, complete, destruction of the, main foundations of justice, and honesty. In this way Freemasons make, Themselves tea, auxiliaries Of Those, who wish That like, an animal had no other man, rule, of conduct than His own desires. * Such a scheme, can only dishonor, human kind and ignominiously cast him into perdition. "Ironically When Leo XIII died in 1903 in Freemason Cardinal Mariano Rampolla was almost Elected Pope. Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria vetoed His appointment in the, last moment . The Roman Catholic church was officially opposed to the, group ever, since 1738 When Pope Clement XII condemned Freemasonry and banned it from His faith. Catholics were, forbidden from joining under, pain of excommunication. In 1825 Leo XII reiterated the , banks and Declared it to be, permanent and everlasting. In 1884 Leo XIII called on each member, of the, clergy to get the, word out and help defeat this insidious foe: Rothschild is satan's synagogue, for, Pope Clement XII year 1738 [The, Israel Connection Masonic power, growing in Israel] We, venerable pray and beseech you, brethren to join your, Efforts with Ours and earnestly to strive, for, the, extirpation of this foul plague, Which is creeping through the, of the veins, body politic. [...] We, wish it to be, your, rule, first of all to tear, away the, mask from Freemasonry and to let it be, seen as it really is; and by sermons and pastoral letters to instruct the, people, as to the, artifices used by societies of this kind in seducing men and enticing them into Their, and as to the ranks, of Their depravity, and the opinions, of Their wickedness, acts.
As early as 1738 Pope Clement XII described Freemasonry as "Satan's synagogue" as reported by Rupert Cornwell in His book "God's Banker". A blackberries, detailed early exposure, of Freemasonry than in God's Banker, can be, found in the Abbe de Augusten, Barruel's book from the, late 1700's called "Memoirs Illustrating the, History of Jacobinism". In this book de, Barruel who lived in Revolutionary France, charged That many years prior, to the, French Revolution men who called Themselves "philosophers" had conspired against the, of the God, Gospel against Christianity without distinction of worship. The, grand object of the "conspiracy" the Abbe, was asserted to overthrow every altar, where, Christ was adored. These, the philosophers, Abbe, said the formed, sophisters of rebellion who joined with Freemasons. * A group Characterized as having a "long history" of hatred for, Christ and kings. From this he coalition, said meat, tea, "Sophisters of Impiety and Anarchy" who conspired against every religion every government against civil society and even against all property .. "This Latter, Became crowd, known as the, Illuminati Which sprang from the , Jacobins. Reference: "Behind the, Lodge Door" page 26. This persisted into the opposition to Freemasonry, 20th century. Pope, Pius XII hated them. Did you Know That Noted Christian Evangelist Charles Finney was a Freemason and Lawyer, before, the, Holy Spirit gloriously saved him? With His intimate, knowledge, of the, rituals and oaths degrees Finney devastates all claims Freemasonry makes to being a Christian organization. Masonry Can Offer, Christian blackberries, than Jesus? Does Freemasonry go too make, by Declaring all religions equal? ​​See, root Islam's history here, Satan Has an "End Plan"!In Additions to Satan's never, ending plans to annihilate, Israel does Satan deceive, people, - and wishes to lead them away from the, truth. In the homes, of Masons and Muslims Satan would prefer, one, believe, that good character, and good works will get them to heaven. He, Also is using Muslim hatred against Christians and Jews around the, world right now to accomplish His wishes. Satan uses Often Christians against Christians (Catholics and Protestants against Catholics against Protestants). Their hurling hatred from Muslims, mosques are, slaves to the, prince, of darkness - as are, occultist sects like,'s Rosicrucian Masons and New Agers. Muslims are, Also Because slaves to Satan, they reject the, salvation made, possible, by the 'Son of God. In the, 19th degree, of Scottish Rite Freemasonry tea, initiate, is Told That attachment to Masonry's "statutes and rules of the, order" will make, him "deserving of entering the, celestial Jerusalem [heaven]." In the, 28th degree, he, is Told That "the, true Mason [is one] who raises Himself by degrees till he, Reaches heaven" and That One, of His duties is "To divest [him] self of original sin ... "Clearly Masons to teach salvation by works or, character, development not a salvation by faith in Christ alone. Even in the, 32nd Degree, Mason never, nor can, will not find the "light" h, is looking for. Will the "sons of God" (Fallen Angels) return to earth on December 21 2012 and Establish a New World Order, led by an unearthly powerful ruler? Coat of arms for, FREEMASONS ... Notes, figures have, red fur, and cloven hooves along with wings. The, overall picture, would Appear, at first but then what to Represent angels angels have, you ever, seen with cloven hooves and red fur. Also very important to note ... most depictions of angels includes, arms and hands. These, creatures do not possess or arms, hands we know, can only conclude, That they are, some, form of lesser, angel or, blackberries, probably devils. Jesus emphatically Declared in John 3: 18-19 That the, basis for, Deciding Whether one's eternal destiny is, they accept the Jesus, Light of the, world. Good character, and good works can exist in a person who is not saved. Jesus said; "I am the, the way, and the truth, life: no man cometh unto the, Father, but by me." Freemasonry Has "missed" or, Replaced Entirely the, most important part of the, above, statements. "A Freemason Temple: Satan's Clubhouse." Or, as Pope Clement XII described it as: "Satan's synagogue." Catholics are, NOT free, to become, Freemasons. Why? Because, of Its Religion natures, and masons worship false idolsCatholics are, not free, to become, Masons. Membership in the Catholic, Freemasons Has Been condemned by eight popes. The 1917 Code, Canon Law of the applied, complaints of excommunication to Catholics who Became, Freemasons. The, most recent statement issued by the, Vatican (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict XVI) dates back to November, 26, 1983. The 1983 Code (Canon 1374) did not mention Explicitly excommunication. In part it Declared: "The, Church's negative position on Masonic associations remains unaltered since, Their, have principles, Always Been-regarded as irreconcilable, with the, Church's doctrine." That document adds: "Catholics Enrolled in Masonic associations are, involved-in serious sin and may not approach holy Communion." masonry is a Religion! Masonry Has a distinctly religious character, Which may in fact surprise, many American Masons who have, joined the, Lodge, for, business or social, political Reasons. They will be, tempted to deny ITS religious character. They look upon Masonry as a purely fraternal organization and do not Consider, it a religion. Either, they do not know the, true, of Their constitution, Lodge, or, Masonic Authorities are, Violating the, principles of Masonry for, they definitely emphasize, Its religious character. Freemasons insist Freemasonry is not a religion. However, it is strange, That the, room they meet in is Referred to as a 'temple' tea, the seat, the Worshipful Master, (tea, for chairman, That year) sits on is Referred to as an 'altar' and the , with the ceremonies end, the phrase, 'so mote it be' - the, same, words used in the majors, satanic rituals. A blue, lodge, always Has an altar. Altars are, always associated with religious worship and sacrifice. Masons do not want anyone, to think Masonry is a religion Because, it may turn off "real Christians" Jews and Muslims; and That means less dues. And for less money, each degree, masons have, to pay for. * For, Which they learn nothing but frivolous things about tea, occult and ancient pagan gods. The, God of Masonry is Lucifer, (the, light giver). Most Masons who deny That Masonry is a religion confused with the religion, Christian religion. They know Masonry is not Christian since, if it were, Their, Jewish and Moslem brethren would object. It may be, fairly assumed That the Grand Lodge of the, State, of New York Knew what it was talking about When arguing ITS homes, against a Certain Robert Kopp in a trial before, the, Appellate, division of the New York Supreme Court in 1903. Kopp Had Been Expelled from the, and had appealed the fraternity, to the action of His brethren, civil court. One of the, strong points made, by the Grand Lodge, During the, trial was as follows: "The, the right to membership in, is very much like the Masonic fraternity, membership in the, church. Each Requires a candidate, for, admission to subscribe, to Certain articles of religious belief as an essential prerequisite, for, membership. Each Requires a member, to conduct Himself thereafter, in Accordance, with Certain religious principles. Each Requires ITS members to adhere, to Certain doctrines of belief and action ... " / freemasonry.htmHenry Wilson Coil is the, author, of the, encyclopedia That many lodges now accept as Their, authoritative, source (Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia). Coil says That if Freemasonry is not a religion would have nothing, to be, added to make, it longer available and That the, religious service, at the, funeral of a Mason is evidence, enough That Freemasonry is a religion. But the, repute Freemasonry is religion would not condemn it except Necessarily That the, views of the, Masonic religion are in open conflict with Biblical Christianity so much I know That in our, opinion to knowledgeable, and committed Mason Could not possibly be, a true Christian. "The, Masonic fraternity may Therefore, well, quite, properly-regarded as a religious society Shall have, sun, and exclusive, jurisdiction to Determine, matters of membership Should Be, deemed applicable, to the, Masonic fraternity." Such a statement speaks for, itself. Remember, Masons think so highly about this (Albert Pike) extremely fat occultist Massachusetts Tory and ex-Confederate, General who was brought up on charges of mutilating Union soldier, bodies. * That they have, His body buried in a secret crypt under, the, stairway beneath His bust - at Their, main "Temple" in Washington DC Pike, is the, only Freemason to be, Given this "honor". Surprisingly enough - Pike, who evidence, suggests Also was a KKK member, Has somehow managed to get to Masons to erect statues to him in of all places - Washington DC A brief description of the "articles of religious belief Which are, an essential prerequisite, to membership" can be, found in the, writings of the Grand Master, Albert Pike, to be ADMITTED Generally, the, best authority on Masonic matters in America. "Masonry propagates no creed" h, wrote in The, Inner, Sanctuary: "except Its Own most simple, and most sublime one, taught by Nature, and Reason. There, Has never, Been A false religion in the, world. The, one permanent, universal revelation is written in visible, Nature, and Explained by Reason and is completed by the, wise, analogies of faith. There, is one, true, one religion, one dogma, legitimate, belief. "So even according to Functional Masons: such as Religions Hinduism Islam Satanism and present day Rabbinic Judaism. * Which leads souls away from Jesus Christ as Their Lord Savior, and only mediator. * Are, NOT false religions ... Of interest is this about Masonry Prophecy 1977 by Our Lady of Bayside, New York: Freemasonry is not of God. "My children Recognize, tea, faces of evil now loosed in the, world. I bring you a sad lesson in knowledge. In the, past We, have, counseled through prophets, your, Popes to forbid all who have, joined in My Son's Church forbid them to become, and the part of freemasonry, Masons. And why? Because, they are My children, not of God and if they are, they are not of God, the Antichrist. And why are, they the Antichrist ? Because, they worship false idols! " - Our Lady November, 1 1977. Catholic This fundamental reason can be, briefly stated. The, Following passage summary, from Leo XIII's suffices .... That Which Their is, ultimate, purpose, forces itself into view-namely tea, utter, overthrow Of That whole, religious and political order, of the, Which the world, and the Christian teaching Has produced, substitution of a new state, of things in Accordance, With Their, Which of the ideas, foundations and laws Shall be, drawn from mere "Naturalism." ... Now the, fundamental doctrine, of the, Naturalists Which Sufficiently they make, known by Their, very name, That is human nature, and human reason ought in all things to be, mistress and guide. Laying this down they care, little, for, or duties to God, pervert them by erroneous and vague, opinions. For, they deny anything That Has Been taught by God; they allow no dogma of religion or, Which can not be truth, understood by the, human intelligence, nor, any teacher, who ought to be, Believed by reason of His authority. And since, it is tea, special and exclusive, duty of the, Catholic Church fully to Set forth in words truths divinely received to teach besides other, divine helps to salvation tea, ITS authority of office, and to defend the, same, with perfect purity it is against the, That the Church, rage, and attack of the, enemies are, Principally directed. Will Freemasonry together, with other, "Societies with Secrets" to be, the, building blocks Which will usher in the New World Order, - Which the Anti-Christ will gain control if? Has Masonry Masonry substituted for, a real relationship with the, of the living God, universe, through His Son! Always hovering over, Masonry are, the: JACOBINS / Illuminati. The, rank and file, of the, lower, degrees of Masonry have to this day, no clue, as to the, purpose, of the, society or, the, of the intentions, controlling elite. About 1750 there, arose, a new generation of mystical knights. They were, the, arm of Freemasonry Which Themselves called Jacobins. The, Jacobin cries of "Liberty Equality and Fraternity" led the, first major, The accomplishment of illuminized Freemasonry, French Revolution. The, Jacobins named a rebellious ex-Jesuit Adam Weishaupht "Grand Patriot." Weishaupht embraced the, occult mysteries and organized The, Order, of the, Illuminati in 1776. By 1778 h, infiltrated Masonry as a fully-initiated Master Mason. He, then inducted tea, influential European elite of Masonry into the, Illuminati-600 men by 1783. On the, other, side, of the Atlantic mystical Masons were, under, siege, by the, occult Illuminists. The, saw America as the Illuminists, 13th step in evolution and America's spiritual destiny as accomplishing union in the world, spirit of liberty equality and fraternity. By the 1789, of the mystical Masonry, succumbed to the New World, occult one-world vision of the, Weishaupht the Illuminati, guardians of the, Ancient Mysteries of Nimrod. It is worthy to remember, That the, Ancient Mystery Religions did not worship the, God of the, Bible. Nimrod was the, servant of Lucifer, and the, Resulting religious system was Luciferic. The, of the unrest, and the 1960s, he laughed, of the "Drug Culture" molded the, beginnings of another, public re-emergence, of occultism. The New Age Movement of the 70s and 80s successfully mainstreamed many occult beliefs. This new renaissance, of the, occult Freemasonry Has perfectly positioned to play a vital role, in the 4400-year-old dream of a one-world Nimrod occult kingdom. Currently serves as the Freemasonry, the conduit between, Organisations of the politics, global elite (Club of Rome, Trilateral Commission Bilderbergers CFr, etc..) And the, of the occult groups, Theosophical network (Rosicrucians Theosophical Society, Lucis Trust World Goodwill, etc. .). "Alice, foundress of the Bailey, Lucifer, the Trust, Theosophical and Satanist organization Which lies behind UNESCO in 1919 predicted the, appearance, of 'Universal Church' of which 'the, final, outline, Will Appear, toward the, end of the, century 'and Which Shall keep' the, outward appearance, amid the, mission to strike out at the, many vehicles of colloquial ecclesiastical usage. '...: There, will not be, any dissociation between the Universal the Church, Sacred Lodge of all true Masons and the, inner, of the circles, esoteric societies ... In this way the, goals and work of the United Nations Shall be, solidified and a new Church of God led by all the, religions and by all of the, spiritual groups Shall put an end to the, great heresy of separateness. 'Alice Bailey ounces, said: "The, is the Masonic Movement, of the custodian, the law, holder, of tea, and the Mysteries, seat of initiation ... to make, blackberries, occult organization than can be, ... Realized intended to be, the, training school for, coming advanced occultists. " L'Eglise, The Eclipse (The, Church in Eclipse) by Les Amis de, Christ-Roi (by The Friends of the Christ, King) Editions of tea, acroix Paris from 1997 Chapter 1 titled: Toward the, Marriage, of tea, and the Cross, Triangle, quoting Alice Bailey's The Externalization, of the, the hierarchy Ediziones New Era Rome, 1985 p. 476). [Externalization of the, Hierarchy] pp. 1985. 476 478 and the fate of the, New Era Ediziones Nations Rome, 1988 p. 155 (quoted by Professor Carlo Alberto Agnoli op. Cit.). "Among the, ancient nations were not only, of the statues, gods and goddesses in human form made, other, or objects with a hidden, mystery meaning: such as obelisks were, a part of heathen worship. There, Appears to be, an active, interest in obelisks on the, part of the, Masonic Order. A book published by the, Freemasons titled Obelisks Provides detailed information on the, Babylonian origins of Masonry and many ancient obelisks around the, world. Two Of These, were, removed from Egypt a few years prior, to the, completion of the Washington Monument. * one, was Placed in London in 1878 and the, other, in New York in 1880. The, National Park Service, conducts the, National Historic Landmarks Program Which Provides on the Internet a history of the Washington Monument. On the sidebar, of the, Home, Page, tea, category "Masonic Stones" yields an interesting page, detailing the, involvement of the, Masonic Order, in raising funds for, the, laying the monument, cornerstone, and for performing official Masonic ceremonies, tea, laying of the, cornerstone, and final of the dedication, the monument. "Interestingly enough there, is an obelisk at the Also, entrance, of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome ... It is not a mere, copy of an Egyptian obelisk it is the, very same, That obelisk stood in Egypt in ancient times!" Diodorus spoke, of an obelisk 130 feet high That was Erected by Queen Semiramis in Babylon. The, Bible, mentions an obelisk-type, image, Approximately nine, feet in breadth and ninety feet high: 'The, people ... fell down and worshiped the, golden image, That Nebuchadnezzar had set-up' in Babylon (Dan. 3 :1-7). But it was in Egypt (an early stronghold of the, mystery religion) That the, use, of the, obelisk was best known. Books of Freemasonry, Theosophy and other, mystery religions were, That it is not intended That the "uninitiated" or, lower, understand orders occult symbols but it is important That they ignorantly worshiped, and even worship them. It is further, That Believed by esotericists tea, and other obelisks, the monoliths hold, Which were sacred mysteries, to the known, ancient religions. Throughout the, These ages, or mysteries, secret doctrines have, Been entrusted only to the, adepts. * Tea, or sages, "elect." * Nevertheless they will be, revealed to the, at the world, end of the, age. The, Solemn horrible, Oaths. Each succeeding degree in Masonry Has a similar, horrible, oath and penalty connected with it With That Oath below. But Jesus commanded to His followers to "not swear, at all" (Matthew 5:34, James 5:12). In Additions Jesus would never, These sanction, required for oaths, He, said: "I have, said nothing in secret" (John 18:20). To the question, Omissions of / about Jesus Christ and all the, terrible, un-Christian "swearings." In each entering Masonry Apprentice, says; "... Most solemnly and sincerely promise, and swear, That I will always hail ever, and never conceal, reveal any of the, arts or parts, of the points, the hidden mysteries of ancient Freemasonry .... All this I most solemnly sincerely promise, and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to perform the, same, without any mental reservation or, secret evasion of mine, whatever, binding myself under, no less a penalty Than That of having my throat cut across my tongue , ITS torn out by the roots and buried in, of the rough sand, sea at low water, mark where, the, tide, ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four, hours should I ever, or knowingly, willingly violated my solemn oath and obligation as an Entered Apprentice Mason. So help me, God. " From His initiation as an Entered Apprentice, on up into the, the highest degrees of Freemasonry, individual Mason is Told That His sworn duty is to construct through public service, and adherence, to the, of the doctrines, Lodge, a "spiritual temple ". * His Own being the good works, building material. This goal is allegedly based upon the, Following passage, from the, Bible: "... [Y], and are also as living stones, built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood to offer, up spiritual sacrifices acceptable, to God .... "(1 Peter 2:5). The, remainder, of the, verse, "by Jesus Christ." is invariably omitted. In the, second Fellowcraft degree, for, example, the, candidate, binds Himself to His oath "under, no less penalty than to have, my left breast torn open and my heart and vitals taken from thence, and thrown over, my left shoulder, and the carried into the, valley of Jehosaphat. " The, true Christian knows That it is only through the, of the atoning work, Savior, in His Behalf That His works of righteousness are, acceptable, to the God, Father, for, apart from faith in Jesus Christ and in the, of the redemption, cross all religious endeavors are, as worthless as "filthy rags" (Isaiah 64:6). It is disturbing Therefore, to find this very Necessary clause, of 1 Peter 2:5 When the ominously absent, verse, is quoted in the Masonic proceedings. This wrote, Albert Mackey (Mackey Albert. History of Freemasonry) is a "slight modification But Necessary." The, Masonic Lodge, likewise, of the, etes the, Name, of Jesus Christ from 2 Thessalonians 3:6 and 3:12 When These, are verses, quoted in the, Masonic ritual. Because, Masons have, the rejected, the chief Cornerstone of the Christian faith (1 Peter 2:6-8). Their, so-called "spiritual temples" are, Therefore, unstable and corrupt, right down to the, very foundations. The Mason's endeavors to perfect Himself, regardless of how sincere, are, Therefore, in vain and ultimately will subject him to the, Judgment of God and maybe, the, destruction of His Soul. In the, initiation of an Entered Apprentice, the "Worshipful Master" (Matt. 23:10) asks: "In your, present condition what do you most desire?" The, Candidate, Responds: "Light." The "Master" later, the INFORMS, candidates, That he, is "yet in darkness." Then for, the, Second Degree (Fellow Craft) the, candidate, is required to ask for, "more, light." According to God's word Jesus is the Christ, LIGHT (John 1:9, 8:12) and God's word is LIGHT (Psa. 119:105 130). If you are, then saved it is an outright BLASPHEMY for, you to agree, That You are, "yet in darkness" and to ask for, "more, light." Knights Templar, Initiation Ritual. The, Following is taken from pages 67-68 of the, book Masonry: Beyond The, Light by former Mason William Schnoebelen, "The, the high point of the KT is When the initiation, the candidate, is Brought before, a large, triangular, table, covered in black velvet illuminated by candles and containing eleven silver, goblets and a human skull on the enthroned, Bible. (Skulls figures prominently Throughout this initiation.) "" This is intended to be, the, Last Supper. It Seems but a grim mockery though. The, visual effect is more, satanic than Christian Especially to one, accustomed to the, Table, of the Lord in churches. However, tea, ambiance, is the, least of tea, problems. " "The, candidate, is asked to partake, of five, libations (toasts). The, first three, libations are, respectively Given to the, memory of heroes Masonic King Solomon Hiram King of Tyre, and Hiram Abiff. The, fourth libation is to the, memory of Simon of Cyrene, and the, is the fifth, most sinister, of all. " "The, candidate, is never, Told to-whom the, fifth libation is drunk (it is" sealed ") and it is Offered to him in a human skull! ..." After, tea, toast this in the ritual, the candidate , is required to take, an oath Which makes him the, sin-bearer, and the sins of His Own, sins of the, person from whom-the, skull was taken. Does this sound like, something That Should a Christian man do?! read more, at These, links: Freemasonry Exposed By Their, Own Writings. The, Root of the New World Order, is the, Lodge, "I asked if I could talk about Jesus Christ in the, lodge. Their, answer, was a defined, no."Kenneth Copeland 33rd Degree Mason? Robert Schuller? Oral Roberts? The, Rule, and Guide, of Speculative, Masonry Masons call all religions equal. The, Religiosity of Freemasons. It is worthy to remember, Although That there, are, a lot of decent people in the, Lodge, in a spiritual sense, they are, not aware, Of That they are, doing at least some, of for them, it is the, spirit of darkness That Has control over, them. Testimony of Duane, Washum - Past Worshipful Master. At first I did not notice, That none, of the, prayers are, in the, name, of Jesus Christ. "Great Architect of the, Universe" "Almighty Father, of the, Universe," "Judge, Supreme," "God" and "Lord" yes but never, in the, name, of "Jesus Christ." I Became then, aware, That there, is no mention of Jesus Christ in any of the, or prayers, in the, ritual book. I resigned. Besides to stay in Masonry would mean to deny Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, in my prayers. of Jack Harris Past Worshipful Master. I had not Realized That Those, who were, members of anti-Christian religions Could become, Masons. He, advised me, That as Grand Master, he, had the, authority to disband my Lodge, and remove, ITS Charter, as a Lodge, if I persisted in using the, name, of Jesus with members present who objected. I now had an irresistible, force, meeting an immovable, namely the object, of the God, Universe, Jesus Christ and the, god of Freemasonry Satan. After, reading and studying various Masonic authors I Realized That Freemasonry considers Jesus Christ as not greater, than Moses or Elijah Muhammad, the Buddha. I renounced all of the, branches of Freemasonry That I was a member, of including tea, Blue Lodge, Royal Arch Chapter, Knights Templar, and the, Shrine, (AAONMS). They all teach doctrines Contrary to God's word and lead men to Hell instead of to Heaven. Testimony of a Former Rainbow Girl.At 18 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, and Lord. However, I lacked spiritual guidance, and maturity. Rainbow had Bible-like sayings That Sounded "church-y" I know I perceived Christianity and the, Teachings of the Rainbow to be, the, same. How wrong I was. If a person fully fully Understands Understands Christianity and Masonry they will Realize, That the, two macaws, like, oil and water, they just do not mix. They are, NOT the, same, and they are, NOT compatible. The, god of Masonry is NOT the, God of the, Bible. DeMolay Lodge, and then Christ. A Mason who had second thoughts wrote: My readings in Blackmer, helped me, Realize, tea, origins of Masonic rituals in Egyptian sun worship. Finally the Grand-Omnific Royal Arch Word as an amalgamation of Jehovah with two other, pagan gods (in JAH-BUL-ON) was nothing less than blasphemous. Because I could not dismiss this, Blue Lodge and Royal Arch Masonry are, the, only two true forms of the original, Craft. Therefore, it did not matter, what other, types of window-dressings were Christian, Placed Into the York or Scottish Rites. Also it does not matter, how much they attempt to change, the, rituals to be, blackberries, palatable, to Christians since, the, origins to me, betray the, focus.Rothschild is satan's synagogue, for, Pope Clement XII year 1738 [The, Israel Connection Masonic power, growing in Israel]
Martyn Attard finds out Freemasons are, hoodwinked. Martyn Attard was a Freemason for, around six years and who renounced the, for fraternity, Catholicism. "Freemasons are, hoodwinked immediately with the, very first oath they take, as an Entered Apprentice, - the, first degree, of Freemasonry. At That Stage, to the person he states, would rather, kill Himself than the reveal, secrets of Freemasonry "said Martyn Attard. In the, 1980s a successful businessman in his late 20s drowning in alcohol and leading a lifestyle based on sex power, and money Mr, Became Attard, a Freemason. Once, I was accepted into Freemasonry and in a Lodge, That made, 'good men better' I simply drank blackberries! The bar, at the, Marsamxett Lodge was open every Saturday morning and beverage prices were, very reasonable, so I rarely missed the, weekly informal gathering "h, remarked. When I joined Freemasonry I was Told I was living in darkness and I could only see, the, light through Freemasonry. Having resigned from the, organization I now know with certainty That it is Freemasons who are in darkness. Jesus Christ is the, only light "Mr, Attard said. Freemasons insist Freemasonry is not a religion. However, it is strange, That the, room they meet in is Referred to as a 'temple' tea, the seat, the Worshipful Master, (tea, for chairman, That year) sits on is Referred to as an 'altar' and the , with the ceremonies end, the phrase, 'so mote it be' - the, same, words used in the majors, satanic rituals, "Mr, Attard explained. "Even the, Jehovah's Witness founder, (Russell) was in fact a Freemason as well as a Knight Templar. All are Knight Templars, Freemasons. "Freemasonry 'controls' around six million members worldwide, the, being in the Majority, USA. Freemasonry is the, UK's largest secular, fraternal and charitable, organization and the United Grand Lodge of England Has over 300000 members working in nearly 8,000 Lodges Throughout England and Wales and more, than 30,000 members overseas. It was a good friend who Introduced him to the, world of Freemasonry - he, calls a secret society. Say the Freemasons, criteria for, Becoming a Freemason is a belief in a Superior Being Referred to as GAOTU (Tea, Great Architect Of The, Universe) strict morals and a willingness to help others. "Freemasons claim they do not belong to a secret society but a society with secrets. However, the, most important secret Is that very few members know the, secret of what they are, involved-in "Mr, Attard said. "Freemasonry is a larger Within a society, the society, former, gradually eating away the, Latter." The, ultimate, goal of Freemasonry is to take, charge, of the, world and become Eventually, A One World Government - the , recent terminology being used is globalization. The idea is to replace Also, all religions with the, one, true, Masonic religion. The, Israel Connection. Masonic power, growing in Israel Above, Mason Memorial in Eilat Israel. There, is only one, to the road leading from Eilat, Egyptian border, at Taba and the, last circle, before, getting to the, border, you will find this Masonic Memorial in the, middle, of the, road. As usual symbolism means everything in this organization. The, Represents the two columns, two pillars of Solomon's Temple. It's obvious Satan's Clubhouse (Masonry) is having something to do with being mostly secular Israeli society, and not spiritual. One must first understand That unders, Their, canopy of one, "Great Architect of the, Universe" theology Masonry Has Been adept at making "strategic alliances" with The Satanists, Wiccans Druids Brotherhood Spiritists Cabalists Hindu and Islam. Shriners are, Masonry's Islamic wing. It is from this alliance, That Their "Messiah" will appear. All These Masons treat, groups and beliefs as all equal. Which Christianity views all the, above, as pagans is simply one, Among many to Mason. Freemasonry Has always planned to gain control of the, Temple Mount so they can rebuild Solomon's Temple. As soon as they rebuild this Temple, Their, Masonic Christ will Appear, on the, earth Claiming to be, the, for the Jewish Messiah, whom-Israel Has Long Been awaiting. This "Christ" will be, the, Biblical Antichrist. Christian writer, Texe, Marrs writes: On the heap of ruins the ITS, Masons Intend to build a Jewish Masonic temple, where, they and their, satanically energized messiah Shall worship and pay homage, to the, Egyptian double-headed eagle, the deity Mammon-Ra, god of money and prosperity (Daniel 11:37-39). It is obvious That the, Masonic presence, is not only very present but getting very bold Throughout Israel. The, Masonic Grand Lodge meets in Tel-Aviv but there, macaws, Masonic Temples (about 70) in all important cities from Nahariya in the, north to Eilat Israel's southern port on the Red Sea See, the, Numerous Masonic lodges in Israel: here. The Quest to Rebuild the, Temple. - Two weeks after, the 1967 Six-Day War, Which saw Jerusalem and the, Temple, Mount Brought under, Israeli control there, occurred the, greatest Freemasonic meeting in history in London, celebrating 250 years since, the, founding of UGLE, (United Grand Lodge of England) at Which the, Duke of Kent was installed as the, new Grand Master. - Shortly after, the QC Lodge dispatched a member, the, the Jewish physicist Dr. Asher Kaufman to begin studies on the, exact location of where, the, Temple, originally stood. - The, Temple Mount Faithful was established Also at this time, by Stanley Goldfoot Which is presently led by Gershon Solomon. - In December, of 1995, month after Rabin was assassinated tea, Jerusalem Lodge, (91) was established adjacent to the, Temple, in the Mount, the underground Grotto of King Solomon. This lodge was founded by Julian of, and at the Bernardo, opening ceremony he, Declared "The, of the rebuilding, Temple, is at the, center, of our, studies." Baphomet. Professor, of Julian, Bernard - First Grand Master of the, Regular Grand Lodge of Italian freemasonry. For, the, previous three, years he, Had Been Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy (GOI) from Which body he, had resigned shortly after, the Grand Orient of Italy annual meeting at the, end of March 1993 quitting .. Upon the, of GOI, Bernardo accused His old lodge of Satanic rituals saying "in the, of the lodges, GOI obscene, rites are, Practiced deriving from the Templar, in Which the tradition, devil Baphomet is Invoked together , with the, Supreme Being. " - Lord Northampton is an avid supporter of of, Has Bernardo and charged him with the, task of preparing tea, for way, the rebuilding, Temple. In June 1996 Bernard His books published in English: "Rebuilding the, Temple" Which was to be, published in by the Inglese, Quatuor, Coronati Lodge. In an interview he, Explains His goal "A new utopia may be, based on the, cabal. I see, a utopia based on Jewish mysticism but Jewish mysticism as a place ... a material place, Solomon's Temple ... This is my intention. This is my will! " Yet another, Masonry & Satanism Occult connection. Look no further, to Lord Northampton's comments on Aleister Crowley - the, most famous occultist and The, Hermetic Order, of the Golden Dawn - one, of the, most famous occult societies of the 20th Century. Lord Northampton said; "I know the Golden Dawn extremely well and I love Aleister Crowley's poems and Macgregor Mathers and All Those, people, and I know all the, people in England who are, still practicing it and I have, done, the , rituals. I have, done, All These, things. Great fun. Tremendously exciting! " Crowley wrote, an account of His spiritual progress in magic and Satanism under, the, title, "The, Temple of Solomon the, King.". Of Particular, interest Regarding the British Quatuor, Coronati Masonic Lodge, and extreme, in the interest, Jerusalem Temple Mount is the, repute Sir Charles Warren was the, first grand master of the, Quatuor, Coronati Lodge, Lodge . He, was Also the, president of the, Palestine Exploration Fund and two following decades earlier, Had Been the, chief engineer, for, excavations of the British, Temple Mount. - Lord Northampton who Has Been atop the, Temple Mount conducting "Temple studies," candidly in interviews That Has ADMITTED he, is an adherent of British Israelism That Which holds the British oligarchy Has Because mystical powers, England was Colonized by one, of the, lost tribes of Israel. "I think the, of the tradition, Kabbalah is very strong in England Because, I think one, of the, lost tribes came, to England. And I think you can spot them quite, Inglese Clearly in old families. Sure I am, you can. I know they came, to Ireland then to the, north of Wales and then down into England. Became That And then, some, of the, oldest families we, have. " - Of Bernardo Has Also spoken of how the, director, of the ADL of B'nai B'rith, Abe Foxman is a collaborator in the, plan to rebuild the, Temple, and That he, Foxman and Lord Northampton met in Switzerland just prior, to the, of the launching, Jerusalem Lodge, to discuss the, project. of, says Bernardo That there, macaws, strong connections between B'nai B'rith and freemasonry. July 15, 1968: The, of the President, Moslem Court of Appeals turns down a request by an American Masonic Temple, Order, who asked permission to build a $ 100 Million "Solomon's" temple, on the, Temple Mount. The, Masonry Temple of All Religions ... on the, Temple Mount. Through ITS golden portals shall pass the New Zionist Messiah King of Planet Earth. Before, ITS evil altar, he, Shall announce, to all the, world via television That Their Universal Savior, Has finally as, a man knowledgeable, of "the, the Holy Kabbalah, exclusive, heritage, of the, people, of Israel "(Masonry's" Morals & Dogma "page 839). Former, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Has publicly stated (see, tea, Israeli publication Shishi Spring 1994) That he, was initiated into the, Masonic Lodge, while, in the United States. The, Bnai B'rith Lodge of New York is affiliated with Israel's lodges and so is the, hate-mongering ADL and ACLU not to mention almost every top investment magnate, on Wall Street in New York. Truly the, Holy Bible, is proven true, ITS prophecy of great "merchants" who in the, last days deceive, the, world through Their, commercial trade, and their, sorcery. Reference, for, the, above, - Christian writer, Texe, Marrs: here. This fits in with Bible, Codes found on Benjamin Netanyahu: BIBLE, queues, about the, Third Temple. UP reads: "Third Temple," ACROSS reads: "Netanyahu" Their Masonic plan to reveal, on the Messiah, Temple Mount in Jerusalem. When we, we speak of Masonry, of the need to speak, occult kabbalah (cabala) satanism black magic and spiritism. All forbidden by the, Word of God. As we, the know, dabbling in the, occult black magic and spiritism are, all very good ways of inviting demons into ones life. Masonry takes all the, world religions Their ignores, Teachings and comes up with Its Own blend of enlightened man. This is what Masons mean by the "perfected man". He, Which Belongs to a fraternity on the, surface, puts up the, facade, of benevolence, to the, while, directing and corralling ITS initiates to its true, God - Masonry as the Grand Master Albert Pike tells us: "Lucifer , the, Light-bearer! " John Dee, Wizard & original Agent 007. His fearsome, appearance, in a tall pointed hat and his penchant for, Gave crystal balls, tea, world tea, archetype, of the, wizard after, dozens of Which story book wizards have, Been based Gandalf including Harry Potter, and even the, Wizard of Oz. He, founded the, Rosicrucian order, (the, preeminent training School, tea, occult) the, first of many magical secret societies Which Throughout the promoted spiritual growth, centuries. John Dee (1527-1608) was an Inglese Professor mathematician, and astronomer, who Gave, it all up for, the, (at That Time) more, lucrative occupation of being an "angel channelers" and astrologer. Dee Eventually Became Elizabeth's court astrologer, and soon after, her, spy. As an agent of the, crown Dee, Conducted several mysterious missions for, purposes mostly unknown to this day. He, relished His espionage, duties creating elaborate, sophisticated ciphers. In His correspondence, with the Queen During These, he episodes, His communiqués signed "007" a moniker, That would be, used again as any fan of the, spy genre, will Recognize. The, angelic channeler John Dee, specially constructed mirrors Believed That Could draw magical power, from the, sun and transmit messages and objects to distant stars and other, worlds. Dee, attempted to receive, visions from 'angels' using a globe, of crystal. Dee, was born near, on the London, 13th of July 1527. He, Entered St. John's College at Cambridge, at age 15. He, Achieved notoriety early on with a charge, of sorcery Which stemmed from a mechanical flying beetle , Demonstrated in a Stage play. After, spending many years studying mathematics and cartography h, Took an interest in natural magic in pastime, then accepted by the, church. From His studies he, developed a doctrine, That One, Could Obtain knowledge, from the of God, applied practice, of magick-a controversial idea That was to get him into trouble, on a number, of occasions. Early in his "Magik" career, During the, reign of Queen Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary), Dee, was arrested and accused of Attempting to kill her, with sorcery. He, was imprisoned in Hampton Court in 1553. Dee, was imprisoned in England for, the, crime, of 'calculating' practicing the, pagan craft of mathematics. He, was accused of practicing black magic. In 1564 one, of His many books dealing with matters The Occult, was published the Monas Heiroglyphica, Monas Heiroglyphica is a symbol created by Dee, Which he, Believed was the, ultimate, symbol of Occult knowledge. The, Following year, he, of published, Trine. Dee, Began His experiments in trying to contact discarnate, 1581 entities in Mainly fueled by strange, mysterious noises and feelings dreams Within His home. On 25 May 1582 he, That he recorded, had made, His first contact with the, through the spirit world, the medium of His crystal ball. This had taken Dee years of work to Achieve, through studying the, occult and alchemy crystallomancy. Spirit contact would evidence, to be, to major, driving force, behind Dee, for, the, Rest of His Life. While, Dee, was away in Europe, things were, not boding well at home. In 1583 a large, mob Attacked Dee's home, and library at Mortlake in Surrey destroying His collection of books occult instruments and personal belongings. The, attack was probably in response, to Rumors That Dee, was a wizard. DEE'S THEOLOGY (Isis & Osiris) IS EVERYWHERE IN MASONRY: John Dee, Rosicrucian's and Freemason's to believe, the, same, thing. And that's That benevolent "higher, spiritual beings" are, just waiting in one, of many other, dimensions to aid "Perfected Men" like Dee, and Freemasons men who have, perfected Themselves through Proceeding up through the, ranks of the, secret societies. Freemason's are, aware, That God is opposed to this. The, Bible, These calls, spiritual beings demons, with God forbidding longer available practices completely. This practice, is called "necromancy" and is defined as "conjuration of the, of the spirits, dead for, purposes of magically revealing the, future, or, influencing the, course, of events" (Miriam Dictionary). In the, Following passages God forbids this practice: Deuteronomy 18:11; 1 Samuel 28:7-19; Leviticus 19:31; and Leviticus 20:6. "... One, of Dee's biographers described him as 'Elizabethan England's great magus' ... Dee was a practitioner, of 'Hermetic Gnosticism' a school of thought based on the, ancient pre-Christian Teachings of the, Greek god Hermes. Hermes was in fact a mere, copy of the, much earlier, Egyptian god of knowledge, and language, Thoth. In this sense, all 'Hermetic Gnosticism' can be, viewed as a worship of the, Teachings of Thoth. According to the, Egyptian mythos, Thoth was one, of the, gods who came, down to Earth along with Isis and Osiris to bring tea, fruits of knowledge, and the civilization, to the sciences, the Egyptian people ... In 1581 using his knowledge , Of These, ancient practices he, Began a series of attempts to communicate, with 'higher, beings.' His channel in this capacity was one Sir Edward Kelly ... "The 007 was the, insignia number, That Elizabeth was to use, for, private communiques between her, Court and Dee. Dee, signed His letters with two circles (zeros) and a seven: "007." Dee, was the, man-whom Ian Fleming modeled His 007 James Bond character. TUBAL CAIN: Lamech was Cain's fifth son. Lamech in turn had three, sons: Jabal Jubal Tubal Cain. Tubal Cain Refers to blacksmiths from antiquity and the, original Tubal Cain supposedly worked with bronze, and iron in the, far, distant past. if we, simply rotate Dee's 007 signature, 90 degrees. It then looks like, two balls and a club or is a dog. The, interesting thing about this is there That, is a resemblance, to the, Masonic symbol "Two Ball Cane." "Two Ball Cane" is allegedly a pun for "Tubal Cain "Which is the, secret password of a third degree, mason to" master mason. "Listen to what occultist and Mason Manly Palmer Hall Has to say:" The, Day Has as, When Fellow Craftsman must know and apply Their , knowledge. The, Their key to lost, grade, is the, Which places the mastery of emotion, energy of the, universe, at Their, disposal. Man can only expect to be, entrusted with great power, by proving His ability to use, it constructively and selflessly. When the Mason learns That the, key to the, warrior, on the, the block is, proper, of the application, dynamo of living power, he, Has the learned, His mastery of craft. The, seething energies of Lucifer are, in his hands and before, he, he may step onward and upward, must evidence, His ability to properly apply energy. He, must follow in the, footsteps of His forefather, Tubal-Cain who with tea, mighty strength of the, war, god hammered His sword into a ploughshare. "[Manly P. Hall 33rd Degree, KT The, Lost Keys of Freemasonry or, The, Secret of Hiram Abiff Forward by Reynold E. Blight, 33rd Degree, KT Illustrations by J. Augustus Knapp, 32nd Degree, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company Inc. Richmond Virginia p. 48] There, is Also a sexual connotation associated with Vulcan and Tubal Cain. Former Mason Explains Bill Schnoebelen: "For, Masons who wish to conceal Their, membership from non-Masons but still advertise, It to Their, Lodge, brothers there, is a special pin (or, tie, tack ) they can wear. It looks like, an upside down golf club with two balls near, the, top .... Many people, takes, the, person is a golfing enthusiast but it is actually a visual Masonic pun."This is called the, 'Two Ball Cane' and is a pun on the, secret password of a Master Mason 'Tubal Cain (sic).' ... It is Also an all-too-obvious pun on the, 'god 'Masonry of the, evil, reproductive, organ. Nice, huh? ... especially When many men wear, These, wretched things to church on Sunday! "Dee, named after His system of ceremonial magic, the, apocryphal Book of Enoch. Also the Enoch is, central figures, around Which a great deal of Masonic legend is centered as he, is said to have, the constructed, two pillars of Masonic lore to preserve, tea, antediluvian high knowledge, of Atlantis inside, them. Tubal one, of His children by the, other, wife, exceeded all men in strength and was very expert and famous in martial performances. He, procured what tended to the, of the pleasures, body by That method; and first of all invented the, art of making brass. This image depicts John Dee, Queen Elizabeth's personal astrologer, passing a lantern symbolizing the, esoteric tradition to Francis Bacon. When he, was Bacon met the 21, 007 and original alchemist John Dee. On August 11, 1582 there, was an entry in Dee's journal That they met at Mortlake, the, young Bacon came, to the, famous alchemist to learn about the, ancient Hebrew esoteric numerical code, known as the, Gematria one, of the, oldest cipher, known systems dating from 700 BCE. Esoteric themes are, threaded through much of Bacon's writing and we, can only guess at Dee's influence. The, original Inglese "Top Secret" ...When Frances Drake sailed up the, coast of California he, That had navigational instruments were top-secret. The, the French, Spanish must be, kept away from this stuff and These, were, navigational instruments created by John Dee, That allowed him to locate, Himself anywhere, on the, globe. In studies of the Additions to His, and occult Numerous trips abroad (Which many think as a spy) Dee, was employed teaching navigation to Naval Captains for 30 years. The Quest to Rebuild the, Temple, - Two weeks after, the 1967 Six-Day War, Which saw Jerusalem and the, Temple, Mount Brought under, Israeli control there, occurred the, greatest Freemasonic meeting in history in London, celebrating 250 years since, the, founding of UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England) at Which the, Duke of Kent was installed as the, new Grand Master. - Shortly after, the QC Lodge dispatched a member, the, the Jewish physicist Dr. Asher Kaufman to begin studies on the, exact location of where, the, Temple, originally stood. - The, Temple Mount Faithful was established Also at this time, by Stanley Goldfoot Which is presently led by Gershon Solomon. - In December, of 1995, month after Rabin was assassinated tea, Jerusalem Lodge, (91) was established adjacent to the, Temple, in the Mount, the underground Grotto of King Solomon. This lodge was founded by Julian of, and at the Bernardo, opening ceremony he, Declared "The, of the rebuilding, Temple, is at the, center, of our, studies."For, Those, That Do not know ex-Confederate, General and some, say Klu Klux Klan member, Albert Pike, is one, of if the, most famous of the freemasons, scottish rite, known to man and authored this book " . Morals and Dogma. of Freemasonry "Which is pretty much the, Masonic Bible; Mason's even though most do not even look through this text. For, if they did they'd not Find That only 95% of them are, being of the, iberately LIED to. Following Teachings about Lucifer, the "Light-Bearer" are, Mason Teachings in this book: "Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name, to give, to the, Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the, Son of the, Morning! Is it he, who bears the, Light and With its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual or, selfish souls? Doubt it not! " [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry p. 321 19th Degree, Grand Pontiff Most of New Candidates to Masonry diner, That no idea what they are, are initially Told, lies. At the, heart of Masonry is a secret Luciferian doctrine, Which in Mason only comes to understand as he, Reaches the, higher, levels .. New Candidates are, falsely taught That the, beginnings of Freemasonry are, lost in the "mists of time ". Beware: That is just a clever, lie, Candidates easily accept to be, deceived.High level Masons believe, That Lucifer, never, fell to earth and That Lucifer is really God and refer, to Yahweh by the, name, of 'Adonay.' Masons Say That it is Yahweh That is the, Because god of evil, h, forces men to be, subservient to His repressive dictates. Masonic books Given to handpicked members of the, 32nd and 33rd Degrees Say That Jesus was an impostor, and That Lucifer, is the, true, God. See, blackberries, Testimonies at the, site, for ex-Masons, Jesus here. Witnessing to FreemasonsAn unsaved Mason has no reason to follow Jesus; and he, would need to be, approached like, any lost soul: with much prayer, and with the, understanding of two factors: 1) the, man is ignorant of the, Bible, even though it is part of the "furniture "of the, Lodge, and is to be, his" rule, and guide. "2) That However, he happy, may Appear, to be in His Masonry; h, is in need Because Nevertheless, he, is lost and lacks Jesus. He, Has substituted for Masonry, in relationship with the real, living God of the, universe, through His Son! Most Christian Masons on the, other, hand, have, no idea of ​​what they are, but have involved-in, Because joined, or obligations of family, business connections. These Unfortunately, men may lack an appreciation of the Also, holiness and majesty of the Lord Whom they profess to follow; and may not know a great deal about either, tea, Lodge, they serve, or, the, Bible. (Hos.4: 6)Good books Christians Should real on Freemasonry: Rothschild is satan's synagogue, for, Pope Clement XII year 1738 [The, Israel Connection Masonic power, growing in Israel] (Amazon is linked for, reference, only. * We, make, These no money from) about $ 5.00. This book Reveals Masonry's secrets concealed. * That secrets are, disguised and hidden from most Blue Lodge Masons. See, at and Expensive, ($ 50 or, I know) "the Egypt, Cradle of Ancient Masonry - 1902"See, at Amazon. Shriners - anti republic: Shriners are, officially known as the, Ancient Arabic Order, of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. They glorify the, Islamic pagan religion.